Financial Aid for Students

LTSG has a substantial and growing scholarship endowment.  All full and part time degree seeking students are eligible to receive scholarships from this generous fund.  This support, along with gifts from synods, congregations, outside sources, and, if necessary, Federal loans, help make a theological education possible.

The Process of Seeking Financial Aid

Simply complete the online In-house Financial Aid Application.
*If you are unable to complete it online, the printable form is found here.

If Federal Direct Loans are desired, you must also complete the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) at

Our school FAFSA code is G03291.   
More information is available in the
Financial Aid Handbook.  
Check out the Financial Aid 101
presentation for new students.
Seminary Visit Days are a great time to learn about financial aid and figure out how to make your call a reality. 


You may apply for financial aid any time after submitting your Application for Admission. 
Applicants wishing to begin in the fall, and who submit their In-house application by
February 15th, will be considered for the greatest possible award. Those applying after the February deadline will still receive an award based on available funds and will be reconsidered for the following academic year.  

Not sure what it may cost to attend LTSG? Our Cost Of Attendance Sheet can help. Because the cost of attendance can vary depending on degree, there is a separate breakdown for each.  These sheets list the average of expenses for everyone from the single student to students with 6 member families. The tuition shown is the only figure that is "stable", in other words not an average and all 'fees' are included.    

Seminary Scholarships
Scholarships administered by the seminary are merit-based and are awarded annually to full-time first-year students who submit applications by the February 15th deadline. They are based on demonstrated academic and/or leadership excellence from information gathered in the admission process.  These awards will follow you throughout your academic career and a new In-house application MUST be submitted each year.

Part-time degree seeking students (registered for less than 12 credits) receive scholarships using the following method: $300 for the first 3 credit course, and $200 per credit for every credit thereafter up to 12.

ELCA scholarships are awarded to all students registered full-time and maintain active membership in an ELCA congregation, or other denominations with whom we have agreements for Full Communion.

Scholars Of Abundance: Pray! Trust! Share!: A new scholarship distribution that allows entering first year MDiv, MAMS or MAR students their last year or semester FREE OF CHARGE! See the details here

LTSG also offers fellowships for alumni who wish to pursue doctoral studies.

To submit an online STM Financial Aid Application click here.



Financial Wellness

To help empower you financially, we offer a free financial coaching program to students (and spouses).  A student can be matched with a financial coach who can help them become a more responsible leader in the church, assisting with both personal and call-related financial matters.  This program is for everyone from the novice to the expert and can touch on any number of financial topics.  If you wish to sign up for this program, simply complete the student contract and see a copy of the Financial Coaching Handbook for Students.  

Congregation Financial Aid
According to ELCA candidacy guidelines, ELCA congregations are encouraged to support their members who are preparing for ordained, commissioned, or consecrated ministries in the church. This support may cover tuition, fees, room and board, books and other personal/family expenses, or portions thereof.  However, the Cost Of Attendance is presently estimated to be in excess of $36,000. Greater housing, food and miscellaneous living expenses drive the total cost even higher for students with families. The form, Congregational Support, available in the candidate’s congregational packet, should be completed by each congregation that has an enrolled candidate at the seminary and sent to the synod office with a copy to the seminary’s financial aid office.

Synod Financial Aid
ELCA policy encourages synod support of endorsed candidates for ministry. Normally, synod funds for student aid are sent to the seminary with instructions. Not all ELCA synods provide funds to students and the amounts vary considerably. The student should initiate inquiries with the synod before applying to the seminary to determine the anticipated level of synod aid.

Federal Direct Loan Program
The Federal Direct Loan Program is available to any student in a degree-seeking program enrolled with at least 6 credits (half-time). Keep in mind that all graduate loans originated are unsubsidized loans, carrying an immediate 6.8% interest rate.  Students may be eligible to borrow the maximum amount of $20,500, but are reminded that if the total amount is taken, that will be an additional $1,400 in interest added to the loan. 

Along with the 
FAFSA, any students taking Direct Federal Loans for the first time must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and online Entrance Counseling. Neither a Verification Worksheet nor a copy of your current tax return is needed, however, some students may be asked for other documentation at the discretion or the Financial Aid Officer.    

The seminary cautions students about excessive reliance on loans which must be repaid starting shortly after graduation at a time when other financial obligations and low starting salaries limit one’s resources. Loans should be considered after other sources of aid have been explored.

If you're interested in Direct Loan Consolidation, you can download a copy of the application and promissory note by clicking
You can also view my power point presentation with helpful resources regarding Direct Loan Consolidation by clicking

The Daniel Alexander Payne Scholarship
As an expression of its commitment to cultural diversity, Gettysburg Seminary has established the Daniel Alexander Payne Scholarship to encourage non-white, primary language other than English students to enroll on the Gettysburg campus or through the Washington Theological Consortium. Students must file the completed LTSG Application for Financial Aid in order to verify financial need.

Community Work
Some on-campus work may also be available on a first-come first-serve basis.  Applications can be obtained in the Financial Aid Office.  Skilled and unskilled employment is available in greater Adams County through private and public employers. The seminary posts “Help Wanted” ads and may know of special skills in demand. Ultimately, the student who seeks part-time, off-campus work makes his/her own applications.

Code of Conduct
To view the Financial Aid Code of Conduct
click here.