A. R. Wentz Library
Lutheran Theological Seminary
66 Seminary Ridge
Gettysburg, PA 17325
List of Oversized Photos***
(Housed in Blueprint Cabinet in Historical)
(August 6, 2001, rev. 12/9, 16/2001, 6/15/2004, 2/14/20005, 7/14/20005, 6/8/2012)
Singmaster (built 1901), (Dr. Singmaster’s House) (1901-1924 date ?)
Seminary Grounds, (Aerial View) (before 1984 ?)
Wentz Library, A. R. (before Addition of 1981 ?)
Baughman Dormitory (Built 1952) (before 1974 ?)
Richard House (Mr. Clutz’s Residence ?) date? (2)
Wolf House (Dr. Coover’s Residence 1905-1926) date?
Krauth House (Dr. Alleman’s House) date? (2)
Schmucker House? (Dr. Kuhlman’s House (date?)
Valentine (“Recitation Hall”) (architect’s drawing - @ 1894)
Valentine (Built 1894-1895)
Valentine after renovation (completed 2001) pen and ink drawing by Geoffrey Thulin
Old Campus Building Plan (L. deforest Emmert, Architect (1931)
Old Dorm (Gutekunst) (l863)
Lithograph by Thomas Hunter of Old Dorm, Schmucker, and Krauth (date?)
Wolf House (architectural drawing) (copy) (1886)
***Found in blueprint drawer with photos of Buildings (way in the back) were 2 boxes of photographic dry plates (labeled 1-9 and 10-18, dated about 1930-1931?) (Marked not to be opened except in dark room) — Placed back in same drawer at front of drawer under lip.
(List of smaller photos of buildings – in upstairs file in archives office)
Old Dorm LTSG (No. 703) (Tipton – Stereo Gems - Stereoptican)
Old Dorm LTSG (No. 41) ( Oriental Photograph Co. – Stereoptican)
Old Dorm  (taken in 1863)
Old Dorm, Krauth House, & Schmucker House (lithograph -- framed on wall in archives room)
Chapel in Old Dorm, ca. 1890 (copy in + photos, original in regular size photos)
Colored print of prinitive art of Seminary Grounds (no date, no artist) +
Old Dorm, Krauth House, Schmucker House (Gillespie Lithograph) (date?) +
Seminary Chapel
Housed separately in blueprint cabinet drawer.