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Oversized Photos (++) Housed in Blueprint Cabinet in Historical
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TITLE                                                                        DATE             PLACE         
***Lutheran Synod (See Box 3 +++ upstairs)           1895                Hagerstown, Md.
***Lutheran Convention                                            5/18/1893        New York
***United Lutheran Convention                                10/12/1932      Philadelphia
***U.L.C.A. Delegates pilgrimage to Pageant
presented by descendants of the Salzburg
Lutherans at Ebenezer Church (2 copies)                   10/20/1934?    Savannah, Ga.
***Testimonial Dinner to Rev. Dr. Franklin
Clark Fry – Installation as President of the United
Lutheran Church in America, Hotel Astor                 1/11/1945        New York (?)
*Officers of the General Council ELC                    ?                      ?
            (damaged) (see below)
Illinois Synod
***Illinois Synod in front of Naghusa Lutheran
Orphanage                                                                   5/24/1923        ?
New York and New Jersey Synod
*Ev. Luth. Synod of New York & New Jersey (1st) 10/3-9, 1872    Hudson, NY(?)
East Ohio Synod
*East Ohio Synod ELC                                              1877                Orrville, Ohio

United Synod of the South
***Organization - United Synod of the South          June 1886        Roanoke, Va.
***United Synod South                                             1916                ?

East Pennsylvania Synod
***Evangelical Synod of East Penna. (80th)              10/4/1921        Messiah Lutheran
***East Pennsylvania Synod (U.L.C.)                      10/4-7/1920     ?
***East Pennsylvania Synod (damaged)                   1903                ?
Central Pennsylvania Synod
*Ev. Luth. Synod of Central Pa.                                June8, 1869     Liverpool, Pa.
Merger Convention, Central Penn Synod                   Jun7-8, 1938   Harrisburg, Pa.
            (This is framed and housed in Box 6 (+++) in Boxed Manuscript Room)
West Pennsylvania Synod
**West Penna. Synod Convention (63rd)                   10/12-17/1887 Newville, Pa.
**West Pa. E. L. Synod (58th Convention)(3)            9/13/1882        Littlestown, Pa.
*E. L. Synod of West Pa. (damaged) (2)                    9/13/1866        York, Pa.
General Synod (see above)
***General Synod of ELC in USA (45th)                  ?                      ?
***Lutheran Synod members                                     1890                Mount Vernon
*General Synod of ELC in USA (35th)(2 c.)              5/20-29,1891   Lebanon, Pa.
*Evang. Luth. Ministerium of Pa. (142nd)                  6/13-19/1889   Lebanon, Pa.
***General Synod meeting                                        1887                Omaha
*General Synod of ELC of USA (2 copies)             5/26/1885        Harrisburg, Pa.
General Synod of ELC in USA (31st)                                    5/16/1883        Springfield, Ohio
*General Synod of ELC in USA (4 copies)
 Members & Visiting Ministers
*Jubilee Memorial of the Reformation                       5/7/1868          Harrisburg, Pa.
            (Another framed copy housed in Box 6 (+++) in Boxed Manuscript Room)
            (Another framed copy hanging in circulation reception area)
*The Lutheran Church, Pastors, and Their Homes,                            Published by
 in Carroll County, State of MD                                                        Edwin J. Lawyer,
                                                                                   1/1/1895          Westminster, MD
            (Hanging upstairs in front lobby area)
**partially identified