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Yes! What do I do next? 
I want to be a part of this exciting advanced-practice offering at Gettysburg Seminary. Contact the Admissions Office or 717-339-1302 and fill out an application for admission into the Advanced-Practice in Ministry Certificate or

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Advanced-Practice in Ministry

A certificate for rostered leaders


Ministry isn’t what it used to be. The 21st century church is not your father’s (or mother’s) church.  In a rapidly changing world, we need places to vision and to be equipped for the challenges before the church.  This certificate is for church leaders ready to engage practical and theological concerns on an advanced level in this new reality.

Participants in this certificate can expect:

  • Intentional reflection and enrichment relating to culture and context – historically, theologically, critically and creatively.
  • Cultivation of community by collaborating with colleagues for community building, networking and mission.
  • Equipping to prepare people to live out their Christian faith in a variety of 21st century contexts.
  • Exposure to leadership models and to develop principles of leadership for their specific contexts.
  • Immersion in wellness practices (spiritual disciplines, boundaries, and the like) to engage in as they serve in leadership positions.

How will we do this?

  • This is a six course certificate with 17.5 hours of residency on campus for each course.
  • If a participant successfully completes 5 courses, the sixth is free. Each course is $750 in tuition plus room and board.
  • Courses will be held on the Gettysburg Seminary campus during the months of October and January. You can start this certificate at any time during the course offering cycle. 

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for an application.
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Course Offerings for Certificate

Stewarding the Gifts in a New Day Projected: October 27-31, 2014 (during Fall Academy)
With issues of declining resources, both in people and in finances, this course will look at issues surrounding debt, cultural mores about money, and care of physical buildings and grounds in declining communities.

Environmental Leadership Projected: January 7-10, 2015
This course will have a two pronged approach: emphasis on understanding geography, immigration, segregation and stratification, ethnic groups and use of resources as well as history of issues such as oil, mining, and fracking.

Telling the Story; Spreading the Vision  Projected: October 26-30, 2015
This course will explore Biblically-rooted and contextually sensitive evangelism that is connected and churchly with a goal of fostering roots for sustained participation.

Accompaniment Along the Roads of Justice, Dignity and Peace  Projected: January 2016
This course will explore how leaders accompany people in a variety of pastoral care matters such as domestic violence, racism, incarceration, hunger and poverty. There will also be an exploration of ways leaders can discern areas of advocacy in their contexts.

Sustaining Renewal and Refreshment  Projected: October 2016
Are we working harder or smarter? This course will walk through several spiritual disciplines for leaders to engage in for spiritual wellness knowing that healthy leadership is nurtured by healthy habits.
Bigger Building Blocks of Parish Life
This course will focus on the practical nature of congregational ministry in the 21st century.  Topics will include: prioritizing and managing time, seasons of ministry, various call situations including multi-point and part-time, ethnography as a pastoral practice, and systems theory for transitioning from maintaining to mission.


 Photo: Brandon Cian