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Record Group   1 -- Pan Lutheran Bodies

Record Group   2 -- Lutheran Church in America
Record Group  3 -- ULCA & Predecessor Bodies
Record Group   4 -- Evangelical Lutheran Church (1917-1961)
Record Group  5 -- American Lutheran Church (1930-1961)
Record Group   6 -- Augustana Synod (1860-1962)
Record Group   7 -- Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (1847- )
Record Group   8 -- World Missions
Record Group   9 -- Institutions, Camps
Record Group  10 -- ELCA
Record Groups 1-10
Sermons A-Z


Record Group 1 ‑ Pan Lutheran Bodies (Row 1)   (Return to top)



        American Lutheran Immigrant Society


        American Lutheran Publicity Bureau (Lutheran Press)   (Row 6)

                Archives from ALPB

                        General correspondence, 1966‑1986

                        Lutheran Forum correspondence, 1967‑1987

                        Graymoor/Forum files

                        Miscellaneous files

                        Topical files


                                American Lutheran, 1918‑1966 (incomplete)

                                Forum Letter, 1972‑1990 (Oct.), with supplements

                                   As Missouri Turns

                                   The Continuing Crisis

                                   The Continuing Crisis Revisited

                                   Reconcile (copy 2, incomplete; copy 3, incomplete)

                                   Suggestions ... Interaction ... 450th

                                Lutheran Forum, 1967‑1988 (complete)


        American Lutheran Statistical Association


        Association of Lutheran Older Adults


        Association of Lutheran Seminarians


        Baltimore Lutheran Urban Planning Committee


        Canadian Lutheran Council


        Federal Council of Lutheran Brotherhoods


        Federation of Lutheran Clubs


        Federation of Lutheran Laymen


        Fellowship of Confessional Lutherans


        Holy Spirit Conference   (see Lutheran Renewal)


        Inter‑Lutheran Consultation (prior to LCUSA)


        International Lutheran Renewal Center

      Joint Commission on Lutheran Unity (JCLU)

                Minutes, Dec 1956‑May 1959; Oct 1959‑Feb 1960;

                                   Nov 1960‑Jan 1962; Mar 1962‑May 1962

                Correspondence, Carl Rasmussen, secretary


        Luther League of America (1895‑1918).  After 1918 see: ULCA ‑ Luther

                                                League, LCA ‑ Luther League

                Historical scrapbook


        Lutheran Alliance


        Lutheran Bible Institute


        Lutheran Bible Translators


        Lutheran Book Mission


        Lutheran Brotherhood (Legal Reserve Life Insurance, 1920)

                 Formed as Lutheran union in 1917.  It has no relationship to the

                                 Lutheran Church other than it is managed by and for Lutherans.


        Lutheran Brotherhood (in 1927 became the American Federation of Lutheran



        Lutheran Bureau, Inc.


        Lutheran Charities


        Lutheran Commission on Evangelism


        Lutheran Committee on Scouting


        Lutheran Council in the USA (LCUSA)


        Lutheran Evangelistic Movement


        Lutheran Educational Conference of North America (LECNA)


        Lutheran Historical Conference


        Lutheran Human Relations Association of America


        Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service


        Lutheran Lesbian & Gay Ministries


        Lutheran Men in America


        Lutheran Ministerial Association, Washington, D.C.


        Lutheran Ministers' Conference


        Lutheran Ministers' Insurance League

Lutheran Music Program


        Lutheran Peace Fellowship


        Lutheran Professors of Theology


        Lutheran Renewal (Holy Spirit Conference)


        Lutheran Seminary Professors' Conference


        Lutheran Service Center


        Lutheran Service Commission


        Lutheran Social Union


        Lutheran Society


        Lutheran Society for Missiology


        Lutheran Student Association of America


        Lutheran Theological Professors' Conference


        Lutheran Theological Study Group

                Minutes, 1945‑65

                Papers read, 1946‑51.


        Lutheran Welfare Council


        Lutheran Women's League


        Lutheran World Action

                “Inside LWA” (1970, Paul C. Empie


        Lutheran World Convention


        Lutheran World Federation


                Executive Committee Minutes, 1964; 1967‑68

                Executive Committee Agendas, 1965; 1967‑69; 1975

                Lutheran World Service

                European Desk

                Commission on World Mission, Minutes, 1951

                Relief Committee, Minutes, 1946

                Third Assembly, 1957

                Reports, Manuals, Miscellany


        Lutheran World Relief


        Lutherans Alert National


        Lutherans Concerned


        Lutherans for Life


        National Lutheran Commission for Soldiers and Sailors Welfare


        National Lutheran Council (1918‑66)


                Executive Committee ‑ Minutes, 1948‑53; 1954‑62; 1963‑66

                Uniform reports, 1947‑65

                Financial Reports

                Budget Committee minutes, 1948, 1951‑53; statistical handbooks

                Division of American Missions, minutes, 1948‑58; 1959‑60;

                                                1963‑64; 1966

                Division of College & University Work (formerly Division of

                                Student Services)

                        Executive Committee Minutes & Agenda, 1964‑66

                        Information for NLC Committee to study DCUW directions

                Division of Lutheran Cooperation in Latin America

                        Minutes, 1951‑54

                Division of Public Relations

                        Minutes, 1948‑54


                        Church Productions, Inc.

                        Department of Radio & Television


                Division of Student Service (became DCUW in 1956)

                        Minutes, 1950‑54


                        Reports, books, pamphlets, miscellany

                Division of Welfare

                        Minutes, 1948‑54

                        Lutheran Welfare Conference in America

                Bureau of Service to Military Personnel, minutes, 1948‑54

                Commission on Younger Churches and Orphaned Missions (CYCOM)

                        Minutes and agenda, 1948; 1949; 1950; 1951; 1952; 1953; 1954

                Committee on Lutheran Church Center, Washington, D.C.

                        Minutes, 1948‑54

                Lutheran Refugee Service (jointly sponsored by LC‑MS)

                        Minutes, 1954‑55

                Lutheran Resettlement Service (1948‑53)(set up by Division of  Welfare)

                        Minutes, 1949‑53

                        Progress reports

                Lutheran Service Commission

                Lutheran World Action

                        "Turn in the Road" (1952)

                Student Service Commission (1945‑48)(DSS in 1949)

                        Reports, books, pamphlets

                USA Committee for Lutheran World Federation

                        Minutes and agenda, 1948; 1949; 1950; 1951; 1952; 1953;  1954

                Division of LWF Affairs, minutes, 1966

                Committee on Theological Cooperation, minutes, 1954

      National Lutheran Educational Conference

                Minutes, 1954

                Proceedings, 1931

                Directories, handbook, miscellany


        Partners in Mission


        Urban Planning Committee   (see Baltimore Lutheran …)


        World Confessional Lutheran Association



Record Group 2 ‑ Lutheran Church in America (1962-1986)     (Row 1) 

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        Board of College Education & Church Vocations

                Minutes and staff reports, Jan 1963‑Aug 1964


        Board of Parish Education


        Board of Pensions


        Board of Publication

                Ministers' Information Service (formerly Pastors' Plan Book)

                        1963‑65 (incomplete)


        Board of Social Ministry


        Board of Theological Education


        Board of World Missions


        Constituting Convention Services 1962


        Lutheran Laymen's Movement for Stewardship


        Luther League (and other youth‑oriented activities)


        Lutheran Church Women


        Commission on Evangelism

                Minnesota Synod

                        Evangelism Resources 1985


        Commission on Press, Radio & Television


        Church Manpower System, System Planning Study, 1969


        Division for Professional Leadership ‑ Seminary Self‑Evaluation Studies


Record Group 3 ‑ ULCA & Predecessor Bodies   (Row 2)

(Return to top


        Pennsylvania Ministerium (1747‑1962)

                Charter, constitution, by‑laws

                Sketch of history

                Programs of various conferences


        New York Ministerium (1786‑1929)


        General Synod (1821‑1918)

                Constitution, proposed amended constitution

                Resolutions, rules and by‑laws

                Sketch of history

                Order of service, 1885

                Narrative account of history of negotiations for cooperation

                                                between  General Synod and General Council

                Papers pertaining to preparation for merger

                Board of Education, reports, 1889; 1905; 1909; 1911; 1913; 1915;

                                                1917; 1918

                Board of Foreign Missions

                        Brief historical sketch, 1875

                        Reports, 1853; 1855; 1857; 1859; 1881; 1883; 1901; 1903;

                                1905; 1907; 1911; 1918

                        Pictures and portraits in foreign missions ...

                        Papers concerning charges of Schnure against Unangst

                Board of Home Missions & Church Extension, reports, 1877; 1881;1885;

 1887; 1903; 1905; 1907; 1909; 1911; 1915; 1917;1918

                Board of Publication, Lutheran Publication Society


                        History, 1855‑1915

                        Reports, 1861; 1879; 1881; 1882; 1883; 1885; 1887; 1889;

                               1901; 1903; 1905; 1907; 1909; 1911; 1913; 1915;

                                                1917; 1918;

                        Parish education materials (primarily Augsburg)

                Deaconess Board, reports, 1911; 1913; 1915

                Laymen's Missionary Movement, report, 1915

                Lutheran Brotherhood, report, 1911

                Lutheran Pastors' Fund (Pastors' Fund Society)

                        Articles of Association


                Inner Missions Board

                Women's Home & Foreign Missionary Society

                        Historical Sketch, 1879‑99

                        Pamphlets, etc.


        General Council (1866‑1918)




        California Synod (1891‑1953)

East Ohio Synod (1856‑1920)


        Kansas Synod (1868‑1954)


        Illinois Synod (1846‑    )


        Iowa Synod (1855‑   )


        Maryland Synod (1820‑    )


        Miami Synod (1844‑1920)


        Nebraska Synod (1871‑1964)


        New Jersey Synod (1861‑1872)


        New York Synod (1867‑1953)


        N. Illinois Synod (1851‑1919)


        N. Indiana Synod (1855‑1919)


        Synod of Northwest (1891‑1962)


        Ohio Synod (1920‑     )


        Olive Branch Synod (1848‑1919)


        Pennsylvania Synods of:  Alleghany Synod (1842‑1938)

                                                      Old Central Penn Synod (1855‑1923)

                                                      East Penn Synod (1842‑1938)

                                                      Susquehanna Synod (1867‑1938)

                                                      West Penn Synod (1825‑1938)


        Pittsburgh Synod (1845-    ) 


        South Carolina Synod (1824‑    )


        Texas Synod (1851‑1953)


        Virginia Synod (1831‑    )


        Wartburg Synod (1876‑1962)


        West Virginia Synod (1842‑1962)


        United Synod South (1886‑1917)





        After formation of ULCA           Caribbean Synod (1952‑    )

                                                                Central Pennsylvania Synod (1938‑    )

                                                                Michigan Synod (1920‑    )


        United Lutheran Church in America (1918‑62)

                Constitution, by‑laws

                Information about the organization


                Commission of adjudication

                Commission on Lutheran Relations

                ULCA and Proposed NCCCUSA

                Report of Joint Union Committee to negotiating bodies

                Report of Committee on Study of closer relationships ...

                Executive Board Minutes, 1918‑24; 1925‑28; 1929‑32; 1933‑39;

                                                 1940‑44; 1945‑46; 1947‑54

                Conventions, 1918‑62, programs, etc.

                Summary of the Report on the Manifested Life of the Congregation

                                                 for the calendar year ending December 31, 1952

                Board of American Missions, created in 1926 by merger of: Board

                                                of Home Missions & Church Extension; Board of

                                                Northwestern Missions (German); Immigrants Mission Board

                                                (other than German); West Indies Board; Committee on

                                                Mission to the Jews


                        Plan of organization

                        Executive Committee and Board minutes, 1926‑32 (interfiled)


                Board of Deaconess Work

                        Minutes, 1924‑36

                        Deaconess work and the church

                        Training program; catalogs


                Board of Education

                        Constitution & by‑laws

                        Minutes, 1924‑41 (incomplete)

                        Reports, 1920; 1922; 1924; 1930; 1932; 1936; 1938; 1942; 1948


                Board of Foreign Missions

                        Executive Committee Minutes, 1938; 1941; 1953‑58

                        Minutes, 1924‑32; 1937‑61

                        Agendas, 1940‑42

                        Handbooks, 1929; 1939‑41; 1943; 1946‑48; 1952‑54

                        Wartime Statement

                        Foreign missionaries in the ULCA (biographical)

                        Promotional materials

                        Mission Studies in Seven Nations, 1936; 1938; 1939; 1941




                        Japan Lutheran Mission, minutes, 1938‑41


                        Latin America

                        Council of the India Mission of the ULCA

                                Executive Committee minutes, 1939

                                Council minutes, 1939‑54


                Board of Higher Education

                        Constitution & by‑laws, 1920

                        Minutes and staff reports, 1918‑62

                        CHEY Appeal (Church Higher Education Year)

                        Institute on preaching, 1956‑61

                        Lutheran Faculty Conference on Music, 1955

                        Conference on Christian Higher Education, 1958

                        Knubel‑Miller Lecture, 1962 series, J. Gould Wickey

                        Summer Service Manual, 1957

                        Documentary review of program & history, 1918‑59


                Board of Home Missions & Church Extension (became part of BAM in 1926)


                        Executive Committee Minutes, 1924‑26

                        Minutes, Joint Commission for the Reorganization  of

                                Home Mission Work, 1925‑26


                Immigrants Mission Board (became part of BAM in 1926)

                        Minutes, 1924; 1927


                Inner Mission Board

                        Executive Committee minutes, 1924‑26

                        National Lutheran Inner Mission Conference

                        Inner Mission Societies (various locations)


                Northwestern Missions, Board of (became part of BAM in 1926)

                        Executive Committee minutes, 1925

                        Board minutes, 1924‑26


                Parish & Church School Board (became Board of Parish Education in 1953)

                        Constitution, 1927

                        Minutes, 1924; 1929‑32

                        Parish Education Manual

                        Statement of Basic Principles

                        Report concerning the Formulation of a Comprehensive

                               Plan of Parish Education

                        Vacation Church Schools

                        Weekday Church Schools

                        Teacher Training Leadership Helps

                        Parish Education Material

                        Children of the Church

                        Children's Program Enrichment Kits

                        Study Material

                        Curriculum material

                                Beginner's stories

                                Primary stories

                                Augsburg Series: Little Ones, 1947‑55

                        Workshops & Conferences

                        Promotional Materials and tracts

                        Inter‑Lutheran Sunday School pamphlets and tracts


                Board of Pensions (formerly Board of Ministerial Relief and

                               Board of Ministerial Pensions and Relief)

                        Executive Committee and Board minutes, 1924‑32 (interfiled)


                Board of Publication

                        Constitution and by‑laws

                        In Retrospect and in Prospect

                        Executive Committee minutes, 1918‑40

                        Board minutes, 1919‑39


                        Lutheran Conference on Christian Literature in Spanish, minutes, 1950

                        Joint Committee of Boards of Publication & Parish &

                               Church School, minutes, 1937


                        Church Bulletin Service, samples, 1943‑67 (incomplete)


                United Lutheran Publication House

                        Curriculum Materials: Our Homes; Christian Life;

                                International System, graded; Augsburg Home

                                Department; other samples

                        Curriculum Materials: Stories of Early Hebrew Heroes;

                                Stories of Early Church Heroes; Jesus and His

                                Followers; Heavenly Father & His Children;

                                Methods for Leaders

                        Devotional Booklets: Light for Today; Walk with Me;

                                Daily Devotions; Word in Season; Way of

                                Righteousness; other samples

                        Pastor's Plan Book, 1937‑47

                        Pastor's Desk Book, 1947‑62

                        Supplies, samples, order forms


                Board of Social Missions

                        Constitution & by‑laws

                        Minutes, 1939‑40

                        Department of Evangelism

                        Lutheran Evangelism Mission, 1955 (Evangelism Administrative Com.)

                        Promotional materials


   West Indies Mission Board (became part of BAM in 1926)

                       Executive Committee and Board minutes, 1924‑26 (interfiled)



               Luther League

                        Revised Constitution & by‑laws

                        Golden Jubilee History, 1895‑1954

                        Minutes, 1927


                        Various publications (on local level) including Edmilise (N.C.)







                       Convention programs

                       Promotional materials

                       King's Men Crusade

                       Boy Scout Committee

                       Synodical Organizations: Central Pennsylvania; Maryland;

                                                 North Carolina; Oregon; Western Pennsylvania


                Lutheran Laymen's Movement

                        Anniversary  History

                        Executive Committee minutes, 1935; (1930); 1933; 1945; 1946

                        Promotional Material


                        Stewardship Helps, 1952‑53; 1957‑58; 1959‑60; 1961‑62


                        Stewardship Kits



                United Lutheran Church Men


                United Lutheran Church Women


                Women's Missionary Society


                        Committee on Women's Work, minutes, 1926

                        Programs and proceedings

                        Executive Board minutes, 1924‑31; 1949‑54

                        Administrative Committee minutes, 1950‑53 (incomplete)

                        Young Women's Congress



                Committee on Church Architecture and Department of Church

                                                Architecture, minutes, 1924‑34


                Committee on Church Music, minutes, 1925; 1927; 1931


                Committee on Church Papers, minutes, 1925‑26



Common Service Book Committee

                        Minutes, 1927‑29; 1947

                        Program of introduction for Service Book and Hymnal


                Committee on Evangelism, minutes, 1928; 1930; 1931


                Committee of Executive Secretaries

                        Gospel of Giving


                Committee of Lutheran Publications


                Committee on Church Periodicals


                Committee on German Interests, minutes, 1924‑29; 1931


                Committee on Mission to the Jews, minutes, 1924


                Committee on Moral and Social Welfare, minutes, 1927; 1930


                Committee on the Office of the Ministry


                Ministry of Christian Tracts


                Statistical & Church Yearbook Committee, minutes, 1925‑31


                Department of Press, Radio & Television


                Department of Worship


                Commission on Investments, minutes, 1931


                Commission on Theological Education, minutes, 1925; 1927


                Conference of Representatives of Colleges and Seminaries, minutes, 1943


                Conference of Theological Seminary Professors

                        Minutes, 1927; 1929‑33; 1935‑37; 1939‑40

                        Reports and proceedings, 1933; 1935; 1937; 1940‑41



Record Group 4 ‑ Evangelical Lutheran Church (1917‑1961) (Row 2) 

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        Evangelical Lutheran Church



Record Group 5 ‑ American Lutheran Church (1930‑1961)   (Row 2)  

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American Lutheran Church

                Statistical tables, 1943‑51



        American Lutheran Conference, 1930 ‑ composed of the following bodies:

                American Lutheran Church

                Norwegian Lutheran Church of America

                Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod of North America

                Lutheran Free Church

                United Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

                        Conference program, 1932

                        Christian social living



Record Group 6 ‑ Augustana Synod (1860‑1962)   (Row 2)  (Return to top


        Augustana Synod


                Augustana Lutheran Mission and former German mission fields

                        Minutes of annual conference, 1946‑49



Record Group 7 ‑ Lutheran Church‑Missouri Synod (1847‑  ) (Row 2)
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        Lutheran Church‑Missouri Synod

                Christian Education materials

                Devotional booklets, English language

                Devotional booklets, German language



Record Group 8 ‑ World Missions   (Row 2)  (Return to top



                American Mission to Lepers

                Bread for the World Institute

                Conference of Foreign Missions Boards

                Deputation Fellowship School of Missions

                Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India

                Fellowship of Professors of Missions

                Foreign Missions Assembly

                Foreign Missions Conference of North America

                  International Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

                International Missionary Council

                Laymen's Foreign Missions Inquiry

                Lutheran Foreign Missions Conference

                Children's Missionary Society

                ELS Foreign Missions Helping Hands







                Annual Conference of the American Lutheran Mission in Shantung,

                                                 China, minutes, 1938; 1941


                Council of the Lutheran Church of China, minutes, 1928; 1934; 1937



                Finnish Missionary Society, history, 1859‑1950



                Germany's battle for the freedom of Christian missions


        Hong Kong

                Lutheran Missions Conference, proceedings, 1953; 1954; 1958



                American Evangelical Lutheran Missions

                        Reports, proceedings



                Andhra Christian College

                        Library catalogue, 1954

                        Calendars: 1914‑15; 1924‑25; 1927‑31; 1933‑37; 1941‑42;

                               1944‑45; 1952‑54

                        Magazine, 1929, 1933, 1937, 1941, 1945, 1950


Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church

                        Constitution & By‑laws

                        Board of Inter‑Synodical Relations ‑ minutes, 1950; 1954

                        Executive Committee minutes, 1940‑44

                        Executive Council minutes, 1945‑46; 1949‑54

                        Convention minutes, 1940; 1942; 1944


                Evangelical Lutheran Missions & Churches in India

                        Yearbook, 1931; 1933; 1936; 1939


                United Lutheran Church Mission

                        What God Hath Wrought, history, 1842‑1942

                        Statistics, 1925‑26; 1930‑31; 1933‑44


                All India Lutheran Conference, proceedings, 1921


                Andhra Christian Council, minutes, 1929


                Christian Literature Society for India


                Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India, report


                Madras Representative Christian Council, bulletin 25


                Santal Mission of the Northern Churches, report


                Third Telegu Missions Conference, 1922


                Union Mission Tuberculosis Sanatorium, report


                Educational Institutions

                        International Teacher's College, Madras

                        Missionary Medical College for Women, Vellore

                        St. Christopher's Training College, Madras

                        Women's Christian College, Madras

                        United Lutheran Theological College, Madras, Gurukul, Kilpauk



                Missions Among Israel, report, 1901



                Evangelical Lutheran Church in Japan, minutes, 1920; 1922‑23;

                                                1926‑28; 1931




        Latin America


        New Netherlands








Record Group 9 ‑ Institutions, Camps    (Row 2)  (Return to top



                California Synod, Camp Yolijwa, Yearbook, 1953 [sent to Region 2, 10/10/94]


                Maryland Synod, Camp Jolly Acres


                Pennsylvania: Eastern Penn Synods

                        Camp Miller

                        Paradise Falls

                        Camp Whitmer


                Pennsylvania: Central Penn Synod

                        Camp Juniata

                        Camp Nawakwa

                        Camp Sequanota

                        Camp Susquehanna

                        Mount Luther Camp


                Pennsylvania: Western Penn‑West Virginia Synod

                        Camp Lutherlyn


                West Virginia

                        Lutheran Youth Camp




                        Los Angeles    Lutheran Hospital Society of Southern

                                                                California [sent to Region 2, 10/10/94]

                        Solvang    Solvang Lutheran Home [sent to Region 2, 10/10/94]



                        Brush    Eben Ezer Home [sent to Region 2, 10/10/94]


                D.C., Washington  National Lutheran Home for the Aged


                Illinois  [all sent to Region 5]

                        Lutheran Welfare Services of Illinois

                        Addison    Evangelical Lutheran Orphanage


                        Chicago    Lutheran Deaconess Home & Hospital

                        Nachusa    Nachusa Lutheran Orphanage

                Iowa [all sent to Region 5]

                        Lutheran Welfare Society of Iowa

                        Mason City    Lutheran Hospital

                        Muscatine    Lutheran Homes



                        Jefferson    Louisville Lutheran Home



                        Lutheran Social Services of Maryland

                        Baltimore   The Community of St. Dysmas

                        Baltimore   Greisenheim ‑ German Aged People's Home

                                                Lutheran Deaconess Motherhouse

                                                Lutheran Hospital

                                                Lutheran Inner Mission Society

                        Buckeystown    Clagget Diocesan Center

                        Rockville   National Lutheran Home for the Aged (see also DC, Washington)



                        West Roxbury   Martin Luther Waisenhaus



                         Detroit   Lutheran Charities

                         Lutheran Social Services of Michigan



                        Minnesota Conference ‑ Institutions of Mercy

                        Fergus Falls    Lutheran Brethren Homes

                        Minneapolis   Lutheran Church Library Association



                          St. Louis    Concordia Historical Institute



                        Axtell      Bethpage Home

                        Lincoln   Tabitha Home

                                         Martin Luther Home Society, Inc.       

                        Omaha    Bethpage & Martin Luther Together (Mosaic)

                                        Immanuel Deaconess Institute

                                        Immanuel Medical Center


                New Jersey

                        Lutheran Welfare Association of New Jersey

                        Hoboken    Vereins fuer deutsche Seemannsfuersorge

                        Jersey City    Kinderfreund Orphans' Home

                        Newark    Lutheran Memorial Hospital Association


                New Mexico

                        Albuquerque   National Lutheran Sanatorium [sent to Region 2, 10/10/94]


                New York

                        Buffalo   Lutheran Church Home

                        Clinton   Lutheran Church Home for the Aged

                        College Point, Long Island   Bethlehem‑Waisenhauses

                        Mt. Vernon   Wartburg Orphans' Farm School

                        New York        Central Assoc. of the Young Men's Assoc. of

                                                                the City of New York

                                                 Deutsches Lutherisches Emigrantenhaus;

                                                                 Lutherischen Hospitalvereines

                                                 Inner Mission Society

                                                 Lutheran Seamen's Center (was Swedish Luth.

                                                                 Immigrant Home)

                                                Lutheran Welfare Council of New York

                                                (Brooklyn) Lutheran Inner Mission Society of Brooklyn

                                                (Brooklyn) Society of Inner Missions & Rescue Work

                        Sulphur Springs   St. John's Orphan's Home


                North Carolina

                        North Carolina Lutheran Homes, Inc.


                North Dakota

                        Fargo   Lutheran Hospitals & Home Society

                        Jamestown   Crippled Children's Hospital‑School



                        Dayton   Lutheran Social Service League of the Miami

                                                Valley (was Lutheran Inner Mission League of

                                                the Miami Valley)

                        Springfield   Oesterlen Home For Children

                        Tippecanoe City   Feghtly Lutheran Home

                        Toledo   Lutheran Inner Mission Society

                                        Lutherischen Waisen‑und Altenheim‑Vereins

                          Williston    Luther Home of Mercy



                        Allentown   Good Shepherd Home

                        Bethlehem   Muhlenberg Medical Center

                        Biglerville    The Cluster ‑ Upper Adams County Lutheran

                                                                Church engaged in cooperative ministry

                        Central Penn Region   Lutheran Social Services & Tressler‑Lutheran Service Associates

(see Loysville)

                        Chambersburg   Lutheran Social Services

                        Gettysburg   Adams County Interfaith Housing

                                               Gettysburg Lutheran Partners in Ministry

                                               Lutheran Home for the Aged

                        Gladwyne     Lutheran Deaconess Association

                        Harrisburg   Lutheran Coalition on Public Policy

                        Hollidaysburg   Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries

                        Johnstown   Allegheny Lutheran Home

                        Loysville   Tressler Lutheran Home

                        Mechanicsburg    Tressler Lutheran Services, Diakon (see Loysville)

        Media   Bethesda House

                        Philadelphia   Lutheran Deaconess Motherhouse

                                                Lutheran Home for Orphans and Aged at Germantown

                                                Lutheran Social Mission Society (formerly Inner Mission Society)

                                                    Haverford Center

                                                Lankenau Hospital

                                                Lankenau School

                                                Samaritan Shelter

                                                Lutheran Hospice for Young Men

                                                Messiah Hebrew Lutheran Mission

                        Pittsburgh    Lutheran Service Society of Western Pennsylvania

                                               Passavant Hospital

                                               Pittsburgh Infirmary (Institution of Protestant Deaconesses)

                        Rochester     Passavant Memorial Home

                        St. Thomas   Emmaus Acres

                        Sellersville    Vacation House

                        Shrewsbury   Shrewsbury Lutheran Home

                        Telford   Lutheran Home

                        Topton   Lutheran Home

                        York   Lutheran Home for the Aged

                                     Lutheran Social Services of South Central Pa.

                        Zelienople   Orphans' Home & Farm School

                                            Passavant Health Center (formerly Old People's Home)


                South Carolina

                        White Rock   Lowman Home



                        Cuero   Lutheran Hospital

                        San Antonio   Lutheran General Hospital



                        Helton   Health Center

                        Konnarock   Iron Mountain School for Boys

                                             Lutheran Medical Center

                                             Lutheran School

                        Roanoke & Salem   South View Orphan Home

                        Salem   Lutheran Orphan Home of the South



                        Chelan   Holden Village


                Wisconsin [all sent to Region 5]

                        Milwaukee  Institution of Protestant Deaconesses

                                             Lutheran Deaconess Motherhouse

                                             Lutheran Welfare Society

                                             Passavant Hospital


 European Deaconess Institutions







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RECORD GROUP 10 – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
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           Board of Pensions

                  Division for Congregational Ministries

                  Division for Ministry

                  Domestic Disaster Response

                  Fund for headers in Mission

  German Evangelical Conference in North America

  Global Missions

                  Lower Susquehanna Synod

                  Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs

                  Lutheran Vespers (Radio Ministry)

                  Metropolitan Synod

                  Slovak Zion Synod

                  Women of the ELCA

                  Virginia Synod

                  Vision for Mission



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