New Students

Welcome! We're delighted God has called you to be part of the Gettysburg Seminary community. We look forward to getting to know you, and we've collected Frequently Asked Questions about navigating seminary life to address many of your concerns.

Academic Issues

  • Find out about Financial Aid
  • Register for classes (schedules and forms)
  • Summer Greek Response Form Word ; PDF
  • Summer Greek Letter Word
  • Apply for LTSG e-mail account
    (required for all students taking at least 6 credits)
  • Contact Grainne Davies to obtain a campus mailbox,
  • Register for a Parking pass Request Parking Pass
  • Order your BOOKS for classes by emailing Bookstore Manager Sherry Rippman with your classes (course # and name). She'll pull your books for you and bill them to your account. When you come to campus, you can stop in the bookstore and pick them up - or she'll mail them to you. What could be easier!
  • Find the academic records release form.
  • Find out about Health Insurance:
    • Enrollment or waiver of health insurance will take place on the EIIA web site beginning July 15, 2013. Deadline for student enrollment or waiver is Friday, September 6.
    • All students taking at least 12 credits must either (1) enroll in the plan, or (2) waive coverage by providing evidence of other comparable coverage. (Students taking less than 12 credits may enroll in the part-time student plan if they wish; premiums differ for full-time students and part-time students.) Plan documents are available on the EIIA web site.
    • Annual coverage begins September 1. The premium is billed to your student account for Fall and J-term (5 months) and for Spring and Summer (7 months). If coverage is needed before Sept 1, please contact Julie Ritter at . 
    • Your Student ID number is used to access your account, located on statements from the Financial Services Office or on your class schedule. If you can’t find your student ID number contact Julie Ritter at or (717) 338-3007. For billing Inquiries contact the Amy Myers in the Financial Services Department at
    • More detailed information PDF
  • Questions about charges for tuition, fees, and other items by emailing Amy Myers, in the Financial Services office.
  • Schedule for PRESESSION on September 3 (required for all new students) - Presession Schedule PDF
  • Submit your Entering Student Questionnaire by going to the following link:      
  • WTC Prayer service PDF                                     

Community Issues

Questions or Concerns?

Email Rev. Dr. Marty Stevens