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Abdel Ross Wentz Library
Cross-referenced Master List
of manuscript items in the special collections
(revised 08/21/2003,pdated 11/06/2012)
SR  Seminary related (Office) | NSR Non‑seminary related (Office)
BD  Bound manuscripts  (Vault) | BX  Boxed manuscripts (3rd Stacks)
         BX+  Boxed manuscripts, legal‑sized (3rd Stacks)
                    Photos ++ (See photo lists also)
Abbey, Henry
       see Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Aberly, John, 1867‑1963. BX
       Lutheran clergyman, missionary, professor and president of Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Diaries, 1884‑1952, 5 boxes.
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 8 boxes.
       see also Hale, J. Russell BX
                 Herman, Stewart W., Jr. (Photos) BX
Abrahamson, C. Alfred NSR
        ‑‑Letter, April 18, 1917
  From Frecourt, Haute‑Marne, France to Rev. Kuhns telling of his experiences in a construction battalion and his travels during a leave. He deplores the French morality and religion, claiming the French "make patriotism their religion."
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Accident, Maryland. History of the Lutheran Church in Accident and Cove, Maryland NSR
        ‑‑Letter, June 8, 1860
From Johann Ulrich Hoffman, Accident, Md. to Charles Frederick Schaeffer giving the history of the church.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
       see also Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Ainsworth, John Edgar, 1887‑1951. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland, Connecticut and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Notes, certificates, 1 box.
Albach, J. William,    ‑1900. NSR
        Lutheran missionary in Iowa, Indiana and Ohio
        ‑‑Letter, February 9, 1844
From Gettysburg, Pa. to John L. Snyder, Somerset, his former Sabbath School teacher, consoling him on the death of someone close and conveying news on Albach's activities at Pennsylvania College.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, August 8, 1845
From Gettysburg, Pa. to John L. Snyder, Somerset, relating son Henry's progress in studies at the college. He deplores the return of Mr. Heyer, missionary to India, and he refers to an outbreak of nervous fever at the college and a death attributed to it.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Albert, Luther Endress, 1828-1908
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Albrecht, Amy Sadtler, 1857‑1942. BD
        Lutheran missionary in Hindu Girls’ School, Guntur, India
        ‑‑Manuscript for book In Tent and Bungalow with editing by Elsie
          Singmaster Lewars. 2 copies.
Albrecht, Horst, 1941-    .
       see  Hale, J. Russell BX
Aldon?, Superintendent
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Alleghany Synod NSR
       see  Focht, Joseph R.
            Probst, George Christian
Alleman, Henry Snyder, 1897‑    . BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Virginia and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Card file, 1 box.
        ‑‑Papers; sermons (1928-84), 6 boxes.
Alleman, Herbert Christian, 1868‑1953. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Letters of recognition on his 80th birthday, bibliography of writings, notes on the genealogy of
          the Alleman family and other miscellany, 1 box.
        --Newspaper clippings SR
Alleman, Monroe John, 1820‑1897. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Maryland
          Handwritten, 3 leaves.
Althaus, Paul
        see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Altman, Daniel S. NSR
        see  Witt, Samuel David
Alumni Association SR
        see  Weiser, Reuben B.
American Association for the Promotion of Christian Union NSR
        see  Evangelical Alliance
American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service
        see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
American Education Society SR
        ‑‑Loan book, April 17, 1834‑January 19, 1842
           Listing loans granted to students preparing for the ministry.
          Printed, 29 leaves.
American Society for Promoting Christian Union on Apostolic Principles NSR
        see  Banks, Daniel C.
American Tract Society SR
        see  Howard Tract Society
Anderson, George W., 1821‑1888. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and New Jersey
        ‑‑Correspondence and accounts, 2 boxes.
Anonymous NSR, BD
        ‑‑Article NSR
Concerning proper financial support for Emeritus pastors and pastors' widows and orphans.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Daybook of famous quotations BD
        ‑‑Diary, May 1‑22 and June 6, 1812 NSR
Attributed to student of J.G. Schmucker, York. Alludes to Mr. Herbst as fellow student.
          Handwritten, German script, 6 leaves
       ‑‑Lectures NSR
On Temperance, apparently to a temperance society. There are several, one a duplicate.
          Handwritten, some German script, most English, 12 leaves.
        ‑‑Notebook  BD
Includes: Sermons of J.H.C. Helmuth (April 20, 1788‑May 9, 1789), J.F. Schmidt (May 4‑Aug. 3, 1788), Mr. Marshall (April 20‑May 4, 1788) at St. Michael's and Zion's Church in Philadelphia; Music; Patterns for weaving; Birth Certificate of Johannes Lentz, January 17, 1827; other names appearing in notebook are Christian Lentz, Jacob Lentz (Nov. 1, 1825, Norristown), J. Thomas, D. Wolner, W. Webb, Adam Spitler, John Kester. German and English.
        ‑‑Notes BD
           On Letz's Morality. German.
        ‑‑Sermon NSR
           Luke 13:6‑9
          Handwritten, German script, 8 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon NSR
           John 5:24
          Handwritten, German script, 10 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon NSR
           John 19:14, entitled "Behold your King."
          Handwritten, 6 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon NSR
           Hebrews 12:16‑17
          Handwritten, German script, 6 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon, July 31, 1775 NSR
           To the Soldiers at Windham.
          Handwritten, 13 leaves, with typed transcript.
        ‑‑Sermon, July 4, (1833) NSR
Sets forth an American Sunday School Union plan to make Independence Day a day of Sunday School emphasis, to enroll children and to get financial support. Addresses in turn children, parents, Sunday School teachers.
          Handwritten, 4 leaves. A portion of a German script sermon is on last leaf.
        ‑‑Sermon fragment NSR
           Concerning immigrants.
          Handwritten, German script, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Sermon outline NSR
           Psalm 40:1‑4
          Handwritten, German, 2 leaves.
Anspach, John George, 1801‑1889. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Certificate of Ordination, Notebook in Dogmatics, Records of Pastoral Acts, Discourse on
          the death of Henry Clay, 1 box.
Anspach, John Melanchthon, 1841-1904. NSR
       Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
       --Sermon delivered at funeral of Thomas Holt Clapham, a member of Company E, 51st Regiment, P.V., in
         Mifflinburg, Pa., March 17,1864, in the Lutheran Church (published in Mifflinburg Telegraph,
         March 24, 1864, by request)
Artz, William, 1804‑1876 NSR
        Lutheran clergyman and sometime miller in North Carolina
           Continuation of the mission of the United Brethren in North America during the period around
            1767. (Missionary Paper)
          Handwritten, 6 leaves.
       ‑‑Letter, May 14, 1861
           From Mt. Pleasant, N.C. to his brother David Artz concerning
preparations for the Civil War and conditions of the local economy.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
       --Newspaper clipping (and copy)
            Sermon preached in Hagerstown, MD, in 1828.
       --Sermon 1841 – Philipians 3:12–14 – delivered in NC
            Handwritten 14 pages.
        --Sermon 1858 – St. Luke 10:36–37 – delivered in NC
            Handwritten 14 pages.

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Bachelder, Col. John B.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Bacon, Samuel NSR (died 1820 in Liberia)
        Officer in the U.S. Army
        ‑‑Outlines for a school in three parts
Part I. Outline of the system of Government and Instruction adapted in York County Academy in York, Pa., an institution which reflects equal honour on the gentlemen who patronize, the teachers who conduct, and the youth who compose it. Part II. Outline of a plan for such an Academy as ought to exist in the county or (shire) town in every populous county in the U.S. Part III. Plan for the organization of a school.
          Handwritten, 35 leaves.
Baldwin, James
       see  Hoffman, Bengt R. BX
Baltzly, John, 1825-1893.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Banks, Daniel C. NSR
        ‑‑Report, April 20, 1840
From Louisville, Ky. to the Rev. John Marsh, Secretary of the American Temperance Union, N.Y. Addressed to the American Society for Promoting Christian Union on Apostolic Principles, it announced the establishment of the Louisville Evangelical Union & presented the constitution. Requests a missionary from the ASPCUAP since 2/3 of the 30,000 population is unchurched.
Baptism and the Lord's Supper NSR
        ‑‑Booklet, 1825
           Rowan County, N.C., presented by Captain John Sloop.
          Handlettered, German, 31 leaves.
Barb, John H. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Virginia
        ‑‑Letter, February 4, 1886
From Virginia to the Reverend H.W. McKnight requesting information about the Brown Scholarship Fund for the education of J.A.B. Scherer.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Bardsley, Diane H.
       see  Steck, Daniel
Barnitz, Charles A. SR
        Treasurer of the Seminary, 1826‑33
        ‑‑Letter, December 29, 1829
           To Dr. [S.S.] Schmucker concerning the price and purchase of additional property.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Basilica of St. John Laterano NSR
        ‑‑Documents, 1657
Bearing the Papal Seal and concerning relics found in the Basilica of St. John Laterano which were later moved.
          Handlettered, Italian, 2 leaves. Translation.
Baugher, Henry Louis, 1804‑1868. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Maryland and professor and president of Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Diary, August 30, 1829‑March 28, 1830
Lists ministerial engagements. Some biblical questions and notes on reverse side.
          Handwritten, 6 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, March 26, 1830
From Boonsboro, Md. to David Jacobs, Gettysburg, agreeing that a new Lutheran periodical is greatly needed, outlining some of the difficulties involved and arranging to meet with Jacobs to discuss the matter (and also a possible move to Gettysburg).
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, July 1845
From Gettysburg to John L. Snyder, Somerset, written on the margin of the grade report of Snyder's son, G. Henry Snyder. Henry boarded with Baugher during the school year, and Baugher offered the residence free of charge during the summer vacation.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, June 25, 1861
From Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg to Dr. ? stating that a Reynolds claims he is authorized to take subscriptions of stock to buy out the Missionary Lutheran, 30 subscriptions at about $100 each. Baugher suggests a questionnaire be sent out to determine the feasibility of the project.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Baugher, Henry Louis, 1840‑1899. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Indiana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
        ‑‑Letter, June 28, 1869
From Gettysburg to the Board of Directors concerning the enlargement of Christ Church.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Baughman, Harry F., 1892-1980.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Baum, J[ohn]. Croll, 1852-1886.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
            Stork, Charles Augustus
Baum, William M., 1825-1902.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Beaver, James A.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Beaverdam, N.Y.
       see  Molther, Johannes
Beecher, Henry Ward, 1813-1887.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Beguin, Oliver
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Behringer, George F., 1845-1909.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Belfour, Edmund, 1833‑1923. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania; graduate of Gettysburg Seminary 1856
        ‑‑Speech, September 16th, 1856
Delivered at the Commencement of the Theol. Sem. at Gettysburg, Pa.
          Handwritten, English, 8 p.
Accompanied by letter, donating the ms., from Mrs. Carl R. Zimmerman, February 10, 1970.
          Typed, 1 p.
Bell, George K. A., Bishop of Chichester, 1883-1958.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Bell, Harold Philip
       see  Peery, T. Benton
Belmer, H. B. NSR
       see   Selinsgrove, Pa. Evangelical Lutheran Church
Bendersville, Pennsylvania. Bethlehem Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Historical address, December 8, 1896
By the Reverend Upton A.L.E. Hankey, pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church 1895‑1902, prepared to be read before the congregation during the festivities of Dedication Week. He laments lack of records but outlines history of the church, list of pastors, and original members' names.
          Handwritten, 17 leaves.
Bendle, Philip S., III, (1950–2003). BX  Finding-Aid-(1).gif
       Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
       --Sermons, 19 boxes, Includes Biographical Information.
Benedict, Frederick, 1819‑1890. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Maryland
          Handwritten, 12 leaves.
Bentz, Michael, 1789/90‑1858. BD
        Organist at Christ Church, York, Pa.
        ‑‑Organ and choral manuscript.
Berckenmeyer, Wilhelm Christoph, 1686‑1751. BD
        see  Berkenmeyer, William Christopher, 1682/86‑1751.
Berggrav, Eivind, Bishop/Archbishop of Norway
        see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Bergstresser, Peter NSR
        see  Dosh, Thomas William Luther
Berkenmeyer, William Christopher, 1682/86‑1751. BD, NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in New York
        ‑‑Chronicle of ministry at Albany and Loonenburg and points between, 1731‑1750. BD
          3 volumes, 1 and 2 are photostatic copies of 3, the original.
        ‑‑Epitaph NSR
          Handprinted copy, Latin & Greek, 1 leaf.
Berlin Embassy, 1940-41.
       see   Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Bernhard, Leopold W., 1915‑1985. BX+
        German‑born Lutheran clergyman who arrived in the United States in 1937 and served
         congregations in Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, New York and Washington, D.C.
        ‑‑Papers, 33 boxes. (more came to be added November 9, 2011).
Bernheim, Gotthard Dellman, 1849-1916.
       see   Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Bersell, Petrus Olaf, 1882-    .
       Augustana Church President
       see   Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Bertesgaden (Germany), 1945.
       see   Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Bible. Old Testament NSR
          Handwritten, German script, 17 leaves.
Bible. New Testament NSR
           Romans and Corinthians I & II
          Handwritten, German script, 45 leaves.
Bibles SR
        Distribution lists, 1827
        ‑‑Financial records of 15 seminary students who distributed bibles throughout Adams County for the
           Philadelphia Bible Society.
          Handwritten, 15 leaves.
Biblia, XIIIth century BD
        ‑‑401 ff. Italy. In XVIIth-century paper boards covered with brown stamped leather.
Bikle, Philip Melanchthon, 1844-1934.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Billheimer, Stanley, 1872-1964.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Billheimer, Thomas Charles, 1842‑1923. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Gettysburg Seminary
           "Decensus ad Inferos"
          Handwritten, 8 leaves.
           "Value of Modern Skepticism to Christianity"
          Handwritten, 23 leaves.
        ‑‑Address, January 16, 1883
           Eulogy for Ida G. McKnight.
          Printed, 8 leaves.
        ‑‑Address, September 19, 1899
           "The Bright Side of a Minister's Life"
          Typescript, 7 leaves.
           "On Infant Baptism"
          Handwritten, 5 leaves.
"How to Secure an Educated Ministry," II Timothy 2:2. Listed as Synodical Sermon.
          Handwritten, 8 leaves.
        ‑‑Thesis, graduation, June 26, 1867
"The Doctrine of the Nature of Christ's Presence in the Eucharist, as held by the Early Church"
          Handwritten, 4 leaves.
       see also Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Bink, Howard F. NSR
       see  Westernport, Maryland. Mt. Calvary Luth. Church
Biorck, Tobias Eric NSR
        Lutheran Swedish clergyman in America
        ‑‑Dissertation, June 14, 1731
Titled The Planting of the Swedish Church in America, University of Upsala, Sweden.
          Handwritten copy, Latin, 44 leaves.
Bishop, Henry, 1815‑1877. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Iowa and sometime book merchant
        ‑‑Letter, November 23, 1844
From Indiana, Pa. to John L. Snyder, Somerset, recommending his only brother as a competent clerk.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Bittle, David Frederick, 1811‑1876. NSR, BX+
       Lutheran clergyman in Virginia and Maryland and president of Roanoke College
        ‑‑Sermons, lectures and outlines, 3 boxes. BX+
       see also Tabler, John Thomas NSR
Blackwelder, Dr. Oscar
       see   Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Bloserville, Pennsylvania. Upper Frankford Church NSR
        ‑‑Historical address, 1876
By Samuel Albert Diehl, pastor of the church 1875‑1885, on the occasion of the semicentennial of the church. Date on cover is 1875.
          Handwritten, 13 leaves.
Board of Education, U.L.C.A.
       see   Markley, Mary Elizabeth BX
Board of Foreign Missions, Baltimore, ULCA
       see   Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Board of Higher Education
       Presidents and Executive Secretary (Photos) NSR
Boegner, Marc, 1881-1970.
       see   Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Boker, ? (wrote poem)
       see   Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Book Company of the Evangelical Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Stock certificate, September 26, 1840
           #210, one share made out to Samuel Ruthrauff, Marion, Pa. Signed by B. Kurtz, Superintendent.
          Printed and Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Booklist SR
           List of books donated or subscribed to by people in various areas.
          Handwritten, German script and English, 3 leaves.
        ‑‑June 16, 1827
           Giving bibliographic information.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Born, Peter, 1820‑1899. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Susquehanna Seminary, and trustee at
          Gettysburg College
       see  Sharretts, Edward Augustus, 1822‑1917
Boston Directory, The
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Bower, [Alexander], 1804-1830.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Boyd, Geo. W.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Braun, Anthony T.
       see Otsego, New York
Braun, Ernst Freiherr von NSR
        ‑‑Letter, June 17, 1827
From Altensburg, Germany to "Mein gnadiges Fraulein" concerning brothers in the faith in North America. Herr General Superintendent Grossman is mentioned.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Brauns, F. W. NSR
       see  Western Tract and Book Society
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Bream, Howard Nelson, 1917‑1986. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Illinois and Colorado and professor at the
          Lutheran Seminaries in Waterloo, Ontario, and Gettysburg
        ‑‑Papers on Myers Festschrift and Stamm Festschrift,
           2nd copy of Thesis, 1944, 1 box.
Breckinridge, Mary Marvin (nee Patterson) 
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Breklum Seminary and the General Synod BX+
        ‑‑Papers, 1 box.
Bright Side of a Minister's Life SR
       see  Billheimer, Thomas Charles
Brilioth, Yngve Torgny, Swedish Archbishop
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Brooks, Phillips, 1835‑1893. NSR
        Episcopal Bishop
        ‑‑Letter, April 23, 1889
From Boston to the Reverend Matthias Sheeleigh, Fort
Washington, Pa., enclosing a copy of his Bethlehem (O Little Town of Bethlehem).
          Handwritten, 1 leaf, printed enclosure.
       see also Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Brosius Family of Berks County
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Brosius, Marriott
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Brown, James Allen, 1821‑1882. SR, NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania, and professor and chairman of Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Diary BD
        ‑‑Letter, June 24, 1861 SR
From York, Pa., to Brother Hay consoling him on the loss of a child. He also outlines his objections to Dr. Reynold's plan for a new periodical to replace the Observer.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, August 19, 1864 SR
From York, Pa., to A.C. Wedekind and the Board of Directors accepting the position at the Seminary.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, October 9, 1870 SR
From Gettysburg to his wife Mary in York. He mentions that Dr. Hay gave "a very heartless harangue in favor of open communion."
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, July 26, 1879 SR
           From Bedford, Pa., to his wife Mary, on family interests.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter of refusal, 1880 SR
From the Board of Directors disregarding his letter of resignation and offering their support through several resolutions.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon texts, 1849‑1853 SR
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
       see also  Buehler, D. A. SR
                 Hay, Charles Augustus SR
                 Keller, Benjamin SR
                 Green, Woodhull Henry NSR
                 Stork, Theophilus NSR
Brown, Mrs. J. A. (nee Herbst)
       see also Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
Brown, James Andrew, 1815‑1900. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Virginia
        ‑‑Letter, February 17, 1886
From Wythe, Virginia to Dr. Hay about the Brown Scholarship Fund and J.A.B. Scherer.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
       see also Groseclose, Levi C.
Brown Scholarship Fund SR
       see   Barb, John H.
             Brown, James Andrew
Browne, Kay (at Berlin Embassy -- 1940-1941)
       see   Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Brunholz, Peter,     ‑1757. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, first assistant sent from Halle to Henry M. Muhlenberg
        ‑‑Journal, September 20, 1744‑April 12, 1745
           Includes copies of letters, 1745‑1746.
           Presented by F.A. Muhlenberg.
          Handwritten, German script, 31 leaves.
Brunswick Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania NSR
        ‑‑Solicitation license, April 24, 1770
To Conrad Rein and George Reinhard, permission to collect funds for a Lutheran congregation in order to build a church. Signed by John Penn, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province of Pa. and Counties of New Castle, Kent(?) and Sussex on the Delaware.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Buckley, J. M.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Buehler, D. A. SR
        ‑‑Letter, August 20, 1868
From Gettysburg to Dr. Brown concerning the purchase of Dr. Krauth's library from his widow. Also bears Charles A. Hay's name.
          Handwritten, 3 leaves.
Buehler, Samuel H., 1783‑1856. BD
        General agent of the Hymn Book Committee of the Evangelical Lutheran Church
        ‑‑Account book.
Burgess, Ellis Beaver, 1869‑1947. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and president of Pittsburgh and New York Synods
        ‑‑Papers collected for Pittsburgh Synod history, 1 box.
Burleigh, General
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Buro Brothers (Bronze Men)
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Butler, J. G. NSR
       see  Gotwald, Washington Van Buren
Butler, John George, 1754-1816. NSR
       see  Butler, Paul
Butler, John George, 1826-1909
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Butler, Paul NSR
        ‑‑Sermon, March 16, 1796
Presented by W.A. Passavant, 1843. Though marked on the manuscript as a product of Paul Butler, it has been suggested that it may be the work of John George Butler, 1754‑1816.
          Handwritten, German script, 28 leaves.
(Compared with 1794 handwritten script of J.G. Butler one would conclude that this is the work of John George Butler.)

Caledonia Springs, Pennsylvania. Mt. Horeb Church NSR
        ‑‑Accounts, 1853
          Handwritten 2 leaves.
Campbell, John Francis, 1811‑1892. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, former lawyer and state's
          attorney in Ohio
        ‑‑Letter, September 18, 1847
From Strasburg, Va. to the Reverend J. Few Smith, Winchester, Va. He gives notice of resignation from the Brook Union charge since they refused to pay the $50/annum for him to preach monthly.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Cane, Margaret NSR
       see  Niemoller, Martin
Carleton, Will
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Carlisle, Pennsylvania. German Evangelical Lutheran Church NSR
          Handwritten, German script, 4 leaves.
Cavert, Samuel McCrea, 1888-1976.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Chemnitz, Martin NSR
       see  Morhart, C. C.
Chile Earthquake 1960
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Choir Music NSR [framed, hanging on wall in staircase down to stacks]
        ‑‑Leaf, 1532
From a XVIth Century Spanish Manuscript Antiphonarium or Choir Book inscribed on vellum and originally used by the Choristers of the Cathedral of Jaen in Southern Spain.
          Handlettered, 1 leaf.
Christian Advocate, The
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Christlieb, Theodor, 1833‑1889. NSR
        Pastor in London, 1858‑1865, professor at University of Bonn, 1868‑1889, at Evangelical Alliance,
          New York, 1873
        ‑‑Sermon, 1885
Preached at the anniversary of the Elberfeld‑Barmen Prison Society, Germany.
          Handwritten, German script, 5 leaves.
Church, Pharcellus NSR
       see  Evangelical Alliance
Civil War SR, NSR
        ‑‑Appeal, after the battle SR
For funds to repair the damages which had been inflicted on both buildings and grounds.
          Printed, 1 piece.
        ‑‑Article, July 27, 1863 SR
           In the Gettysburg Compiler appealing for funds to repair the
devastation to Seminary grounds. Photocopies of printed articles in duplicate.
          6 leaves.
        ‑‑Notes, July 4, 1863 SR
Pencilled into 2 copies of Schmucker's Spiritual Worship of
God by South Carolinian soldiers during the Battle of Gettysburg.
          Handwritten notes, 2 printed booklets.
          25 leaves each.
        ‑‑Prayer, July 1863 SR
Written on the cover of General Synod Minutes by a surgeon of the Confederate States of America during the time the Seminary was used as a hospital and found immediately afterwards in the library. Words were originally in pencil and traced in ink by Dr. Hay.
          Minutes printed, 60 leaves.
        ‑‑Virginia Treasury Note SR
No. 63053, issued May 15, 1862, signed by Jno. Burwell; amount: one dollar.
          1 piece.
       see M. L. Stoever Photo Collection
       see also  Anspach, John Melanchthon NSR
                 Artz, William NSR
                 Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
                 Essick, Abraham [File]
                 Fiftieth Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg 1913
                  (in Seminary Archives).
                 Krauth, Charles Philip SR
                 McLaughlin, Alexander, 1834‑1912. SR
Clapham, Thomas Holt
       see  Anspach, John Melanchthon NSR
Clare, R. Donald, 1910-    .
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Clare, Henry E., 1873-1918.
       see  S Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler), 1850-1915. SR
        Daughter of Steward of Seminary, 1863
        --A Gettysburg Girl's Story of the Great Battle written c.1900 by the daughter of the steward
            (Emmanuel Ziegler) who was 13 at the time of the battle and whose family lived on the
            Seminary's first floor.
          Typed, 4 leaves. Enclosure, 2 leaves.
Clare, Martin L., 1880-1947.
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Clare, Mary C.
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Clare, Milo R.
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Clare, Richard H., 1847-1908.
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Clare, Robert D., 1877-1970.
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Clarks, The (at Berlin Embassy 1940-1941)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Class Attendance SR
        ‑‑Record, March 9, 1836 and week following
Found among Schmucker papers. Question as to whether it is in his hand.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Record, November 19‑26 (1863)
            Found among Schmucker papers but not in his hand.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Clearfield County, Pennsylvania
       see Keewaydin
Cline, Andrew J. NSR
        Secretary of the Central Committee of the Bible Society for Bedford County, Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, September 27, 1828
To Jackson Kemper, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Bible Society of Philadelphia. Gives a report of activities and states the need of 200 additional English and 150 German Bibles.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Clippinger Witt, Rebecca
       see  Witt, Samuel David
Clutz, Jacob Abraham, 1848‑1925. NSR, BX
  Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania and professor at Western and Gettysburg Seminaries
  (President of Midland
        ‑‑Papers, 2 boxes. BX
       see  Jacobs, Henry Eyster NSR
            Söderblum, Nathan NSR
Cockburn, Dr. J. Hutchinson, ex-Moderator, Church of Scotland.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Comann, William H. NSR
       see  Evangelical Alliance
Commission for drawing up ULCA
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Committee on Latin America. Lutheran World Federation.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Compendium Theologiae, 1796 NSR
        ‑‑Theological Treatise
Using the question and answer method. Donated by Jane Gilbert, Harrisburg, 1960.
          Handwritten, 119 leaves.
Concentration camps in World War II.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Concerning Germania: Christians fighting and winning against the Hungarian infidels near Augusta NSR
        ‑‑Printed page with hand‑colored woodcuts.
          Latin, 1 leaf.
Conrad, Frederick William, 1816-1898.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Cooney, Maj. Geo. W.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Cossairt, Joseph A. NSR
        ‑‑The Cossart Family
A genealogy of the family Cossart (Cassat, Cossairt). Presented by the author in March, 1936.
          Mimeographed, 105 leaves.
Cove, Maryland NSR
       see  Accident, Maryland
Cox, Samuel H. NSR
       see  Evangelical Alliance
Coxe, Arthur Cleveland, 1818-1896.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Crefleidy, Professor (in Hungary)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Cressman, Mark Stetler, 1853‑1925. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Nebraska and Pennsylvania.
        ‑‑Letter, April 15, 1915
From Lewistown to Bro. Picking with the recommendation that the interests of all parties concerned and the welfare of the Seminary would be best served by a dismissal of complaints.
          Typescript, 2 leaves.
Criley, W. W. NSR
       see  Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Christ's Evangelical Lutheran Ch.  
Crissman, Stella Brown Nichols
        Wife of John Nichols, missionary to India, 1885-86, who died of typhoid fever in his first year in
        --Transcript of Letters to her family, 1885-1887
Croll, Philip Columbus, 1852‑1949. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Illinois
        ‑‑Letter, December 31, 1889
From Schuylkill Haven, Pa. to Miss Alice Keefer, extending comfort to "friend and sister" in the time of her convales­cence. Accompanied by a letter from Arthur Graeff, Penn­syl­vania German Folklore Society, explaining the donation of the letter.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        --Volume of Letters, 1881-1894
      A Collection of Autograph Letters from Eminent Men & Women Received in Reply to Correspondence; Generally on Literary Topics, and occasioned by the production of a few volumes by myself
          Handwritten (majority), 60+ pages.
           (Detailed typed list of People in box)
Our Golden-Wedding Souvenir and Ebenezer, March 11, 1880 to March 11, 1930 (Wife -- Sarah A. Greiss Croll)(signatures of husband and wife in back) (contains story of the family)
          Printed, 89 pages.
            "In Memoriam -- Rose Wentworth Croll" (daughter), born
            April 28, 1883 -- died March 14, 1901
         Printed, 31 pages.
Croll, Rose Wentworth
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Cronholm, Neander Nicolaus, 1845‑1922. NSR
        Lawyer, graduate of Pennsylvania College and Gettysburg Seminary 1873
        ‑‑Letter, May 24, 1905
From Chicago, Ill., to Rev. Milton Valentine, announcing the gift of a set of his two volume History of Sweden to Valentine, his former teacher, and conveying personal regards.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Cronk, Katherine (Scherer)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Crounse, Frederick
       see  Monk, Christian
Crounse, Frederick
       see  Monk, Christian
Cruff, James
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Culler, Martin Luther NSR
       see  Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Curriculum SR
        ‑‑Class schedules, 1828‑1864.
          Handwritten, 101 pieces.
Curtin, Gov. Andrew G., 1815-1894.
       Governor of Pennsylvania
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Cuyler, Theodore Ledyard, 1822-1909.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+

Danovia, Ernst Jacob BD
        --Commentary on Romans, Jenae, 1777, Winter semester, notes with name of student cut out.
Danville, Pennsylvania. Evangelical Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Letter, September 12, 1892
From M.L. Shindel, Danville, Pa., to Brother (Philip) Willard giving a historical sketch of the early church, organized in 1830 by Shindel's brother Jeremiah.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Daugherty, Silas Davis, 1857‑1939. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and missionary to South America
        ‑‑Diaries and accounts, 3 boxes.
Day, David A., 1851‑1897. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman and missionary to Liberia
        ‑‑Christmas card with note
Addressed to "My dear Friend," undated. Mailed after 8 days sail from Liverpool, presumably enroute to Africa.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, October 11, 1893
From Carlisle, Pa. to his niece Ellen Miller concerning future correspondence.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, October 23, 1893
From Cunard Royal Mail Steamship Etruria to his niece Ellen Miller, describing his voyage and his feelings about the work he is to do.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, February 15, 1894
From Muhlenberg Mission, Monrovia, Liberia, Africa to his niece Ellen Miller describing their stayover in Baltimore, the steamer trip, and the mission.
          Typescript, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, July 2, 1894
           From Muhlenberg Mission to niece Ellen Miller describing his
loneliness since his wife left for the States to regain her health. He describes the African rainy season.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, November 5, 1894
From Muhlenberg Mission to niece Ellen Miller elaborating on his wife's convalescence and his life alone in the Tropics.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, July 11, 1895
From Muhlenberg Mission to niece Ellen Miller sending a photograph of the Y.P.S.C.E. of the mission. Mr. Goll, president of the society, is the only white in the picture.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, October 9, 1895
From Muhlenberg Mission to niece Ellen Miller concerning his wife's death, his present condition and confusion about his future plans.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, June 18, 1896
From Muhlenberg Mission to niece Ellen Miller describing a current illness, the attitude of the African towards the passing of time and about the new house he is building.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, April 15, 1897
From Muhlenberg Mission to niece Ellen Miller describing Miss Whitfield, now the new Mrs. Day, the new home recently built, gardening and hopes of returning to the United States.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
Day, George NSR
        ‑‑Family records
           Pencilled by stepmother Hannah C. Day.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Decensus ad Inferos SR
       see  Billheimer, Thomas Charles
Deininger, Christian NSR
           Matthew 5:1‑12
          Handwritten, German script, 10 leaves.
Deissmann, Adolph, 1832‑1900. BX+
        Theologian, University of Berlin
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 1 box.
Delitzsch, Franz, 1813-1890.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Demme, Carl Rudolph, 1795‑1863. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letters: February 29, 1836    January 6, 1840
                   October 17, 1836     February 17, 1840
                   June 20, 1838        February 28, 1841
                   March 4, 1839        July 7, 1841
From Philadelphia to Charles Philip Krauth, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves each except Feb. 28, 1841, 1 leaf.
       see also Feysel, Friedrich
                 Scudder, Edward N.
Deutschen Gesellschaft BD
        ‑‑Volume 1 Account of the Origin, 1776‑1781
        ‑‑Volume 2 September 6, 1809
        ‑‑Volume 3 September 5, 1810
        ‑‑Volume 4 April, 1811, part 1
                    March, 1812, part 2
        ‑‑Volume 5 September 2, 1812
        ‑‑Volume 6 September 1, 1813
        ‑‑Volume 7 September 7, 1814
        ‑‑Volume 8 September 6, 1815
                    October 4, 1815 ‑ Report
        ‑‑Volume 9 March 6, 1816
        ‑‑Volume 10 September 4, 1816
        ‑‑Volume 11 March 5, 1817
Devotional Treatise, Italian BD
        ‑‑Commandments (7), Vices, Pious prayers.
          85 ff. 10 x 7 cm.
Dibelius, Otto, Bishop, 1880-1967.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Diehl, Samuel Albert NSR
       see  Bloserville, Pennsylvania. Upper Frankford Church
Die Letzte Reise ...
       see  Letzte Reise ..., Die NSR
Diffenbach, Daniel NSR
        ‑‑Confirmation certificate, December 17, 1820
           Signed by J.G. Heim.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
Dise, Benjamin Seitz NSR
       see  Keewaydin, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania
Doctrine of the Nature of Christ's Presence in the Eucharist, as held by the Early Church SR
       see  Billheimer, Thomas Charles
Domer, Samuel, 1826-1901.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Dongan, Governor of New York
       see  New York, New York
Dorsey, Edwin NSR
       see  Raby, Peter
Dosh, Thomas William Luther, 1830‑1889. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland, president of Roanoke
        ‑‑Biography, July 1891
           Written by the Reverend Peter Bergstresser, colleague and friend.
          Handwritten, 32 leaves.
Douglass, Frederick, 1817-1895
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Drumm, Walter J.,     ‑1969. BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Scrapbook on Pennsylvania Lutheranism.
Duey, Jacob C.
       see  Düy, Jacob C.
Dulheuer, Henry NSR
        ‑‑Letters, July 5, 1815
                   July 1, 1816
                   July 24, 1816
Directed to the German Society at Savannah, Ga. In the form of an open letter or newspaper seemingly erratic, signed Old Traveller.
          Handwritten, mostly English interspersed with German script, 8 leaves.
Dunbar, William Henry, 1852‑1920. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Maryland
        ‑‑Correspondence and papers, partially sorted, 2 boxes.
Dunkelberger, Amy Straus Aberly
        Daughter of John Aberly, wife of Roy M., and missionary to India
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Dunkelberger, Roy M., 1884-1956.
        Missionary to India
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Duryea, Joseph T.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Düy, Jacob C. (1808–1882)  NSR
       see  New Germantown, New Jersey. Zion Lutheran Church.
Dysinger, Holmes, 1853-1944
       see  Ramage, Carroll Johnson

Early, John William, 1835‑1918. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, October 3, 1888
From Millersville, Pa. to C.A. Hay sending him a copy of Gothilf Henry Ernst Muhlenberg's Abriss eines Unterrichts ... (An explanation of Luther's Catechism) along with Early's translation of the Key.
          Handwritten, English and German, 14 leaves.
Eaton, Gen. John
       U.S. Commission on Education
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Ebert, O. F. NSR
       see  Washington, Illinois. St. John's Church
Eckhardt, H. H. NSR
        ‑‑Letter, July 19, 1920
From Maywood, Ill. to the Pastors of the United Lutheran Church protesting the dismissal of 4 professors of the Chicago Seminary at Maywood (Gerberding, Reed, Roth, and Stump). He urges support in his attempt to have the decision reversed.
          Mimeographed, 1 leaf.
Eckstein, Georg Andreas NSR
        ‑‑Acceptance, May 17, 1826
As a candidate for the office of the ministry. Signed by Johann Christian Federly, Indolstedt.
          Handwritten with seal, German script, 1 leaf.
           Translation accompanies item.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Eichelberger, Joseph NSR
        Brother of Lewis Eichelberger
        ‑‑Letter, ?? 24th, 1827
From Gettysburg to Elizabeth Hoake, near Mercersburg, Pa., recounting news of his brother, Lewis, and expressing his affection for her and hopes for their future relationship.
          Handwritten, 4 p.
Eichelberger, Lewis, 1803‑1859. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Virginia, professor, editor, historian
        ‑‑Letter, March 7, 1827
From Gettysburg Seminary to his cousin, Elizabeth Hoke, Mercersburg Springs, Pa., asking her when she plans to be married and teasing her about his own plans.
          Handwritten, 4 p.
        ‑‑Sermon, October 22, 1832
John 5:28‑29. Sermon on the Resurrection prepared for publication at the request of the "Lutheran Preacher."
          Handwritten, 10 leaves.
Eidem, Erling
        Scandanavian Bishop
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Einfaeltiges Glaubens Bekaenntniss NSR
        ‑‑in vers. Nach der Melodie, Was Gott thut das ist wohl gethan, Nebst Einem Geistreichen Liede.
            wie auch Ein Herrlich Gebet, um Wahre Froemmigkeit. 1808.
          Hand‑lettered, 8 leaves.
            "Prest. by Capt. Jno Sloop" written on t.p.; also "#86".
       see also Sloop, John, for other titles.
Eisenhower, Dwight David, 1890‑1969. SR
        34th President of the United States.
        ‑‑Letter, November 18, 1955
From Washington, D.C. to Dr. Harry F. Baughman at Gettysburg Seminary thanking the students and faculty for the presentation of a Bible and Chapel Book as symbols of welcome from the Seminary community.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
Eisenhower, Mamie Doud SR
        Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower, first lady of the 34th President of the United States
        ‑‑Letter, October 1, 1955
From Washington, D.C. to Dr. Harry F. Baughman, Gettysburg Seminary, thanking him for the concern of the Seminary community regarding the president's illness.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
Embassy, Berlin (1940-1941)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Enderlein, Johann Michael, 1726‑1800. BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        --Ein Auszug Der Kurtzgefasste Kirchen Ordnung und Agende, May, 1766. A short abstract of church
            rules and liturgy in German and English. (Original + Photocopy)
       see also Killinger, PA. Wirth’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
Endowments SR
        ‑‑Appeal, 1836
Sent to New York prior to the arrival of S.S. Schmucker to appeal for funds for the Seminary. Signed by eminent Presbyterian theologians.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Report, January 1865
Of the committee for the endowment of two additional professorships, chaired by F.W. Conrad.
          Handwritten, 7 leaves.
        ‑‑Report, 1867 and 1868
           On the Howard Endowment.
          Handwritten, 6 leaves.
        ‑‑Report, June 28, 1869
Of the efforts to secure endowments by J.A. Brown. Pencilled reply on back from committee to whom the report was submitted.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Endress, Christian, 1775‑1827. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Biographical sketch of his life to 1815
           Translated from an entry in the family bible of Mrs. Endress.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, February 19, 1827
From Lancaster to the Reverend (J.G.) Schmucker of York telling him about a letter he wrote to George Fisher. He wishes a remonstrance drawn up. Dr. Muhlenberg will sign as president of Synod and he hopes Schmucker will sign another copy representing the western side of the Susquehanna.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, July 3, 1827
From Lancaster, Pa. to Dr. Schmucker, York, Pa. telling of an unintentional irregularity in a committee handling the Roedelheim (legacy?), urging secrecy about it, and  
requesting that the letter be burned so that no one will know of it.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
       see also Morris, Carl. Preaching license
Enterline, John Michael
       see  Enderlein Johann Michael
Eppler, Augusta Sophia
       see  Westernport, Maryland
Ermentrout, Daniel
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Esther (Biblical scroll) BD
        ‑‑Two scrolls, one parchment and one vellum.
Etters, The (Berlin Embassy -- 1940-1941)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Europe (1930s & 1940s)(Pre- & Post-World War II)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Evangelical Alliance NSR
        ‑‑Abstract, 1846
Of the Proceedings and Final Resolutions of the conference  held in the Mechanics' Institution, Manchester, November 4, 1846 and following days (British Organization). Appendix with Interim Committee, attached is paper on "Evangelical Christendom, Its State and Prospects" and "Address to Christians."
          Printed, 13 leaves total (last 3 attached).
        ‑‑Announcement, February 1, 1840
From Woodstock concerning a book by D.H. Ranney on The Evangelical Church or True Grounds for the Union of the Saints. The reverse side has pencilled notations for resolutions in the hand of J. Marsh.
          Printed and handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Arrangements for preaching, August 23, 1846
           Made by ministers attending the meeting of the Evangelical Alliance.
          Printed, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Evangelical Christendom: Organ of the World's Evangelical Alliance
            Apr‑Jun 1946 (centenary)
            July‑Sept 1949.
        ‑‑Historical sketch, 1846
           By Dr. King. Proof copy ‑ for members of committee only.
          Printed, 10 leaves.
        ‑‑Historical sketch, 1846
           By Dr. King. Final copy.
          Printed, 11 leaves.
Bound with Proposed Evangelical Alliance printed exclusively for the use of the select sub‑committee; a Brief Summary of Facts; and Reports of Daily Sessions for the conference.
        ‑‑Letter, June 29, 1839
From William H. Comann (Methodist? itinerant preacher), Comann's Well, Va. to the Reverend Samuel H. Cox, Brooklyn, N.Y. Having read of the establishment of the association for the "Promotion of Christian Union" Comann is in favor and wishes to join. Cox is corresponding secretary of the society.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, August 18, 1846
From Samuel Simon Schmucker in London to British Authors requesting donations of books for the Lutheran Theological Seminary Library in Gettysburg. Circular type printed letter with personal note penned at bottom by S.S.S.
          Printed and handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, October, 17, 1846
From Edward Steane, London to S.S.S. inviting him to write an article for a new periodical of the English Evangelical Alliance (intended for January publication) and to be a correspondent.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, December 21, 1846
           From Edward Steane, London, to every pastor who visited the
Evangelical Alliance, British organization urging other branches to organize.
          Printed, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, January 1, 1847
From Pharcellus Church in Rochester stating that he cannot attend the February Alliance meeting and expressing fears that the London decision regarding slavery is wrong.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Minutes, May 6, 1839
At a meeting in New York City called to consider unity of different denominations of Christians in a fraternal alliance. The Reverend S.S. Schmucker outlined a plan of Union for Orthodox Evangelical Christians. Adjourned to resume on May 9 at the Tract House. (Rough sketch of minutes from the 2nd meeting on reverse side of page.)
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Minutes, May 9 (1839)
          Organization of the American Association for the promotion of
Christian Union on Apostolic Principles, according to the general plan proposed by the Fraternal Appeal to the American Churches. A constitution was adopted and officers appointed.
          Handwritten, 4 leaves.
        ‑‑Minutes, May 10, 1839
Of the Executive Committee of the Society for the Promotion of Christian Union, signed by J. Marsh.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Minutes, May 13, 1840
Of the Society for the Promotion of Christian Union, signed by J. Marsh.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Minutes, August 10, 1846
Of a meeting of friends of the Evangelical Alliance from the U.S. held in London.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Newspaper article, 1867
           Discussing Christian union and who was first with the idea.
          Newsprint, 1 clipping.
Overture for Christian Union, proof copy with S.S. Schmucker notations and final copy.
          Printed, 4 leaves.
Proposed Evangelical Alliance, printed exclusively for the use of the select sub‑committee. Proof copy. Followed by final copy. Bound with King's Historical Sketch.
          Printed, 5 leaves. Handwritten notes on back.
Scheme of Union Between the United Secession and Relief Churches.
          Printed, 2 leaves.
          Bound with King's Historical Sketch.
        ‑‑Pamphlet, 1846
List of the Provisional Committee including corresponding members.
          Printed, 16 leaves.
        ‑‑Pamphlet, March 31, 1846
List of the Provisional Committee, Exclusive of Corresponding Members.
          Printed, 2 leaves. S.S.S. notes in margin.
          Bound with King's Historical Sketch.
        ‑‑Pamphlet, April 14, 1846
Brief Summary of Facts in Relation to the Proposed Evangelical Alliance.
          Printed, 4 leaves. 2 copies.
          Bound with King's Historical Sketch.
By John Abernathy Smith entitled Simon Samuel Schmucker and the Evangelical Alliance.
          Typescript, 52 leaves.
        ‑‑Proceedings, 1846
Reports of daily sessions for the conference. August 19 through September 2.
          Printed, 37 leaves.
          Bound with King's Historical Sketch.
        ‑‑Proposed constitution, May 5, 1847
Prepared by the American delegates of the Evangelical Alliance and to be reported to an adjourned conference of said delegates.
          Printed, 6 leaves.
       see also Banks, Daniel C.
Evangelical Christendom
       see  Evangelical Alliance
Evangelical Education and Missionary Society of Wythe and Adjacent Counties NSR
        ‑‑Minutes, March 31, 1834
           Organizational meeting held in St. Paul's Church.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Minutes, 2nd Friday in October, 1835
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Minutes, October 31, 1836
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Treasurer's Reports, October 14, 1836
                               October 31, 1839
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Maryland BX+
        ‑‑Papers in the case of Uriel Graves (Lutheran clergyman in Maryland, dismissed from the ministry
           by the Maryland synod in 1877), 1872‑1877, pertaining to the misuse of funds obtained under
           false pretenses.
Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Eastern Penna. (76th Convention)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Eyster, Nellie Blessing BD
        ‑‑Manuscript Historical Souvenir of Pioneer English Lutheranism in California, 1853-1893. For World's Fair Religious Congress.

Falckner, Justus, 1672‑1723. NSR
        First Lutheran minister ordained in the colonies
        ‑‑Letter, August 1, 1701
From Germantown to Reverend Heinrich Muhlen, Holstein, Germany, concerning the religious condition of Pennsylvania in the year 1701. A copy of this was made of the missive at the University of Rostock through the courtesy of Dr. Hashagen for the Lutheran Historical Society.
          Handwritten, copy, German, 11 leaves.
       --Letter, Oct. 17, 1704
       see  New York, New York
        --Ordination Certicate
       see  New York, New York
Federal Council of Churches, 1920.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Feysel, Friedrich NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, May 13, 1845
From Erie, Pa. to Dr. Demme and Professor Reichert, Reading, corrected to Philadelphia on envelope.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Fichthorn, Rev. Andrew S.
       see  India. Missions
Fichtner, Joseph NSR
       see  Juniata Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania. St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Finckel, Samuel DeVin, 1811‑1873. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.
From Taneytown, Md. to Ezra Keller at Mechanicksburg, Pa. Written in behalf of the Education and Missionary Society of West Pennsylvania about F. Gelwicks who wishes to enter the Seminary but has no money. Presumably written when Finckel was pastor at Taneytown in 1833‑37. Records show an S. Gel­wicks entered Seminary in 1829. No details given.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Finkbinder, John William NSR
       see  Middletown, Pennsylvania. St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Fischer, Michael Hadwin, 1875‑1938. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Gettysburg Seminary; founder of Camp Nawakwa
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 1 box.
Fisher, Geoffrey Francis, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1887-1972.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Fleck, Henry Ramey, 1834‑1908. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Address, June 13, 1878
Given before the Pennsylvania State Sunday School Association in Stone Church, Williamsport, Pa. and titled "How Can We Improve Ourselves and Our Work."
          Handwritten, 20 leaves.
Flint, James
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Flohr, G. D.
       see  Tabler, John Thomas
Flom, George Tobias, 1871‑1960. NSR
        ‑‑Letter, April 23, 1910
From Urbana, Ill. to Jeremiah Zimmerman, Syracuse, N.Y., thanking him for his interest in Flom's book A History of Norwegian Immigration and promising to send a copy in exchange for cost. He notes (in answer to Zimmerman's question) that Norwegians do not "degenerate" any faster in the U.S. than do other immigrants.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Focht, D. H. [David Henlein]
       see  West Pennsylvania Synod
Focht, John Brown, 1851‑1924. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Connecticut and president of Susquehanna University
        ‑‑Letter, May 24, 1906
From Plainfield, Conn. to H.C. Picking of Gettysburg accepting the assignment of the Holman Lecture.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
Focht, Joseph R., 1819‑1899. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in both East and West
From his daughter, Mrs. A. McNabb, Oil City, Pa. congratulating him on his second marriage and wishing him well.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, December 23, 1889
To his daughter Jennie saying that he must delay his trip since he was asked to come to the Seminary that morning for someone to assist him in getting facts for his history.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, October 20, 1891
From Kate Moser, Altoona, Pa. in reply to a request to prepare a brief history of the Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary Society of the Allegheny Synod.
          Handwritten, 3 leaves.
       see also  James Creek, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. German
                   Evangelical Lutheran Church
                 Keewaydin, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Karthaus Charge
                 Juniata Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania. St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
                 Williamsburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church at Clover Creek
Fortenbaugh, Robert Burns, 1892‑1959. BD
        Lutheran clergyman in New York and professor of history at Gettysburg College
        ‑‑Manuscript of The Lutheran Church in America and Slavery and notes for study.
Fortieth (40th) Anniversary Booklet 1879-1919; Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary Society
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Fox, Alice Bruner (Ogline) NSR
        --Booklets, 1958
            Concerning issuance of new Service Book and Hymnal by LCA
Fox, Junius Bost, 1860-1900
       see  Ramage, Carroll Johnson
Foxes, The (Berlin Embassy -- 1940-1941)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Freas, G. W. NSR
        ‑‑Letter, August 27, 1934
To "My dear Pastor" concerning church business and research facilities in Washington, D.C.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
Frederick, G. W., 1837-1904.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Frey, George,     ‑1806. BX+
        Pennsylvania merchant who willed his estate to Emaus Orphan Home, Middletown
        ‑‑Correspondence, including letters to SSS, 1 box.
Frick, R. A.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Fricke, Otto
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Friedrick, Julius
       see  Sadler Wesley
Fritsch, Robert R. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, October 20, 1922
From Allentown, Pa., to Charles Reuben Trowbridge declining to send data for Synod Archives since he has a General Council church.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Fritschel, Conrad Sigmund, 1833‑1900. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Iowa and Michigan and professor at Wartburg Seminary
        ‑‑Das Lebens Jesu: Vortrage von Prof. Sigmund Fritschel, D.D., Seminar Wartburg,
            1887‑1888. ‑‑ Mendota, Ill. : Cyclostyle Print, 1888.
            O. Nitardy, Scribax.
            19, 167, 32, 33‑40 p.
          Accompanied by a letter (n.d.), explaining its origin and gift to the Lutheran Historical
        --Paper, 1889
           Symbolik, a comparison of confessions.
          Handwritten, German script, 39 leaves.
Fritschel, Gottfried, 1827‑1889. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Iowa and professor at Wartburg Seminary
            With an account of some of his achievements.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Frostburg, Maryland. St. Paul's English Evangelical Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch
          Handwritten, 9 leaves.
Fry, Mr. _____   NSR
        ‑‑Testimonial, August 12, 1863
Recommendation for Mr. Fry, council member of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baltimore.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Fry, Franklin Clark, LWF, 1900-1968.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX

Ganss, Father H. G.
       see Vatican Library
Garver, Daniel, 1830‑1865. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Biographical sketch
          Handwritten, 13 leaves, 1st two leaves are missing.
Geissenhainer, Frederick William NSR
       see  Guenther, Francis H.
General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the U.S.  BD
       see also Jacobs, Michael. Notes . . .  Thirteenth Convention NSR
       see also Valentine, Milton. Letter Nov. 18, 1901 SR
General Synod of the ELC in the US. Board of Home Missions BX
        ‑‑Portland Agreement of 1889 between the General Synod and the General Council, 1 box.
       see also Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
General Synod of the ELC in the US. Committee on Elections NSR
       see  Jacobs, Michael. Notes on the Thirteenth Convention NSR
Genevieve, of Brabant NSR
        ‑‑[Unschuldige Genovefa]
           Eine schone, anmuthige und lesenswurdige Historia von der
           Unschuldigbedrangten heiligen Pfalzgrafia Genovefa ...
           Handlettered, German, 53 leaves.
           Names John and Jacob Sloop on book. #83 on flyleaf.
       see also Sloop, John, for other items in this set.
German Professorship SR
1) Letter, December 2, 1835, from Robert Cathcart of York giving his approval to raising funds
    for the endowment of a professorship.
2) Financial report, 1851‑54, for the endowment of the German professor, by B. Keller.
3) Report, ca. 1855, of committee regarding the professorship and stipulations thereof.
4) Request, ca. 1856, from Synod of Pennsylvania that C. F. Schaeffer give German instruction.
5) Letter, March 15, 1859, unsigned, to Uncle M. (possibly J.G. Morris from C.A. Hay)
    discussing the sharing of a German professor between college and Seminary and
    covering the background of the problem.
6) Letter, September 1859, from S.S. Schmucker and C.P. Krauth to the Board reporting on the
    arrangement of the course of study concerning the German‑English problem, listing primary
    difficulties encountered, and suggesting ways to improve the situation.
7) Letter, August 1, 1866, from Ministerium of Pennsylvania terminating relationship of the
    Professor of German Language and Literature in Pennsylvania College to the Seminary.
8) Opinions regarding the joint professorship between the college and Seminary, by the
    Honorable Charles E. Lex and the Honorable H.D. Maxwell.
            9) Report, March 1892, concerning the differing attitudes toward the study of German in the
                years 1877, 1885, 1886, 1888.
           10) Report (n.d.) of Morris and the committee appointed to study the German
                professorship. Includes opinions on sharing with the college.

                      11) Report of J. G. Morris and Benjamin Keller stating that the synod voted to send to Europe
                for a professor (n.d.)
          Handwritten, 15 pieces.
German Society of Philadelphia NSR
        ‑‑Certificate of membership, December 27, 1790
           For Georg Grotz, signed by Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg.
          Handwritten, German script, 1 leaf.
Gerock, P., Pastor
       see  Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior
Gettysburg, Battle of, 1863
       see  Civil War
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania College NSR, BD
        ‑‑Brochure, ca. 1875‑1879 NSR
A few facts in regard to Pennsylvania College, listing course of instruction, requirements for admission, expenses, faculty, etc.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Early History, 1863 NSR
Tracing the early beginnings from the Gymnasium which grew out of the Classical Department of the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Grade Report, 1830's NSR
Blank report with names of professors Schmucker, Hazelius, Baugher, Jacobs, Marsden, and Freiderici. Wentz says Hazelius there only in 1832‑33.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Mock program, September 14, 1859 NSR
Titled Exhibition of the Junior Numbskulls and Rejected Seniors. Includes 18 (approximately half) of the class of 1860. Letter of presentation from H. Branson Richards accompanies the item.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Newspaper clipping, (ca. 1869) NSR
Regarding the nomination of the Reverend Henry E. Jacobs for the Franklin Professorship of Latin & History and the Reverend Adam Martin for the German Professorship. President Muhlenberg of Muhlenberg College suggested a transfer of funds from the German Professorship at Gettysburg to that of Muhlenberg College. The implications of this are discussed.
          Printed, 1 clipping.
        ‑‑Program, April 15, 1851 NSR
            The Order of Exercises at the first Junior Exhibition. Ten
                        presentations by students interspersed with music by the Gettysburg Lodge Band.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Scrapbook BD
Of Jeremiah Milton Snyder, Class of 1875. Collection of programs from Commencement, Junior Exhibition, Class‑Day, Phrenakosmian Society, Philomathean Society, Cornerstone Laying, and other miscellany including Memorials, wedding invitation and handwritten notes.
          25 items, bound together, dating from 1872‑1888.
       See also Groseclose, Levi C.; Metzler, Elder John; Stoever,
                Martin Luther
Gettysburg Academy (first home of seminary) SR
       --History, 1813-1987
            Compiled by Ethel W. Reuning (1955) and updated by Jane Reuning English (1987).
         Copy of Typescript, 11 leaves.
Gettysburg‑Adams County Torch Club NSR
        ‑‑History, 1952‑57
Compiled by Frank N. Hewetson, W. E. Tilberg, and memorabilia collected by H. H. Schmidt.
          Typescript, 8 leaves.
Gettysburg Battle-field Memorial Assn.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Gettysburg Fair SR
                      Lyrics which were sung but no music accompanies. Bound with Order of Exercises at the
           Anniversary of the Lutheran Seminary, Sept. 19, 1854
. Presented by Cletus W. Unger in
           1932. Letter of presentation accompanies.
         Printed, 4 leaves.
Geyer, Alan
       see Hoffman, Bengt R. BX
Geyer, John G. and Hendover, Hermann NSR
        ‑‑Letter, June 23, 1801
From Albany, N.Y., to the congregation at (Guilderland) saying that the Reverend Mr. Henry accepted the position as minister and requesting that they volunteer a yearly sum for salary. Donated by G. E. Swope, Newville, Pa.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Gilbert, David McConaughy, 1836-1905.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Gilman, John E.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Gladfelter, Millard E.
       see  Board of Higher Education
Gladfelter, Paul, 1882‑1959. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in West Virginia and Maryland
        ‑‑Papers, 1 box.
Gladhill, John Toms, 1846‑1903. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Illinois and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Notes, journal, sermon register, 1 box.
Glanding, William Marquard Beetem, 1856‑1917. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in New York and Pennsylvania and professor at Midland College
        ‑‑Licensure, (1880)
            For preaching by the Alleghany Synod.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Ordination certificate, September 4, 1881
            Of the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
Glasow, Paul NSR
       see  James Creek, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. German Evangelical Lutheran Church
Goering, Jacob, 1755‑1807. NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Book NSR
           Or chapters thereof.
          Handwritten, German script, 30 leaves.
        ‑‑De Constitutione Metaphysicae. BD
Contains various axioms of metaphysics and principles of logic. Latin.
        ‑‑Einleitung zur Ubersetzung des Alten Testaments. Volume 1, 1788. BD
Also contains Arabic alphabet and principles of logic. Hebrew, Greek, German, Latin and English.
        ‑‑Grund-Linien der Christlichen Religions-Lehren, 1790. BD 
        ‑‑Kirchen Ordnung und Agende, 1744. BD German.
        ‑‑Notebook: theology, history, astronomy, poetry. BD
        ‑‑Miscellanien Buch, 1786. BD
           Contains notes of the Bible, Baptismal records, 1788‑92, and
           Marriages, 1791‑92.
        ‑‑Refutation of the Doctrinal System of the Universalists. BD German.
Goettman, John George, 1840‑1905. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Grade reports, April 14, 1856 and September, 1856
            From Pennsylvania College.
          Printed, 2 leaves.
Gold, Howard Reuben, 1878‑1959. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New York; one of organizers of student pastor
          movement, 1907, and holder of various offices in the U.L.C.A.
        ‑‑Responses collected to a survey of American Universities and Colleges, 1915, soliciting
            information on Lutheran students enrolled and persons ministering to their spiritual needs.
       see also Board of Higher Education
Good, Morris F.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Gordon, Rev. E. C.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Gotwald, Frederick Gebhart, 1869‑1926. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Ohio and Pennsylvania and Executive Secretary of the Board of Education of
          the General Synod of the United Lutheran Church of America
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 1 box.
       see also Gotwald, Luther Alexander, Jr. BX
Gotwald, Frederick Gebhart, II, 1922-    .
       see  Gotwald, Alexander Luther, Jr. BX
Gotwald, George D., 1862-1890.
       see  Gotwald, Luther Alexander, Jr. BX
Gotwald, Luther Alexander, 1833‑1900. BX+ NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Ohio and Pennsylvania and professor at Wittenberg Seminary
        ‑‑Papers, 4 boxes.
        --Copy of the Minutes of the First English Lutheran Church of
            Dayton, Ohio Dec. 31, 1864 to March 1, 1869.
Gotwald, Luther Alexander, 1898‑1966. BX+
        Lutheran missionary to India, Executive Secretary, Division of Foreign Missions, NCCCUSA,
        ‑‑Family papers and photographs, and Letters from colleagues upon retirement, 1963, 1 box.
       see also Board of Higher Education, Exec. Sec. NSR
Gotwald, Luther Alexander, Jr., 1927‑    . BD, NSR, BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, graduate of Gettysburg Seminary, 1950
        --"Skirmishes in the Perennial Battle for Gettysburg: a Response to the Benchmarks Paper--Labor
            Day Edition 1980." October, 1994. BD Various pagings.
          Includes "Theological Education for a Church in Mission: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
            Study of Theolog­ical Education: Report to the 1995 ELCA Churchwide Assembly (September 1994
            Draft)"; Also includes "Seminary Merger Papers: 1967-1969" collected by Luther A. Gotwald, Jr.
        ‑‑Workshop Presentation [1992] NSR
           "Church History Writers' Workshop on Writing Congregational History."
          Printed, 13 p.
        --Gotwald Reminiscences BX
Includes Reminiscences by Rev. Frederick Gebhart Gotwald II, Luther A. Gotwald, Jr., Will F. Gotwald. Also includes an oral history of the King-Gotwald Homestead, A Tribute of Love to Rev. George D. Gottwald, and dates regarding Frederick Gebhart Gotwald.
        --Resume Speed: An Autobiography (2005)
        --Hymns I,II,III
    Two typewritten and hand-bound books.  
    Three books of Hymns by Luther Gotwald
Gotwald, Washington Van Buren, 1836‑1869. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Catechetical notes, n.d.
           Probably for teaching in his church.
          Handwritten, 21 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, April 11, 1864
From Henry Picking, Gettysburg to the Rev. H. Bishop charging that he is convinced that W. V. B. Gotwald is the father of the infant daughter born to Miss Elizabeth J. Walter. He claims that the Gotwald brothers made plans for her confinement in Cincinnati and then backed out. The Walter family will not allow her to prosecute.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, incomplete, (April 18, 1864)
Addressed to Brother B. concerning the current state of affairs in a scandal in which he claimed innocence. Having been advised against initiating a slander suit he asks Br. B. to help organize a synodical investigation of the matter.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves, first leaf missing.
        ‑‑Letter, April 23, 1864
From Walter, J. M., Brinkerhoff, J. and M. A. Swope, Gettysburg to the Reverend J. G. Butler, president of Maryland Synod, asking for an investigation of paternity charges by Miss Elizabeth Walter against Washington V. Gotwald.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, April 30, 1864
To "Dear Dr." and signed "B" (could be J. G. Butler, president of Maryland Synod ‑ hand similar) suggesting an extra Synod session be called in Stork's church to discuss paternity case.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Pastoral letter, July 31, 1868
From Mountain Home addressed to "My dear young friends" from "Your pastor in Christ Jesus." He regrets that he is not there to preach to them and hopes his letter may do so. He uses stories as examples of how they may bring Christ to others through their lives.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Pastoral letter, August 5, 1868
From Aaronsburg, Centre County, Pa. addressed to "My dear children and friends" from their pastor. He compares clinging to Jesus through the trials of life like a child clinging to its father when it first experiences the waves of the ocean.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            Appears to be a Thanksgiving sermon.
          Handwritten, 10 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
Entitled "A Sunday School Address." He relates how children often accomplished great things for the Lord.
          Handwritten, 6 leaves.
       ‑‑Sermon notes, n.d.
                      Scriptures with interpretations for either preaching or teaching.
         Handwritten, 36 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            On drinking and drunkenness.
          Handwritten, 5 leaves.
Gotwald, Will F. 1929-    .
       see  Gotwald, Luther Alexander, Jr. BX
Grade Reports
       see  Schwartz, John William.
Graeff, John E., 1820-1898.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Graham, Ernest Orion, 1871‑1954. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Virginia
        ‑‑Letter, February 19, 1925
From Stephen's City, Va. to the Reverend Henry Manken, Washington, D.C. presenting a handwritten copy of a letter of H. E. Jacobs protest (Aug. 2, 1868) to his church (St. Mark's, Springdale, Pa.) explaining why he refused to give an open invitation to all Christians to join in the Lord's Supper.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf, enclosure 2 leaves.
Grant, Ulysses S.
        --Letters related to gathering eulogies of
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Graves, Maurice A. NSR
        ‑‑Letter, Jan. 14
            From his grandmother at Westmoreland.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Graves, Uriel BX+
       see  Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Maryland
Greaver, William Franklin, 1826‑1857. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Virginia
        ‑‑Licensure, September 20, 1851
            For preaching in the Western Virginia Synod.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Ordination certificate, October 9, 1853
            Of the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Virginia.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
       see also  Lutheran Home Missionary Society NSR
                 Wild, John NSR
Green, Woodhull Henry, 1804‑1876. NSR
        Trenton Jurist
        ‑‑Letter, March 11, 1869
Written on a blank copy of Princeton Theological Seminary's diploma to J. A. Brown, Gettysburg. Green may have been a trustee of the seminary.
          Handwritten, 1 piece.
Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Evangelical Lutheran Church. NSR
        ‑‑History, March 14, 1875
A memorial discourse delivered by the Rev. F. Klinefelter at the last service in the Old Church.
          Handwritten, 15 leaves.
Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Thiel College NSR
            Origin and present status. Presented by Dr. Wolf.
          Handwritten, 3 leaves.
Greenwald, E[manuel], 1811-1885.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Gregory, Caspar Rene, 1846‑1917. SR
        Pastor in Leipzig and professor at the University
The Ministry of the Word, marked as 6600 words, was the title of this Holman Lecture.
          Handwritten, 5 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, April 13, 1912
            Written from the ship Amerika of the Hamburg‑America Line.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Postcard and letter, February 27, 1912
From Columbia, S.C., to Dr. John Singmaster concerning train schedules for his visit to Gettysburg as the Holman lecturer for that year.
          Handwritten, 2 pieces.
Greiss, Sarah A. (Croll)
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Grette, the Reverend SR
        ‑‑Letter, June 23, 1833
From Bremen to J. G. Schmucker, president of the Board of Directors. States that he has visited in Baltimore with Kurtz, Dreyer, Uhlhorn, and Voight and that he is looking for a job teaching in a Seminary. He signs his letter Greet, U. C. Fr. and says he will bring his library with him.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Grimm, Karl Joseph, 1871‑1954. SR, BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Illinois and professor at Ursinus and Gettysburg Colleges
        ‑‑Catalogue, 1893 SR
            Of the Liturgical Department of the Theological Seminary at
            Gettysburg, presumably copied while a student.
          Handwritten, German and English, 46 leaves.
        ‑‑Lecture notes from Johns Hopkins, 2 boxes. BX
       see also  Troxell, Millard Francis SR
Gritsch, Eric. see also  Sassaman, Robert S.
Groseclose, Levi C. 1820–1905. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in North Carolina, Illinois, and Kansas
        --Letter, September 22, 1843 from Gettysburg to his father, John
            Groseclose of Pleasant Hill, Smythe county, Virginia, about
            student life at Pennsylvania College and friends.
Gross, (Luther W., 1876‑1953) NSR
        ‑‑Sermon, incomplete
On Matthew 1:21. Text marked "Gross" in blue pencil by former curator.
          No signature on item.
          Handwritten, 3 leaves.
Grossman, C. G. L., 1783‑1857. NSR
        ‑‑Letter, June 28, 1827
            From Altenburg to "Gnadige Frau."
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Grotz, Georg NSR
       see  German Society of Philadelphia
Gruber, Heinrich, OKR.
          Worked on behalf of Jews in World War II
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Guenther, Francis H.,     ‑1863. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in New York
        ‑‑Letter, October 26, 1837
From Buffalo, N.Y., to Frederick William Geissenhainer, New York clergyman, concerning excommunication of the Catholic priest Lutgen [Lutzen?].
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Guntur, India 
        ‑‑Papers NSR
A specimen of chain writing in Telegu ‑ being a portion of a trial before the collector at Guntur.
          Handwritten, Telegu, 4 leaves.
        --Photos (Oversized) (++) (See Blueprint Cabinet in Historical)
Gustavus Adolphus, 1594‑1632. NSR
        King of Sweden
        ‑‑Biographical sketch, January 23, 1893
            By H. C. Salem, New Millport, Pa.
          Handwritten, 9 leaves.

Hackensack and Ramapo, New Jersey. Lutheran Congregations NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, February 25, 1875
           By Jacob C. Düy.
          Handwritten, 6 leaves.
Hale, J. Russell, 1918-1994. BX   [Finding-Aid.gif 1, 2 (student papers), 
                                   3 (student names), 4 (students' churches & towns]
        Lutheran clergyman and author, graduate of Muhlenberg College (1940), graduate of Gettysburg
          Seminary (l944), and Columbia University Union Theological Seminary. Professor at Gettys­burg
          Seminary (1962-1984), acting president (1989-1990)
Sermons, Lecture Notes, 1951 Bertha Paulssen lecture, 1971 Installation, address, typed copy of The Unchurched in America and clippings, Population Turnaround Conference (2 boxes)
Unchurched Study; “Who Are the Unchurched?”; various publications; doctoral dissertation; information on Bertha Paulssen; Readiness for Ministry project; Bridgeport Study; Church and Community class; Congregation and Community Class; original manuscript for “The Unchurched: Who They Are and Why They Stay Away"; personal journal of writing projects; 2 videos (4 boxes)
  --Student papers (1962-1979) (5 boxes)
 see also Paulssen, Bertha
Hall, Newman, 1816-1902.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Halle Papers NSR
        ‑‑Letters, 1823‑1832
            Some originals, some copies.
          Handwritten, German script and English, 23 pieces.
Of German Lutheran pastors apparently connected with the Halle missions.
          Handwritten, 2 pieces.
Hamsher, Mervin Roy, 1882‑1976. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 1 box.
Handschuh, John Frederick, 1714‑1764. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Autobiography, May, 1758
            Presented by F. A. Muhlenberg.
          Handwritten, German script, 6 leaves.
Hankey, Upton A. L. E. (Upton Augustus Luther Eyler), 1856‑1913. NSR BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Sermons and sermon outlines, unsorted, 14 boxes. BX
       see also Bendersville, Pennsylvania. Bethlehem Lutheran Church   NSR
Hapgood, C. E.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Harbaugh, T. C.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Harding, William Lloyd, 1877‑1934. NSR
        Governor of Iowa
        ‑‑Proclamation, May 23, 1918
From Des Moines, Iowa to the people of the state of Iowa, declaring that the use of a foreign language in common or religious use is not protected by the constitution and is therefore forbidden. Gift of L. M. Kuhns.
         Printed, 2 leaves.
Harkey, Simeon W. (1811- )
       see  Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
            Hay, Charles Augustus NSR
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion NSR
        ‑‑Legal opinion, September 25, 1922
In the case of Nagle vs. Miller the court upheld a lower court ruling that the persons, in spite of being the minority, who favored the union forming the ULCA were the true possessors of the church property.
          Typescript, 7 leaves.
Harrison, W. H.
       see  Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
Harrisonburg, Virginia. E.L.C. BD
        ‑‑History, 1842‑1890 (written by the Reverend T. O. Keister).
Harshman, R. A. NSR
       see  Wheeling, West Virginia. Edgewood Lutheran Church
Harter, W. G. NSR
       see  Jeffersontown, Kentucky. Lutheran Church
Harttmann, Theophilus,     ‑1830[?]. BD, BX
        Professor at Kloster Maulbron, Wurtemburg
        ‑‑The following volumes in BD are in German script:
Commentary on Genesis
            Commentary on Exodus
            Commentary on Leviticus
            Commentary on the Book of Numbers
            Commentary on Deuteronomy
            Commentary on Joshua, Judges and Ruth
            Commentary on Ruth, Samuel I & II and Kings I & II
            Commentary on Job
            Commentary on the Psalms
            Commentary on Proverbs, Wisdom Literature and Psalms
            Studies in Joel
            Prophets, volume 1, Hosea, Joel and Amos ‑ Historical introduction
            Prophets, volume 2, Hosea, Joel and Amos ‑ Synopsis
            Commentary on Ezekiel
            Commentary on the Old Testament in the New Testament
            Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew
            Commentary on the Gospel of Luke
            Commentary on Romans
            Commentary on Corinthians I
            Commentary on Corinthians II
            Commentary on Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians & Thessalonians
            Commentary on Timothy I & II
            Commentary on Revelation
            Geography of Asia and Europe
            Greek Glossary
            Hebrew Glossary of Grammar
            Notations on: Bengel, M. Ernst, A Short and Necessary Illumination of Those Thoughts Which in
              Dr. Johann August Ernesti's Theological Library, Volume I-X, Occasionally Contradict the
              Blessed Dr. Johann Albrecht Bengel
(Leipzig and Zwickau, Stielern, 1771).
Notes on: The New Testament translated by M. Luther, Halle, 1766.
            Geography (Classical)
            History of Europe, Chronological Outline, 1‑1266 A.D.
            History, Volume I, 2500 B.C. to 500 B.C.
            History, Volume II, 500 B.C. to A.D. 1
            History, Volume III, A.D. 1 to 1519
            Stein, Christian Gottfried Daniel, Handbuch der Geographie und Statistik ... with notes of T.
              Harttmann in margins.
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 2 boxes. BX
Hartwick Seminary NSR
       see  Otsego, New York. Hartwick Seminary
            Strobel, Philip
Haverstick, Henry, 1807‑1884. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, June 27, 1839
            From Carnesville, Franklin County, Ga. to John L. Snyder,
Somerset, Pa. relating his journey from Philadelphia via steamer and train to the South ‑ ending in Georgia. He announces his job as Rector of the Franklin County Academy at the salary of $1000.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, June 30, 1845
From Philadelphia to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa. making arrangements to visit his former parish to preach 2 sermons the last Sunday in July. Due to recent ill health he asks that no other services be required of him.
          Handwritten, 3 leaves.
Hawkings, Elijah, ( -1868)
        Lutheran clergyman in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia
       see  Grosecolse, Levi C. NSR
Hay, Charles Augustus, 1821‑1893. SR, NSR, BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Correspondence SR
Between C. A. Hay and Simeon W. Harkey regarding irreg­ular­ities in subscription funds. Letters are dated: June 3, 1850; January 14, 1852; January 16, 1852; February 4, 1852; February 9, 1852.
          Handwritten, 8 leaves.
        ‑‑Diary, 1889 SR
From an unidentified diary, "Gettysburg," July 30 and Sept. 22, 1889, recording reactions in Gettysburg to changes in the liturgy and sadly noting the death of an infant member of the family, Eddie, child of Mary Jane and Prof. [John Andrew] Himes, on Sept. 19, 1889.
          Found with Hay and Barnitz Family Records (see BX).
          1 leaf.
        ‑‑Family papers, partially sorted, 1 box. BX+
Includes Hay and Barnitz Family Records: negative photocopies of 4 pages from an old Bible, beginning with the grandparents of C. A. Hay and his wife, Sarah Rebecca Barnitz.
        ‑‑Letter, January 9, 1848 SR
            Of resignation to the Board of Directors of the Seminary.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, July 2, 1861 SR
From Harrisburg, Pa. to brother Br. (Brown?) concerning an attack on James A. Brown by the Lutheran Observer.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Sermon, May 16, 1883 SR
Preached at Springfield, Ohio, to the 31st convention of the General Synod. Text, Jeremiah 6:16. Presented by Frederick W. Conrad.
          Letter of presentation accompanies item.
          Handwritten, 25 leaves.
       see also  Brown, James Allen SR
                 Buehler, D. A. SR
                 Holloway, Henry Clay SR
                 Krauth, Charles Philip SR
                 Raby, Peter NSR
                 Reck, Henry NSR
                 Winecoff, Jesse SR
Hay, Edward Grier, 1856‑1942. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Iowa, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
        ‑‑Sermon, November 25, 1886
Preached at Pottsville, Pa., at a joint Thanksgiving Day service of 12 churches. Text, Psalm 147:20
          Newsprint, 7 leaves.
Hayes, Rutherford B.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Hazelius, Ernst Lewis, 1777‑1853. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, professor at Hartwick and Gettysburg Seminaries
        ‑‑Letter, May 26, 1830
From Hartwick Seminary to the Reverend Charles A. Morris (probably an error since the envelope is addressed to the Reverend J. G. Morris of Baltimore) accepting the position as professor of Oriental & Biblical Literature at the Seminary.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
       see  Otsego, New York  
Hazzard, Chill W.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Heaths, The (Berlin Embassy -- 1940-1941)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Hecht, John
       see  Miller, Jacob NSR
Hedge, F. H.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Heght, John Peter BD
        ‑‑Inconsta Articula Theologiae. Possibly transcripts of lectures of Helmuth and Schmidt, his
            teachers, 1803‑07.
Heiges, Donald R., 1910‑    . Filing cabinets, 4th floor
        Lutheran clergyman, Executive Secretary of the Division of Colleges and Universities, National
          Lutheran Council, dean of the Chicago Lutheran Seminary in Maywood, Illinois, president of
          Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Papers, 11 drawers, approximately 33 feet.
Heilman, James Frank, 1873-1926.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Heim, Ralph Daniel, 1895‑1983. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Chicago and professor at Thiel College, Hartwick College and Gettysburg
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 21 boxes.
Heisler, Charles Washington, 1857-1909.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Held, Heinz Joachim, Bishop.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Hellenberg, N.Y.
       see  Molther, Johannes
Helmuth, John K. NSR
        Son of J.H.C. Helmuth
        ‑‑Letter, December 6, 1813
From Philadelphia to J. G. Schmucker, York, concerning the purchase of a chandelier for a church.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Helmuth, Justus Henry Christian, 1745‑1825. NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, teacher of Samuel Simon Schmucker
        ‑‑Invitation to his funeral, 6. Feb. 1825. NSR
        ‑‑Letter, April 6, 1821 NSR
From Philadelphia to Charles A. Morris in acknowledgement of
a donation to the old doctor Helmuth when he was in his extremity.
          Presented by Charles A. Morris.
          Handwritten, German script, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Notebook, July 12, 1759 NSR
Entitled "Exercitia Ordinaria dictata a Dom. Dom Fincke ... in Quinta inferiori ... in usum Justi Henrici Christina Helmuth," and probably copied while a student.
          Handwritten, German script and Latin, 19 leaves.
       see also  Anonymous BD.‑‑Notebook
Henderson, Chaplain
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Hendover, Hermann NSR
       see  Geyer, John G. and Hendover, Hermann
Henkel, David, 1795‑1831. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Tennessee Synod, served as home missionary in North Carolina until 1821
        ‑‑2 boxes. (Copy of letter from his father, Jan. 20, 1820? in S.S.S. Papers, 3780.0008)
Henkel, David Melanchthon, 1819-1904.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Henkel, Paul, 1754‑1825. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman active in organizing the North Carolina Synod
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted. Includes old Bible said to be used  in pulpit by him, 2 boxes. Some of
            the items in box 2 were photocopied and are stored in oversized Box 1 ++ above desk in 3rd
 stacks. List in box 2. Consult copies rather than originals, whenever possible.
       see also  Maurer, Beryl Blake. Autobiography of P. Henkel
Henry, George Conrad, 1856‑1909. BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Iowa and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Sermon notes, 1893.
       see also  Croll, Philip Columbus
Henry, Joseph, 1797‑1878.  SR
        Scientist, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution
        ‑‑Letter, June 20, 1851
From Washington "City" to the Seminary giving the "Smithsonian Contribution to Knowledge" in return for any printed material.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Herbst, Mr.
       see  Anonymous, Diary
Herman, Stewart Winfield, Sr., 1878-1947.
       see  Herman, Stewart, Jr. , (Photos) BX
Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr., 1909-    . BX  [Herman Finding Guides 1, 2, 3]
        Lutheran clergyman and author, graduate of Gettysburg College (1930) and Gettysburg Seminary
          (1934); served the Lutheran Church in a variety of positions in this country and abroad,
          including with the WCC, LWF, and NLC; served also in the U.S. government in the 1940's;
          president, Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, 1964-1971. Retired, 1971. 43 boxes+, Box
3 ++.
        --Notes and papers from LTSG student days
        --Notes and papers, study abroad
        --Articles, Reports, Reviews, etc.
        --Sermons and Addresses
        --American Church in Berlin: Correspondence and book; and Prayers for Praying Out Loud
        --Papers and Manuscripts relating to other books
        --German Church documentation, 1945-1950's
        --Latin American Lutheran, 1-67, Nov. 1952-Sept. 1963.
        --Miscellaneous correspondence
        --Letters home
        --Scrapbook folders
  --Photographs (Boxes #24 & #25 & oversized Box 3 ++ above desk in 3rd stacks -- detailed inventory
      in Box #24). (Boxes 26
–43 miscellaneous – detailed inventory in Box 26).
        (Detailed inventory in Box #1)
Heyer, C. Frederick, 1793‑1873. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman, home missionary in Western Pennsylvania, later missionary to India, also
          traveling missionary among Germans in Minnesota
        ‑‑Historical sketch, n.d.
"Minnesota," history of the state with emphasis on the increasing amount of Lutherans and how money is needed for mission work there. He feels pastors prepared in Germany are better than those prepared here. This was written after the founding of the Minnesota Synod in 1860. Other missionary data is included. Signed "H."
          Handwritten, 3 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, May 30, 1839
From Allentown, Pa., to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., asking him to make arrangements for Heyer's visit to Pittsburgh in July. This was written during the meeting of the Pennsylvania Ministerium, Trinity Week, 1839. He notes that there are present both "some very promising young men ‑ but likewise some of the old, stiff‑necked sort."
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, November 13, 1840
From Baltimore to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., describing his location (Washington Medical College), duties and surroundings. This is apparently in preparation for his trip to India.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, May 1, 1841
From Baltimore to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., concerning the purchase of a piano for his daughter Belinda for the sum of $208. Heyer thinks he is to be shipped off (to India) in a few weeks but some German brethren are objecting. He accepts the will of Providence either way.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, May 15, 1841
From Baltimore to Ezra Keller, Hagerstown, Md., concerning missionary transactions and hoping that the Pennsylvania Missionary Society will send him independent of any other board.
          Handwritten, English with German script notations, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, May 17, 1841
From Baltimore to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., concerning financial matters and Franklin notes.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, September 27, 1841
From Baltimore to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., discussing repayment of money in bank & railroad notes. He imparts some final instructions to his friend, relays itinerary to Boston, point of departure for Ceylon & Madras, and sends adieux.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, January 16, 1845
From Guntoor, India, to Mrs. Isabella Snyder, Somerset, Pa., asking if he may visit when on leave in 1846. He describes
his work in the "heathen country." Though signed, he does not use his distinctive signature.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
       see also  Albach, J. William
                 Reynolds, William Morton
                 Rizer, Peter
Hill, David B.
        Governor of New York
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Hill, Francis C., 1784‑1857. BD
        Charleston, South Carolina artist
        ‑‑Sketchbook. Drawings of St. John's Lutheran Church, Charleston.
Hirsch, Emanuel, 1888-1972.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Historical Scrapbook. BD
        ‑‑Clippings with emphasis on the establishment of the Lutheran Church in various areas of the
Historical Scrapbook. BD
        ‑‑Clippings with emphasis on Lutheran higher education, 1875‑1890.
"History of the Women's Missionary Society of the Synod of West Pennsylvania."
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Hodgdon, ?
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Hodge, Edward Blanchard, 1841-    .
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Hoffman, Bengt R., 1913‑1997. SR, BX
        Lutheran clergyman and professor at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑"Bertha Paulssen in Private." SR
            Unpublished ms., Feb. 1983. 
          Typescript, 28 leaves.
        --Papers and lectures on Aquinas and Luther. BX
Courses taught with Father Andrew Newman, O.P., for the Consortium, esp.,"The Grandeur and Misery of Man." 1 box.
        --Papers and course materials. BX
            Course materials, 1970s; Lay School; retreats and speaking
            engagements, 1970s-1990s; notes on Epistemology, Ecumenics,
            Luther, Spirituality, Prayer, Healings, Ethics, etc.
            3 boxes.
        --Syllabus, notes, and material for course "The Grandeur and Misery of Man," material on Thomas
            Aquinas, and autographed xeroxed copy of Law, Grace, and the Freedom of the Christian in the
            Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas
by William A. Newman, O.P. 1 box. BX
        --Miscellaneous course notes on Martin Luther, Ethics (including
            theological, situational, Catholic, social, etc.), contri­bution to Festschrift, and other
  social issues. 1 box. BX
        --Miscellaneous course notes on Social Justice, Christian Ethics, etc. and Luther's Two Kingdoms.
            1 box. BX
        --Miscellaneous course notes and resources. 5 boxes. BX
        --Copies of published writings from his files. 1 box. BX
        --Bibliographic file cards of references and sources. 2 boxes.
        --Photo Albums. 1 box BX
          1953 presented to him at end of service in WCC, 1949-1953
    1958 presented to him from LWF in Jordan (director of Lutheran World Service, 1956-1961)
  --Personal Papers, letters, travel notes from China
  --Resume from Pearl Hoffman
See also  Sassaman, Robert W.
Hoffman, Johann Ulrich NSR
       see  Accident, Maryland
Hoffman, John N. (or R?), 1804‑1857. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Charges, n.d.
Against the pastor, accusing him of neglect. These are possibly from his troubles in 1853 when he was pastor of the First Lutheran Church, Carlisle. Complaints came from Frankford & Sulphur Springs where he had been supplying. He was an able but rather tactless man according to records. He pleaded bad health as cause for his neglect but eventually resigned and went elsewhere.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Holland, George W., 1838-1895
       see  Ramage, Carroll Johnson
Holloway, Henry Clay, 1838‑1924. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania.
        ‑‑Letter, November 5, 1891
To C. A. Hay from Mifflintown, Pa., telling Hay of a friend who would like to provide a building for the Seminary as memorial to his father. Before he does so he wishes reassurance that the Seminary will remain in Gettysburg.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Holls, George Charles, 1824‑1886. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in the Missouri Synod
        ‑‑Letter, January 2, 1859
            From the Orphan's Farm School, Zelionople, Pa. Contains
            autobiographical data. Purchased from Lester R. Mohr, 1933.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Holman, Samuel Augustus, 1831‑1907. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, chaplain during Civil War, founder of Holman Lectureship
        ‑‑Letter, ca. 1866
From Philadelphia addressed to "Dear Dr." requesting that the lectures be held in the chapel of the Seminary.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Holman Lecture SR
       see  Focht, John Brown
            Gregory, Caspar Rene
            Reimensnyder, John Milton
Hooff, Visser 't
       see  Hooft, W. A. Visser 'T
Hooff, Xisser 't
       see  Hooft, W. A. Visser 'T
Hooft, W. A. Visser 'T
        General Secretary of the Provisional Committee
          of the World Council of Churches
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Hooper, P. A.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Hoover, E. G.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Hoover, Harvey Daniel, 1880‑1958. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, president of Carthage College, professor at Susquehanna
          University and Gettysburg College
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 19 boxes.
Hotchkiss, Dr. G. B.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Houghton, Miss D. NSR
        ‑‑Letter, June 28, 1897
From Washington, D.C., to the Reverend Dr. (William Edwin) Parson, pastor of Reformation Lutheran Church, thanking him for his "faithful ministrations" and enclosing a donation for his church.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Houseal, Bernard Michael,     ‑1790. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in New York in 1770. Later joined the Church of England and moved to Nova
        ‑‑Papers, partialy sorted, 1 box.
How to Secure an Educated Ministry  SR
       see  Billheimer, Thomas Charles
Howard, General ___ BX
        Division of the Atlantic
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Howard Endowment SR
       see  Endowments
Howard Tract Society SR
        ‑‑Minutes, April 9 to November 7, 1840
Of the society, an auxilliary to the American Tract Society. Includes constitution, preamble and constitution of the private missionary society of the Seminary.
          Handwritten, 20 leaves.
Hromádka, Josef Lukl, 1889-1969.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Hubbert, William Effich, 1844-1915.
        Editor of Our Church Paper
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Huber, Charles Henry, 1871‑1951. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman and educator in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Sermon, April 13, 1913
Delivered in St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Baltimore. Text: Genesis 39:1. Penciled notations of other dates and places on back suggest this may be a "pork barrel" sermon.
          Typescript, 14 leaves.
Huber, Eli, 1834‑1911. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman and professor in Pennsylvania and Nebraska
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            On education.
          Handwritten, 37 p.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            On Matthew 21:5
          Handwritten, 36 p.
Huber, H. S. SR
        Secretary of Christ Church, Gettysburg
        ‑‑Letter, September 27, 1860
To Charles A. Hay concerning charges for the use of the sanctuary.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Huff, Rev. ___
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Hughesville, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Christ's E.L.C. NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, November, 1876
By M. Luther Heisler, pastor in Hughesville, 1871‑79. Prepared by him "pursuant to suggestion of General Synod of 1876." Included is newspaper clipping from the Canusarago Daily Herald, Friday, Sept. 19, 1873, giving a history of the church.
          Handwritten, 12 leaves.
Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
       see  James Creek
Hursch, Stephen
        see Hursh, Stephen
Hursh, Stephen SR
        Student, entered 1831, died early
From Gettysburg Seminary to his father, John Hursh, Columbia Co., Danville, Pa., dated: July 6, 1831, July 28, 1831, December 29, 1831, August 27, 1832, July 27, 1833. He tells of student life, especially tales of troubles with room and board.
          Handwritten, 7 leaves. Gift of A.B. Vastine.
Husband, William Walter, 1871‑1942. SR
        Commissioner General, U.S. Department of Labor
        ‑‑Letter, August 29, 1924
From Washington, D.C., to Dr. John A. Singmaster advising him that the Seminary has been approved as a school for immigrant students under the Immigration Act of 1924.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
Hyacinthe, Père, (Charles Jean Marie Loyson), 1827-1912.
      see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+

Imhoff, Alexander Jesse NSR
       see  Miami Synod
Imhoff, Rev. I.
       see  Muhlenberg Mission
Immigrant students SR
       see  Husband, William Walter
India, Guntur. Photo Collection (oversized) (See Blueprint Cabinet in Historical.)
India. Mission Council. BD
        ‑‑Minutes ‑ Missionary Conference, 1893‑1907.
        ‑‑Executive Committee Minutes, 1903‑1907.
        ‑‑Treasurer's report. Includes missionaries' financial statements and parochial school reports,
India. Missions. BD
        ‑‑Report of a conference with the Reverend Andrew S. Fichthorn. (About 1906, concerning problems
            in India missions (includes interviews with Miss Weisgarten and Dr. Werner also)
            (2 loose copies made in 2002 to use for research because original paper is crumbling)
India. Missionaries.
      see  Crissman, Stella Brown Nichols
           Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Infant Baptism
      see  Billheimer, Thomas Charles
International Students volunteer Convention (Indianapolis, Indiana)(l924)
      see  Peery, T. Benton

Jackson, Henry P.
       see Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Jacobs, David, 1805‑1830. SR, NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Address delivered at the Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, Oct. 6th, 1826 SR
          Handwritten, 3 p. Photocopy, with 2 copies of p. 3. Original in Archives at Krauth Library,
          Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.
        ‑‑Diploma, October, 1825 NSR
            B.A. from Jefferson College.
          Printed, Latin, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Preaching license, October 7, 1829 NSR
From the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium West of the Susquehanna (West Pennsylvania Synod).
          Printed, 2 leaves
       see also Baugher, Henry Louis NSR
Jacobs, Henry Eyster, 1844‑1932. NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Gettysburg College and Philadelphia Seminary
        ‑‑Letter, December 8, 1913 NSR
            From Philadelphia to Dr. J. A. Clutz, Gettysburg Seminary, regarding the schism of Trinity
            Church, Toronto, Canada. He warns that the General Synod will be viewed unfavorably by the
            General Council because of the situation.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Memoirs, 2 volumes. BD
            Copy of a transcription edited shortly after Jacob's death.
        ‑‑Sketch of Latin History and Mythology. BD
            Transcribed by one of his students, John Charles Francis Rupp, while at the college.
       see also  Croll, Philip Columbus
                 Graham, Ernest Orion
Jacobs, Michael, 1808‑1871. SR, NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor of mathematics at Pennsylvania College
        ‑‑Letter, April 16, 1845 SR
            From Gettysburg to the Board of Directors of the Seminary suggesting an irregularity in the
            election of one of their members.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Notes on the Thirteenth Convention of the General Synod, May 16‑22, 1845 NSR
N. B. Jacobs' signature is on the official minutes of the convention, as Secretary. Also includes "General View of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the U.S." and Report from the Committee on Elections, signed by P. W. Engs, B. Kurtz and
E. Keller, as well as scrap paper.
          Handwritten, 26 leaves of various sizes, some folded, and cardboard covers.
Jaeger (see Yeager)
James Creek, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. German E.L.C. NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, April 26, 1892
By the Reverend Paul Glasow, pastor. Written for the Reverend Joseph R. Focht.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Jeffersontown, Kentucky. Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, April 2, 1860
By the Reverend W.G. Harter, Jeffersontown, Ky., to the Reverend C. F. Schaeffer. Gives an account of Lutheranism in Jeffersontown and surrounding area.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Jeager (see Yeager)
Jenkins, William,     ‑1877. NSR
        Pioneer itinerant Lutheran missionary of the North Carolina Synod
        ‑‑Ordination certificate, May 7, 1828
Granted by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of North Carolina and Adjacent States, signed by G. Shober, president.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Sermon outlines
Packet of 43 separate outlines encased in a small leather envelope.
          Handwritten, 43 leaves.
          Donated by F.W.E. Peschau, 1879.
Jesse, F. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Texas Synod and sometime secretary of that organization
        ‑‑Letter, November 30, 1883
From Brenham, Tex., to Sylvanus Stall, Lancaster, Pa., enclosing statistics of the Texas Synod and regrets that the minutes are not available.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Jordan (country)
       see Hoffman, Bengt R. (Photo Albums) BX
Josephus SR
Of a translation of the book by a committee composed of C.P. Krauth, Father Heyer, and J. G. Schmucker.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Juniata Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania. St. Paul's E.L.C. NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, March 31, 1891
From the Reverend Joseph Fichtner, Hollidaysburg, Pa., to the Reverend J. R. Focht in response to a request for infor­ma­tion. Fichtner was at this time suspended from the Alle­gheny Synod and serving as associate judge in Blair County.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.

Kalb, Ass't Supt.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Kapi, Bishop of Hungary.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Karthaus Charge
       see Keewaydin
Keewaydin, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Karthaus Charge. NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, January 31, 1890
By the Reverend Benjamin Seitz Dise, pastor at that time, prepared to answer request for information by J.R. Focht.
          Handwritten, 4 leaves.
Keiser, James R., 1812–1872
        Lutheran clergyman in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York
       see  Presbyterian Clergyman in New York and New Jersey
            Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
Keister, T. O. BD
       see  Harrisonburg, Virginia
Keller, Adolph, (Holland), 1872-1963.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Keller, Benjamin, 1784‑1864. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, February 20, 1826
From Carlisle, Pa., to Dr. J. G. Schmucker, York, setting forth the terms of the Dickinson College offer to have the Seminary locate there.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, September 23, 1863
From Philadelphia to John G. Morris replying favorably to his inquiry concerning the possibility of James A. Brown for the post of Greek professor.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
       see also  Schmucker, Samuel Simon
Keller, Ezra, 1812‑1848. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland, missionary in the West, president of Wittenberg College
        ‑‑Sermon, November 14, 1841
Text: Psalm 126:3. Preached at St. John's Lutheran Church, Hagerstown, Md., on the centennial of Muhlenberg's landing in the colonies.
          Handwritten, 4 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon, February 6, 1842
            Text: Psalm 85:6. Notes on back relating to Acts 8:8.
          Handwritten, 4 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon, September, 1843
            Text: Matthew 9:36.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
            Text: 1 John 2:2. Marked "Atonement No. 1."
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
            Text: 1 Corinthians 10:4.
          Handwritten, 6 leaves.
            Text: Hebrews 9:24‑26. Marked "Atonement No. 2."
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
       see also  Finckel, Samuel DeVin
                 Heyer, C. Frederick
Kelly, Austin Augustus, 1870–1956. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Virginia
        --Communion Set (G2011.006)
Kemper, Jackson NSR
       see  Cline, Andrew J.
Kennan, George Frost
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Killinger, Pennsylvania. Wirth’s Evangelical Lutheran Church; Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church 1968. NSR
       --Cemetery Record 1770–1814 by Jonathan Wert, Jr.
       --Chronology of Events (History) by Jonathan Wert, Jr.
       --2001 Tombstone Inscriptions
King-Gotwald Homestead
       see  Gotwald, Luther Alexander, Jr. BX
Kirchen Agende der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Vereinigten Gemeinen in North Americka, 1786. BD
Kiser, J. R.
       see  Keiser, James R.
Kittel, Gerhard.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Klenee, Thomas NSR
Titled "In Saying Farewell to the Pupils I have had, along with their Brothers, Sisters and Elders."
          Printed, German, 1 leaf. Translation accompanies.
Klinefelter, Frederick, 1836‑1903. SR, NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, December 7, 1900 SR
From York, Pa., to Milton Valentine concerning the non‑
meeting of quota for a stained glass window in memorial to Krauth.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, January 8, 1901 SR
            From York, Pa., to Milton Valentine adding an amount to the
subscription for a stained glass window in memorial to Krauth.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
       see also Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Evangelical Lutheran Church  NSR
Kloetzli, Walter, 1921‑    . BX
        Lutheran clergyman in New Jersey. Secretary, Urban Church Planning, National Lutheran Council
        ‑‑Papers, 1 box.
Knauff, J. G.
       see  Otsego, NY
Knubel, Frederick Hermann, 1870‑1945. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in New York, president of ULCA, member of many boards and commissions
        ‑‑Letter, February 5, 1908
            From New York to Dr. Zimmerman thanking him for a donation of $10. for Italian Mission work.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
       see also Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Koch, Praeses
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Koller, Julianna NSR
        ‑‑Confirmation certificate, May 22, 1825
          Printed, 1 leaf.
Koller, Paul Warren, 1872-1937.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Koons, Edward Jackson. NSR
        Pennsylvania College, 1858
        ‑‑Grade certificates, April 14, 1856; September, 1856.
          Printed, 2 leaves.
Koons, Robert W. 1917- .  BX (G2008.004)  [Finding Guide (123 pages)]
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
        --Sermons, approximately 1946–1982, 18 boxes (complete finding
            guide in Box 1).
Kopp, William, 1820‑1868. NSR   [Finding Guide (large file)]
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, professor at Augustana Seminary
        ‑‑Sermon, February, 1864
Text: Exodus 32:26 titled "Who is on the Lord's side?" Other dates preached on back.
          Handwritten, 12 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon, February, 1864
Text: Acts 7:59 titled "The Dying Martyr's Prayer." Other dates preached on back.
          Handwritten, 12 leaves.
Korckhamp, the Reverend SR
        ‑‑Letter, June 21, 1828
From Philadelphia to the Seminary mentioning gift books mailed to Kurtz & Company.
          Handwritten, German script, 1 leaf.
Korthever, Bishop
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Kraemer, Heinrich, 1888-1965.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Krauth, Charles Philip, 1797‑1867. SR, NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Virginia, president of
          Pennsylvania College, professor at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Lectures, Moral Philosophy, Winter, 1838 BD
        ‑‑Letter, October 26, 1830 SR
From Philadelphia to Charles A. Barnitz, York, sending a contribution to the Seminary.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, February 18, 1831 SR
From Philadelphia to C. A. Barnitz, York, sending another contribution to the Seminary.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, May 15, 1845 SR
From Gettysburg to John L. Snyder, Somerset, replying that the college would be glad to have Snyder's son in attendance at the next session. Gives duties and an estimate of expenses.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, September 14, 1847  SR
            Of resignation as professor at the Seminary.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, September 19, 1850 SR
            Of acceptance of the professorship in the Seminary.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, July 1, 1861 SR
From Philadelphia to C.A. Hay discussing union within the church and how to accomplish this.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, July 9, 1863 SR
From Gettysburg to his Aunt Jane, describing his home after the battle.
          Handwritten, 3 leaves. Photocopy, original in Archives at Krauth Library, Philadelphia (PK88
       see also  Buehler, D. A. SR
                 Demme, Carl Rudolph NSR
                 Schmidt, Henry Immanuel SR
                 Stork, Theophilus NSR
Krauth, Charles Porterfield, 1823‑1883. NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West
          Virginia, professor at Philadelphia Seminary
        ‑‑Lectures BD
        ‑‑Letter, September 5, 1859 NSR
From Pittsburgh to “MA”, possibly Harriet Brown Krauth, his step-mother (his mother died in 1824), concerning his daughter's proposed trip to Philadelphia. He mentions that he may be in Philadelphia permanently after his vacation.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Krauth, John M.
      see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Krauth Memorial Window SR
      see  Klinefelter, Frederick
Kregelo, John W., 1827-1854
      see  Collected Papers of Samuel Simon Schmucker, 3440.0010
Kretschman, E. F. NSR
      see  Mann, William Julius
Kruess, G. F. L. NSR
        ‑‑Letter, June 27, 1831
To the directors of the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. Encloses a copy of his "Theoretical‑Practical Sacred Liturgy."
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves; enclosure, 9 leaves.
Krug, Johann Andreas (Johann Andrew), 1732‑1796. NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Maryland
        ‑‑Letter, October 18, 1779 NSR
            To Henry Melchior Muhlenberg.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon outlines, 1764‑1780 BD
Kugler, Anna Sarah
        Missionary doctor to India.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Kuhlman, Luther, 1851‑1936. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 1 box.
Kuhns, Luther Melancthon NSR
       see  Ludden, Luther P.
Kuhns, Reverend NSR
       see  Abrahamson, C. Alfred
Kump, William A. BX+
       see  Washington, D.C. Grace College for Women
Kunze, Johann Christopher, 1744‑1807. BD
        Lutheran clergyman in New York and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Diarium Homileticum, 7 volumes
Kurtz, Benjamin,     ‑1865. NSR, BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland, editor, writer
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 1 box (index in box) BX+
       see also  Lutheran Home Missionary Society NSR
                 Wiegmann, Christian Ludwig NSR
Kurtz, Daniel (possibley John Daniel Kurtz) (1764–1856)
       see Morris, Carl. Preaching License
Kurtz, John Nicholas, 1722‑1794. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Naturalization certificate, September 24, 1760
From German citizenship to be "his Majesty's natural born Subject of the Kingdom of Great Britain." This caused him much anguish of conscience for he sided with the Americans during the Revolution.
          Printed, 1 leaf.

Labaree, Benjamin, 1801‑1883. SR
        Congregational clergyman, professor, president of Middlebury College
        ‑‑Letter, November 8, 1837
From New York to Christian Lepley, responding to Lepley's request for financial aid.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Ladies of Hanover NSR
          Written about the Women's Missionary Society.
          Typescript, 20 leaves.
Note: Some months later, the original typed copy, signed and with corrections in the author's hand, was discovered ‑ the author was Elsie Singmaster. This copy had 28 leaves. The unsigned copy was placed with the group for which the play was written, the Women's Missionary Society of the West Pennsylvania Synod, in Synod Archives.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Ode, 1832
Sung at the Centennial of the birth of George Washington. Poem accompanies ode.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
Lathrope, George Parson
       see Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Latin America
       see Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Latin Hymns of the Middle Ages BX+
        ‑‑Translated by N.B. Smithers. 1 box
Lauffer, George Nevin, 1878‑1951. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, August 25, 1914
From Newville, Pa., to H. C. Picking, Gettysburg, thanking the members of the Board of Directors for allowing the Lutheran Summer Assembly (of which he was secretary) to use the Seminary buildings for the 1914 meeting.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
       see also Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Law, Grace, and the Freedom of the Christian in the Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas by William A. Newman,
       see Hoffman, Bengt R. BX
Law of Tithe and of the Free Will Offering NSR
       see Miller, A. W.
Leamer, A. B. NSR
       see Westernport, Maryland. Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church
Lebanon Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Land patent, February 22, 1760
Granted for the use of the congregation by the authority of Thomas and Richard Penn. Signed by James S. Hamilton, lieut.‑governor of Pennsylvania.
         Handwritten, 1 piece. Donated by Earl W. Cox. Letter accompanies.
Lecker, Johann BD
        ‑‑Sermons, 1809.
Lee, Capt. (or Gen.?) Alfred E.
       see Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Leipziger Tageblatt SR
        ‑‑March 23, 1827
Contains article referring to the establishment of the Seminary in North America.
          Printed, German, 4 leaves.
Lentz, Christian BD
       see Anonymous ‑‑Notebook
Lentz, Jacob BD
       see Anonymous ‑‑Notebook
Lentz, Johannes BD
       see Anonymous ‑‑Notebook
Letzte Reise ..., Die NSR
 ‑‑Die Letzte Reise des Herrn Mit seinen Juengern zen Jerusalem Creutz, leiden und Tod. und    Begraebniss in vers wir folget. n.d.
          Handlettered, 8 leaves, 95 verses. "Presented by Capt. Jn. Sloop" written on t.p. #84 on t.p.
       see  Sloop, John, for other items in this set.
       see also  Das Traurige Gespraech ..., variant of this manuscript.
Lewars, Elsie Singmaster, 1879‑1958. SR, NSR
        ‑‑Letter, June 5, 1945 SR
From Gettysburg to Rev. & Mrs. G. N. Thompson [George Nelson Thompson, Luella June Hess Thompson], Altadena, Calif., concerning their new location and sharing news about various members of the Seminary community.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        --Photos (5) (Copies of originals—1893, 1895, 1928, 1948) SR
       see also  Albrecht, Amy Sadtler BD
                 Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
                 Ladies of Hanover NSR
                 Livingstone, Robert Moffat NSR
                 Peery, T. Benton NSR
                 Spangler, Jacob M. BX (letter dated?)
                 Women’s Missionary Society of the Synod of West Pennsylvania BX
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Christ's E.L.C. NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, November 5, 1876
By the Reverend W. W. Criley who delivered the discourse on the above date. He draws on "the private sources in the journals and remains of a few old members" in sketching the history from 1802‑1876. Pencilled addenda on last page.
          Handwritten, 15 leaves.
Liberia, Monrovia NSR
       --Pamphlet, July 29, 2009
            Service of Remembrance, St. Peter Lutheran Church, massacres
            during Liberian Civil War.
       --Pamphlet, April 1860–April 2010
            Historical Perspective of 150 Years of Epistence, First
            Lutheran Church, Millsburg.
       --Pamphlet, April 23–28, 2010
            Souvenir Program marking 150th Anniversary Celebration of
            the Lutheran Church in Liberia (LCL).
Liebegott, Charles Edgar, 1888–1939. BX (2007.003)
       --Sermons, 1915-1939
Lilje, Hans, Bishop, 1899-1977.
       see Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Lincoln, Abraham NSR
       see Rings, William Refus
Lithbecker, ?
       see Stouchsburg, Pa.
Livingstone, Charles H. NSR
        Nephew of David Livingstone
        ‑‑Letter, October 28, 1924
From Denver, Colo., to Elsie Singmaster Lewars, Gettysburg, concerning letters he has in which David Livingstone wrote to his sister‑in‑law who was attempting to trace Robert, his son. Robert had run away at age 18 and joined the Union army under the name Rupert Vincent.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, Jan. 17, 1925
From Denver, Colo., to Elsie Singmaster Lewars, Gettysburg, thanking her for her interest in David and the family.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, June 29, 1935
From Denver, Colo., to Elsie Singmaster Lewars, Gettysburg. He is sending a letter dated June 6, 1865 to her, one from David Livingstone.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, July 8, 1935
From Denver, Colo., to Elsie Singmaster Lewars, Gettysburg. He requests that she keep the letter of his uncle since she was so interested in the fate of young Robert.
          Handwritten, 1 piece.
Livingstone, David, 1813‑1873. NSR
        Scottish missionary‑explorer
        ‑‑Letter, June 6, 1865
From Hamilton to Mrs. Charles Livingstone (his sister‑in‑law Harriet), Boston, Mass., answering inquiries about his missing son Robert. He makes references to governmental affairs and slave attitudes at the end of the war.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves with envelope.
Livingstone, Robert Moffat NSR
        Son of David Livingstone
Concerning his service in the Union Army under the assumed name Rupert Vincent. Includes replies to inquiries of Elsie Singmaster Lewars.
          Typescript, 11 pieces.
Lloyd, William Penn
       see Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Lochman, George, 1773‑1826. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Tagebuch, August 1794‑May 1795
           Written during pastorate in Lebanon, Pa. (1794‑1815).
          Handwritten, German script, 28 leaves.
       see also Morris, Carl. Preaching License
Loyson, Charles Jean Marie (Père Hyacinthe)
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Ludden, Luther P., 1854‑1915. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in New York and Western Secretary of the Board of Home Missions of the General Synod
        ‑‑Biography, January 13, 1915
Written by Luther Melancthon Kuhns. There are several errors: 1)Ludden did not attend Gettysburg Seminary as implied; 2) he was ordained in 1881 rather than 1879;
3) ordination took place at West Camp, not West Point, N.Y. (see insert in folder).
          Typescript, 6 leaves.
Luther, Martin NSR
        ‑‑Gedank‑tafel, November 2, 1879
Commemoration of the 350th annual jubilee of Luther's Small Catechism in Boston, Mass., by Zion, Immanuel, and Trinity congregations.
          Printed, German, 1 piece.
Translation of all 15 stanzas of Luther's Christmas Child's Song "Von Himmel Hoch." Prepared Christmas, 1858 for the Sabbath School of St. James Lutheran Church, Reading, Pa.
          Printed, 1 piece.
       see also Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
                 Weston, Edwin F. NSR
Luther League of America BX
        ‑‑Papers, 1 box.
Lutheran Church in America‑‑Colleges and Junior Colleges BX
        ‑‑Papers, 2 boxes.
Lutheran Church in America‑‑Seminaries BX
        ‑‑Papers, 1 box.
Lutheran Church in America—Service Book and Hymnal, 1958
       see  Fox, Alice Bruner (Ogline) NSR
Lutheran Education in the Ministerium of Pennsylvania Prior to the Advent of Public Schools NSR
            No name or date.
          Typescript, 66 leaves.
Lutheran Historical Society, Gettysburg BX+
        Founded in 1843, declared disbanded in 1952
        ‑‑Records, catalogue, correspondence, 2 boxes
       see also Morris, J. G.
Lutheran Historical Society, Gettysburg, reactivated in 1989 BX+
        ‑‑Constitution, Minutes, other papers, Newsletter, Photographs,
            Videotapes of Annual Lectures (1990‑    )
Lutheran Historical Society of Eastern Pennsylvania BX
        ‑‑Papers, including scattered issues of the Periodical, unsorted, 1 box.
Lutheran Home Missionary Society NSR
        ‑‑Membership certificate, September 8, 1853
For the Reverend William Franklin Greaver, life member #35. Signed in Baltimore by Benjamin Kurtz, John G. Morris, and J. A. Seiss, officers.
          Printed, 1 piece.
Lutheran Laymen's Movement SR
       see Shatzer, C. G.
Lutheran Observer NSR
        ‑‑Accounts, 1830‑1832
          And odd pieces of correspondence ranging from 1832 to 1913.
          Handwritten, 15 pieces. (Some German script.)
       see also Morris, J. G.
Lutheran Quarterly SR
        ‑‑Papers, 1906‑1926.
          Financial records and correspondence.
          Handwritten and typed, 14 pieces.
       see also Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Lutheran Summer Assembly
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
            Lauffer, George Nevin SR
            Oversized Photos
Lutheran Welfare Council of Pennsylvania BX
        ‑‑Minutes of the annual meeting, 1950‑1963; minutes of the executive committee, 1953‑1967;
            divisional committee records, 1 box.
Lutheran World Federation (LWF)
       see Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
            Hoffman, Bengt R. (Photo Albums) BX
Lutheran World Relief (LWR)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Lutheran World Service
            World Service, The Lutheran World Federation, Pamphlet,
       see  Hoffman, Bengt R. (Photo Albums) BX
Lutheranism in the Valley of the Mississippi NSR
       see  Springer, Francis
Lutherische Kirchenzeitung NSR
        ‑‑Extract, August 13, 1892
Concerning the joining together of the synods of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.
          Handwritten, German, 1 leaf.
Lutz, Friedrich, 1842‑1931. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Iowa and other Midwestern states, professor at Waverly College, president of
          the ELS of Iowa and Other States
        ‑‑Diary, June 26‑August 7, 1867
Typed copy, German, 8 leaves. Missing p. 9. (Cf. Miscellaneous Synods. Iowa Synod. Lutz, ... in the Special Collections book.)
Lynch, Hon. John R.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+

Magruder, L. N.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Manhart, Franklin Pierce, 1852‑1933. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, superintendent of Missionary
          Institute, and president of Susquehanna University and the General Synod, 1922‑1926.
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 4 boxes.
       see also Valentine, Milton. Letter to Manhart. SR
Manifold, John H.C., 1862–1949
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        --Diary excerpts, 1886, 1888 plus photos. BD
Manken, Henry Jr., 1876‑1967. NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in New York and Washington, D.C.
        ‑‑Fortnightly letters from Washington to The Lutheran. BD
       see also  Graham, Ernest Orion NSR
Mann, William Julius, 1819‑1892. NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Philadelphia
        ‑‑Lectures BD
        ‑‑Letter, October 22, 1889 NSR
From Philadelphia to E. F. Kretschman, a note of apology for not being able to meet with him on October 31.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, October 25, 1889 NSR
From Philadelphia to E. F. Kretschman, clergyman, accepting the offer of an opportunity to lecture on the subject "Reminiscences of a European tour."
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Marcy, C. DW (DeWitt?)
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Marden, Geo. A.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Markley, Mary Elizabeth,   ‑1954. BX
        First woman secretary of the Board of Education of the ULCA, 1919‑1946
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 9 boxes.
Marriage from a sociological view SR
       see  Schaeffer, Charles Frederick
Marsh, John NSR
       see  Banks, Daniel C.
Marshall, Mr. BD
       see  Anonymous ‑‑Notebook
Martens, Herbert, 1857‑1921. BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Sermons, 8 volumes. Index
            December 29, 1895‑March 21, 1899
            April 9, 1899‑February 21, 1904
            March 8, 1900‑November 24, 1901
            December 11, 1901‑July 12, 1908
            October 31, 1892‑May 15, 1910
            May 15, 1910‑May 18, 1913
            September 14, 1913‑August 7, 1921
Marvin, Edwin E.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Mason Pastorate NSR
       see  New Haven, West Virginia. Mason Pastorate
Matthaus, Jacob Christian BD
        ‑‑Sermons, 1844‑1846
Maurer, Beryl Blake, 1920-2003.  BX [6 boxes]
       Lutheran Clergyman, WV & MD Synod, Town & Country Church at LTSG
       --Personal papers, Health self-notes
       --Book: The Lutheran Mountaineers
       --P. Henkel autobiography with notes
       --WV & MD Synod, pastoral mobility, mission strategy, evangelism
       --Copies of the journal, Traditions of West Virginia/Folk Culture
         and Educational Awareness, 1993-2001
May, Mrs. ? , wife of Treasury attaché in Berlin Embassy (1939)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
May, John L., Archbishop, 1922-1994.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Mayer, Frederick G.,    ‑1842. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in New York
        ‑‑Letter, August 16, 1813
From Albany, N.Y., to the Lutheran Church in Guilderland offering to preach to them on September 5, 1813. Gift of G.E. Swope.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, January 7, 1814
From Albany, N.Y. to the Lutheran Church in Guilderland offering to preach to them on the 16th or the 30th of that month. Presented by G.E. Swope, Newville, Pa.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, March 19, 1818
From Albany, N.Y. to the Reverend Lot Merkel, pastor of the Lutheran Churches in Guilderland, sending him 25 copies of sermons printed by the synod to sell for 2 shillings each. Proceeds are to be sent to Mayer so he can pay the printer the $125 printing bill. Presented by G. E. Swope, Newville, Pa.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
McCosh, James, 1811-1894.
        President of Princeton
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
McCulloch, O. C.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
McLaughlin, Alexander, 1834‑1912. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, September 23, 1863
From Culpeper Courthouse, Va., to S.S. Schmucker stating that he is helping the soldiers and expects to return to the Seminary in a week unless a battle detains him.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
McNeil, Louis
       see  Hale, J. Russell BX
Meier, Issac
       see  Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior
Meiser, Hans, Bishop
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Melanchthon, Philip
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Mennig, George P. BX
        Lutheran clergyman, father of William Mennig and pupil of George Lochman (1773‑1826) who was a
          pupil of Helmuth
        ‑‑Papers, unsorted, 3 boxes.
Mennig, William Goepfert, 1811‑1887. NSR, BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 3 boxes. BX+
       see also  Weston, Edwin F. NSR
Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. St. John's E.L.C. NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, June, 1886
            Written by the Reverend Martin Luther Culler.
          Handwritten, 12 leaves.
Merkel, Lot, d.1833 NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in New York
        ‑‑Letter, October 16, 1816
From Geneva, N.Y., to Frederick Krauns, Guilderland, declining an invitation to Helleberg [sic?] because he was engaged to serve his 4 congregations until next spring. Gift of G. E. Swope, Newville, Pa.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Metzler, Elder John, 1843‑1905. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
Published in the Gettysburg Compiler entitled: "Origin and  History of Pennsylvania College."
          Printed, 5 leaves.
Meyer, A. F. W. NSR
        Missouri clergyman
        ‑‑Letter, November 4, 1889
            From Marshfield, Mo., regarding synod minutes requested.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Meyer, Frederick G.
       see  Otsego, New York
Meyer, John H., 1874-1929.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Miami Synod NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketches, 1892‑93
Replies to the Reverend Alexander Jesse Imhoff, Urbana, Ohio, a Lutheran pastor who was preparing to write a history of the Miami Synod.
          Handwritten, 65 pieces.
Michelfelder, Sylvester C., 1889-1951
        Associated with LWF
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Middletown, Pennsylvania. St. Peter's Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch
By the Reverend John William Finkbinder, pastor of St. Peter's from 1873‑83.
          Handwritten, 3 leaves.
Midland College
       see  Clutz, Jacob Abraham
Millar, George William, 1867‑1928. SR
        Lutheran Clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania, graduate of Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Fragment, n.d.
One side is p. 8 of a sermon or talk, other side has questions and answers on Scripture.
          1 leaf.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            "Christmas Day Hope."
          Handwritten, 24, [1] p.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            "Christmas Day Hope."
          Handwritten, 7 p. Found between pages of "Christmas Day Hope" above.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            "Elijah the Tishbite."
          Handwritten, 30 p.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            On John 21:22
          Handwritten, 33 p.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            "Love: the Greatest and Best Thing."
          Handwritten, 32 p.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            "Our Rescue from Ruin."
          Typescript, 6 p.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            "Our Rescue from Ruin."
          Typescript, 8 p. Found between the pages of "The Lord's Day: Its History."
       ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
           "Our Thoughts Concerning Christ."
          Handwritten, 4 p.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            "Our Thoughts of Christ."
          Handwritten, 3 p. Notes on back, written in pencil.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            "Our Thoughts of Christ."
          Handwritten, 33 p.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            "The Question of the Ages."
          Handwritten, 4 p. Found between the pages of "The Question of the Ages. Text: St. Matthew ..."
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            "The Question of the Ages. Text: St. Matthew, Chapter 27, Verse 22.2d."
          Handwritten, 30 p.
        ‑‑Sermon, n.d.
            "The World for Christ."
          Handwritten, 22 p.
        ‑‑Sermon, March, 1902
"The Empty Tomb: the Christians' Anchor of Hope." Original written at Seminary. (Pencil note: "Mt. E., 4‑27‑24.")
          Handwritten, 22 p.
        ‑‑Sermon, March, 1902?
            On Matthew 28:5,6, "The Resurrection."
          Handwritten, 3 p. Found between the pages of "The Empty Tomb: the Christians' Anchor of Hope." Possibly the original referred to on that item.
        ‑‑Sermon, May, 1906
"The Lord's Day: Its History," delivered at Conference at Brunswick, Md., in Cession [sic], May 14‑16, 1906.
          Handwritten, 20 p. Note in a different pen and hand: "Grandfather's Sermons ‑ G. Wm. Millar."
 ‑‑Sermon, Mar. 8, 1908
      "Co‑Laborers with God." Wrightsville, Pa.
          Handwritten, 30 p.
Miller, A. W. NSR
        Clergyman (?) in Charlotte, North Carolina
By Mrs. D. Henry Sheldon of Washington of a book no longer in print entitled: "The Law of Tithe and of the Free Will Offering." Miller attempted to compile all the data from the Scriptures concerning the tithing system. Presented to the library by Mrs. H. E. Monroe, Washington, D.C., July 13, 1908. Letter accompanies.
          Handwritten, 191 leaves.
Miller, Ellen NSR
       see  Day, David A.
Miller, Jacob, 1788‑1850. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Biographical sketch
            By George Miller.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
            Studied under Justus Helmuth and John Frederick Schmidt in
Philadelphia. Prior to that he was instructed by F. W. Geissenhainer, his pastor at Goshenhoppen Church. The name John Hecht, pastor in Easton, Pa., appears on the cover also.
          Handwritten, 20 leaves.
Miller, Maj. Gen. Luther D.
        U.S. Army Chief of Chaplains, 1947
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Miller, P. L. NSR
       see  New Haven, West Virginia. Mason Pastorate
Ministry SR
            To the churches for young men and for funds to educate them.
          Printed, 1 piece.
Ministry of the Word, The SR
       see  Gregory, Caspar Rene
Minnesota NSR
       see  Heyer, C. Frederick
Missionary Alliance SR
        ‑‑Letters, 1894‑1895
Concerning a forthcoming convention of all Lutheran seminaries to form a type of missionary alliance being proposed by Gettysburg students.
          Handwritten, 33 leaves.
Missionary Lutheran NSR
       see  Baugher, Henry Louis
Missionary Society SR
       see  Howard Tract Society
       see  Liberia, Monrovia
Moeller, Heinrich, 1749‑1829. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in New York
        ‑‑Letter, July 9, 1802
From Albany to Friderick Legrantie and the other Elders and Deacons of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation at Hellenberg, making arrangements to preach for the first time in his new charge. Gift of G. E. Swope, Newville, Pa.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, April 16, 1814
From Bern, N.Y. to the Trustees, Elders and Deacons of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Guilderland, under the Hellenberg, promising to preach for them Ascension Day. He signs his name as Inspector of the Western Churches of the State. Presented by G. E. Swope, Newville, Pa.
          Handwritten, German, 2 leaves.
Moeller, Johann Friederich, 1773‑1833. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, January 15, 1829
From Chambersburg, Pa., stating that Barnitz has a deposit of gold in the bank. However, Moeller wishes a certificate of proof that the money has been deposited. He is enclosing a cashier's certificate showing that he has given 20 shares.
          Handwritten, German script, 1 leaf.
Mohr, Col.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Molther, Johannes NSR
        Lutheran(?) clergyman in New York(?)
            To Jacob Werner, Charles Scrafford and Jacob Engdenthal,
representatives of the Lutheran congregations in Hellenberg and Beaverdam, N.Y., declining a call. Presented by G. E. Swope, Newville, Pa.
          Handwritten, German, 1 leaf.
Monk, Christian NSR
        ‑‑Letter, December 23, 1817
From Albany, N.Y., to Frederick Crounse, Guilderland, opposing action the synod plans to take giving the power in the churches to the minister, elders, and deacons. His objection is that as long as "we are Lutherans we wish to
have no connection with rules and laws of other churches," referring to the Episcopal and Reformed churches.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Monongahela Republican
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Monrovia, Liberia
       see  Liberia, Monrovia
Morhart, C. C. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Ohio
        ‑‑Translation, ca. 1919
Of Martin Chemnitz' Enchiridion, Handbook of the Principal Chief Parts of the Christian Religion. Presumably sent to A. R. Wentz for his consideration, who, in turn, sent the book to T. E. Schmauck for his evaluation. Letter accompanies.
          Handwritten, 213 leaves.
Morris, Carl (Charles A.), 1792‑1874. SR, NSR
        Licensed Lutheran clergyman, withdrew because of ill health
        ‑‑Letter NSR
To Dr. Luke Rouse and others of the council of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church of York, Pa., chiding them for their lack of activity in the public and private prayer meetings and asking for future support. Presented by Dr. Gotwald.
          Handwritten, 4 leaves
        ‑‑Letter, September 9, 1839 SR
From York, Pa., to Samuel S. Schmucker concerning statement of finances.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Preaching license, June 8, 1814 NSR
Granted in Easton, Pa., by the Pennsylvania Ministerium, with renewals. Bears signatures of Daniel Kurtz, George Lochman and Christian Endress.
          Printed, German, 1 piece.
       see also  Helmuth, Justus Henry Christian NSR
Morris, John Gottlieb, 1803‑1895. SR, NSR, BD, BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland, part‑time instructor at Gettysburg Seminary, founder of Lutheran Historical Society, Lutheran Observer
        ‑‑Clippings and pictures BD
Regarding the 400th Anniversary of Luther's birth, November 10, 1883.
          Handwritten introduction.
       see also  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
        ‑‑Letters and scrapbook, 1 box. BX+
       see also  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
                 Keller, Benjamin SR
                 Lutheran Home Missionary Society NSR
                 Mumford, Sylvester SR
Mott, John Raleigh, 1865-1955.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Mount Vernon, New York. Wartburg Orphan's Farm School NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch
            Included is a portion of a printed prospectus.
          Handwritten, 3 pieces.
Muhlen, Heinrich NSR
       see  Falckner, Justus
Muhlenberg, Frederick Augustus NSR
       see  German Society of Philadelphia
Muhlenberg, Gothilf Henry Ernst NSR
       see  Early, John William
Muhlenberg, Henry Augustus, 1782‑1844. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, later a congressman
        ‑‑Letter, February 7, 1828
From Reading to Gabriel Hiester, Surveyor General, Harrisburg, Pa., requesting that he intercede with the governor to appoint Joseph Spayd as Deputy Attorney General for the county. Gift of Dr. Anna Seescholtz, July 20, 1942.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior, 1711‑1787. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and environs
        ‑‑Baptismal Certificate, May 19, 1754
Of Isaac Meier, son of Isaac and Susanna Meier, Lancaster, Pa.
          Handwritten, German, 1 piece.
        ‑‑Baptismal Certificate, after 1773
Of the seven children of Johann Georg Odenwald and wife Elisabet, Lancaster, Pa.
          Handwritten, German, 1 piece.
        ‑‑Biographical sketch
            Incomplete. Latter part resembles eulogy.
          Handwritten, 5 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, August 6, 1747
From Providence, Pa., to father‑in‑law Conrad Weiser, discussing ordination and also personal generalities. Gift of Reuben Weiser, 1850.
          Handwritten, German, 1 leaf. Translation accompanies.
        ‑‑Charter (copy), June 9, 1769
Issued by George III through William Franklin, Governor of New Jersey in the handwriting of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. Zion, Oldwick, N.J. Gift of C.G. Empie on behalf of the Zion Church, January 17, 1925.
          Handwritten, 8 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, December 10, 1767
From Philadelphia to the wardens and vestries of the United Lutheran Churches in New Germantown and Bedminster, N.J., suggesting ways to keep their churches operating smoothly between ministers.
          Handwritten, German, 2 leaves. Translation accompanies.
        ‑‑Letter, September 22, 1771
            From Philadelphia to someone in either the Bedminster or New
Germantown congregations protesting accusations of removing a bond and explaining his procedure.
          Handwritten, German, 2 leaves. Translation accompanies.
        ‑‑Letter, September 22, 1772
From Philadelphia to the officers of Zion Church, Oldwick, N.J., concerning his being accused of deceiving the church by removing a bond.
          Handwritten, German, 2 leaves. Translation accompanies.
        ‑‑Letter, October 26, 1772
From Philadelphia to the honorable leaders and members of the incorporated German evangelical congregations of Zion and St. Paul's Churches in Tewksbury and Bedminster, N.J., regarding the call of Pastor P. Gerock.
          Handwritten, German, 2 leaves. Translation accompanies.
      see also  Krug, Johann Andreas
Muhlenberg, John Peter Gabriel
       Lutheran clergyman and Revolutionary War hero
       --Newspaper clippings, Shenandoah Herald, Woodstock, Virginia,
            1926. 2 envelopes of originals (bad shape) + 2 envelopes of
            copies of originals. NSR
Muhlenberg Mission, Monrovia, Liberia, Africa NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch by Rev. I. Imhoff
            "Of the founding of the mission in Africa by Morris
          Handwritten, 11 leaves.
       see also Day, David A.
Mumford, Sylvester, 1812‑    . SR
        Wayneville, Georgia, businessman and planter
        ‑‑Letters, May‑November, 1885
Between Mumford and John G. Morris concerning a proposed lectureship.
          Handwritten, 32 leaves.
Music BD
       see  Anonymous ‑‑Notebook
       see also  Brooks, Phillips NSR
                 Seith, Jacob M. NSR
Muslim Prayer Ritual BD
        ‑‑In the Central Asian Turkic language (a Persian dialect). The book dates to the 17th century.
Myers, Jacob Martin, 1904‑1991. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 1 box.

National Historical Society NSR
        ‑‑Certificate (May 8, 1915)
Designating the Theological Seminary Library, Gettysburg, Pa., as a founding member. Signed by Frank Allaben, ed. of the Journal of American History. Accompanying letter from Dr. Charles Glatfelter, Gettysburg, describes the organization.
          Printed, 2 pieces.
Nellis, Peter S., 1821-1901. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 1 box.
New Castle, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania NSR
        ‑‑Paper, August 7, 1854
A copy of a paper drawn up under the administrations of President Franklin Pierce and Governor William Bigler which was laid in a cornerstone in the building of a new church.
          Handwritten, German script, 1 piece.
New Germantown, New Jersey. Zion Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, August, 1870
Written by the Reverend Jacob C. Düy, pastor of the church from 1853‑72.
          Handwritten, 4 leaves.
New Haven, West Virginia. Mason Pastorate NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, February 16, 1922
Of the Mason Pastorate: St. Paul's, New Haven, Zion (Broad Run), St. Mark's (White), and New Hope, Ohio, by the Reverend P. L. Miller.
          Handwritten, 4 leaves.
New Market, Frederick County, Maryland. E.L.C. NSR
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
New York, New York. Original Lutheran Congregation NSR
        ‑‑Papers (Oversize. In Vault, in blue box)
          1) Petition to Governor Dongan, ca. 1682‑83
          2) Justus Falckner's Ordination Certificate, November 25, 1703. (Latin)
          3) Letter, October 17, 1704, from clergy of the Church of England in New York to Society for the
             Propagation of Gospel in Foreign Parts, asking help for Justus Falckner.  Copy in Falckner's
             hand with notation about mailing of the letter.
          4) Contract with parish of Quassaich, November 30, 1704, to lend them their pastor twice a year.
          5) Lease, September 14, 1744, of part of the Glebe of Quassaich.
          6) Explanation of above contract, ca. 1751
          7) through 11): 5 papers, 1826‑1827, regarding business in St. James which split off from the
             original German congregation (later known as St. Matthew's).
             Handwritten, 11 pieces.
       see also  Falckner and Berkenmeyer
Newman, Father William Andrew, O.P.
       see  Hoffman, Bengt R. BX
Newspaper SR
       see  Sophronian
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Nicely, George W., 1877-1967.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Nicholson, Col. John P.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Niemoller, Martin, 1892‑1984. NSR, SR
        German clergyman who survived Nazi persecution and later became
          president of the World Council of Churches
        ‑‑Letter, March 15, 1946
From Oberhessen, Germany, to Margaret Cane thanking her for publishing his sermons in England during World War II.
          Handwritten, English, 1 leaf. NSR
        --Newspaper article, February 13, 1947, Visit to Seminary SR
      see also  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Niesel, Wilhelm
      see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Northrup, B. G.
      see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Nott, E.
      see  Otsego, New York
Nygren, Anders, Bishop, 1890-1978.
      see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX

O Little Town of Bethlehem
       see  Brooks, Phillips NSR
Obituaries of Pastors BD
        ‑‑Scrapbook form
Oehrle, Benjamin, 1804‑1827. SR
        Member of first class at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Letters, December 21, 1826‑April 16, 1827
From Gettysburg to his family. Letters printed in pamphlet by parents as a memorial after his early death. Gift of
J. W. Early, December 8, 1902. Letter of presentation included.
          Printed, 9 leaves. Pamphlet in German but translation with footnotes by Dr. Robert H. Fischer,
          Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, accompanies the item.
       see also book in general collection. BX8080 .O2 I6
Officer, Morris, 1823‑1874. NSR, BX
        Lutheran missionary in Africa
        ‑‑Journals, 1852‑1854 and 1859‑1874, 2 boxes. BX
          Includes some correspondence regarding the journals.
       see also  Muhlenberg Mission NSR
Ogline (Fox), Alice Bruner
       see  Fox, Alice Bruner (Ogline) NSR
Ohio NSR
       see  Miami Synod
Oldenwald, Johann Georg
       see  Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior
Old Traveller NSR
       see  Dulheuer, Henry
Oldwick, New Jersey. Zion Church NSR
       see  Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior
Olsen, Grild(?)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
On Infant Baptism SR
       see  Billheimer, Thomas Charles
OSS (World War II -- Europe)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Oswald, Solomon, 1811‑1876. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland, later professor and businessman
            Text: Romans 3:28
          Handwritten, 7 leaves.
Otsego, New York. Hartwick Seminary NSR
        ‑‑Papers (Vault, Oversize)
          1) Lease dated February 2, 1795.
          2) Booklist, 1799, of John Christopher Hartwick.
          3) Agreement, August 4, 1804, builders with the Lutheran Church at Albany to build academy.
          4) Nomination, September 6, 1804, of Jeremiah van Rensselaer naming his successor.
          5) Letter, August 26, 1807, from Frederick G. Meyer to J. G. Knauff about complaints.
          6) Letter, April 26, 1808, Anthony T. Braun to J. van Rensselaer for aid.
          7) Codicil to will, July 16, 1808, Jeremiah van Rensselaer (marked as copy in other hand).
          8) Letter, March 7, 1810, from J. G. Knauff to Killian van Rensselaer about a claim against the
             French government. (copy)
          9) Letter, April 12, 1810, from Killian van Rensselaer to J. G. Knauff in reply to #8.
         10) Inventory, May 24, 1810, of Hartwick estate.
         11) Letter, August 28, 1810, from F. Quitman to J.G. Knauff concerning lawsuit.
         12) Plan of Incorporation, 1815.
         13) Letter, August 24, 1815, asking E.L. Haselius to become
             administrator or principal of the Academy. (copy)
         14) Letter, September 5, 1815, from Augustus Wackerhagen to J.G. Knauff naming trustees.
         15) Schedule of property, September 5, 1816.
         16) Letter, September 27, 1816, from E. Nott of Union Collegeto J.G. Knauff about books
             designated for the seminary and given instead to the college.
Our Church Paper, edited by W. E. Hubbert
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Oxnam, Garfield B., Bishop, 1891-1963.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX

Pap, Lazlo
        Reformed (Hungary)
       see Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Papal Seal NSR
       see Basilica of St. John Laterano
Parent Education Society of the E.L.C. in the U.S. BX+
        ‑‑Papers, includes loans and records, 2 boxes.
Paris, HRH Comte de
       see Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Parker, Geo. T.
       see Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Parson, George, 1819-1897. BX+
        Graduate of Gettysburg College (1842) and Gettysburg Seminary 
          (1844); clergyman in the greater central Pennsylvania area 
          (1844-1884); president and treasurer of several "District
          Synods"; and Board of Directors, Gettysburg Seminary (April 
          1850 and 1870-1874)
        --Approximately 463 hand-written sermons;
        --"Brief Historical Sketches of the Churches in the Muncy 
            Charge," dated Muncy August 1, 1855;
        --1879 Constitution & By-Laws of the Susquehanna Synod, ELC
        --Official letter of Thanks from Zion Evangelical Lutheran 
            Church on Parson's retirement, dated Sunbury Oct. 13th, 1884;
        --Several letters, essays, speeches (including one to the Alumni
            of Gettysburg College in 1868), and a few miscellaneous 
            items. 4 boxes.
Parson, William Edwin NSR
       see Houghton, Miss D.
            Washington, D.C., Church of the Reformation
Passavant, Wilhelm Alfred, 1821‑1894. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Baptismal certificate, December 5, 1821
          Handwritten, German script, 1 piece. Translation accompanies.
Patterns for Weaving BD
       see Anonymous ‑‑Notebook
Patterson, Jefferson & Mary Marvin Breckinridge
        Wedding at Berlin Embassy 1939
       see Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX     
Paulssen, Bertha, 1891‑1973. SR, BX+
        Professor of Christian Sociology and Psychology at Gettysburg Seminary
        --Personal paper, letters, sermons. BX 1
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, some photos included, 15 boxes. BX+
        --Papers, partially sorted, 4 boxes BX
        --Student papers (1946-1956), 8 boxes BX
       see also  Hale, J. Russell BX
                 Hoffman, Bengt SR
                 Koons, Robert W., Jr. BX (folder 18 – 8)
                 Student Reunions. Class of 1944. Photo. (Seminary Archives)
Peery, Thomas Benton, 1898-1970 NSR
       Lutheran clergyman in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Louisiana
       --Letter, January 9, 1924, written to Harold Philip Bell from
           Gettysburg, Pa., while attending the Seminary
Pennsylvania College NSR
       see Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania College
       see also Metzler, Elder John
            Stoever, Martin Luther
Père Hyacinthe, 1827-1912
       (Charles John Marie Loyson)
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Perthes & Besser SR
        ‑‑Bill, October 6, 1832
From book dealer in Hamburg, Germany to the Seminary for books purchased. Fifteen per cent deduction allowed since the books were used.
          Handwritten, German script, 1 leaf.
Peter, M. L. NSR
       see  Westernport, Maryland. Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church
Petition of Germans in N. Carolina NSR
        ‑‑"Petition of Germans in N. Carolina, in 1771, and Memorial of 
            Gov. Tryon, to the London Society for the Propagation of the 
            Gospel in Foreign Parts."
          Handwritten, certified copy, stamped with the seal of Rowan 
            Superior Court of Law, North Carolina, 29 April 1889.
            Original at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Salisbury, N.C.
            Leatherbound, 31 leaves. Presented to the Lutheran 
            Historical Society, May 1, 1889, by Charles B. King.
Petitions SR
        ‑‑Student appeals, 1840‑1923
            A variety of requests concerning vacations, public speaking, boarding, etc.
          Handwritten, 1 typescript, 18 pieces.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. St. Michael's and Zion's Lutheran Church     NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, 1843
            In chronological outline.
          Handwritten, 10 leaves.
            Describing Jubilee to be arranged. Committee members listed.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 pieces.
        --Original Charters (9/25/1765 and 3/3/1780), copies of
Philadelphia Bible Society SR
       see  Bibles
Picking, Henry A. NSR
       see  Gotwald, Washington Van Buren
Picking, H. C.
       see  Valentine, Milton. --Letter
Planting of the Swedish Church in America NSR
       see  Biorck, Tobias Eric
Pohlman, Dr.
       see  Stall, Sylvanus
Population Turnaround Conference
       see  Hale, J. Russell BX
Portage, Pennsylvania. Wilmore Charge NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, 1890
            Covering Wilmore, Summer Hill, Jackson, Portage and Lillys.
          Handwritten, 5 leaves.
Porter, A. G.
       see Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Pottsville, Pennsylvania. English Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Protocol, 1834
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Pressel, ?
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Présirege Conference
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Princeton Theological Seminary NSR
       see  Green, Woodhull Henry 
            McCosh, James
Probst, George Christian, 1829‑1912. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Ordination certificate, October 18, 1859
            From the Alleghany Synod.
          Printed, 1 piece.
       see also Toubner, Charles

Quadricentennial of the Reformation NSR
        see Söderblum, Nathan
Quadricentennial of the Reformation BX+
        see Central Pennsylvania Synod Archives. United Lutheran Church 
              in America. Quadricentennial Celebration of the
              Reformation. (housed behind Wentz Papers in 3rd stacks)
Quassaich, New York, Parish of
       see New York, New York

Raby, Peter, 1821‑1884. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, May 21, 1861
From York, Sulphur Springs to Dr. (C.A.) Hay concerning the churches at Columbia and Marietta and criticizing Dr. Dorsey in his ministry there.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Rach, H. SR
        Inspector Ecole
        ‑‑Letter, October 23, 1919
From Washington, D.C., to the Dean and one to the Students of the Seminary. Thanks are expressed for their cordial reception in the name of the Commission of the Lutheran Church in France. Meeting with students and faculty was especially memorable. He sends blessings for their work in the parish upon graduation.
          Handwritten, French, 2 leaves.
Ramage, Carroll Johnson, 1874‑1937. SR
        Lutheran layman, judge in South Carolina and trustee of Newberry College
        ‑‑Letter, May 1937
To Gettysburg Seminary, in praise of three of his former teachers at Newberry: Junius Bost Fox, 1860‑1900, graduate of Gettysburg College; George W. Holland, 1838‑1895, and Holmes Dysinger, 1853‑1944, graduates of Gettysburg Seminary.
          Original typed on cloth, with handwritten postscript, 1 leaf, 
            largely illegible. 3 typed copies, date unknown.
Ramapo, New Jersey NSR
       see  Hackensack and Ramapo, New Jersey
Rasmussen, Carl Christian, 1890‑1992. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., and 
          professor at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Papers, 14 boxes.
Reck, Henry, 1829‑1881. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, June 27, 1861
From Pittsburgh, Pa., to Dr. (C. A.) Hay sending charter of the Orphan's Home and Orphan's Farm School and defending the "Missionary" as a good church paper.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Reed, Luther D., 1873‑1972. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Philadelphia Seminary
        ‑‑Thesis outline
            Entitled "Our Church Music ‑ A Study of Principles and Forms."
          Mimeographed, 4 leaves.
Reed, Myron
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Regini, Lawrence, 1897‑1924. NSR
        Lutheran missionary for the Pittsburgh Synod
        ‑‑Diaries, 1920, 1922
          Handwritten, 2 pieces.
Reimensnyder, John Milton, 1847‑1943. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, June 1 1907
From Milton, Pa., to H. C. Picking accepting the invitation to deliver the Holman Lecture.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
Reinsel children
        Children of President of Church Council, American Church in Berlin, 1939
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Remensnyder, Junius Benjamin, 1841‑1927. SR, NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania, editor and author
        ‑‑Letter, December 2, 1922 SR
From New York to John Singmaster asking for the legal title of the Seminary so he can remember it in his will.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon NSR
            Titled "The Sojourn of Man on Earth is Short."
          Handwritten, 10 leaves.
Rensselaer, Jeremiah van
       see  Otsego, New York
Rensselaer, Killian
       see  Otsego, New York
Removal of Gettysburg Seminary SR
        ‑‑Reprint, May 27 and June 3 (?)
Of an article appearing in the Lutheran Observer. The question is stated and discussed.
          Printed, 1 piece.
Repass, Stephen Albion, 1838-1906.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Revolutionary War NSR
       see  Anonymous. Sermon, July 31, 1775.
Reynolds, General John F., d. 1863. SR
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Reynolds, William Morton, 1812‑1876. SR, NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, Illinois and New Jersey, later became an Episcopal priest
        ‑‑Letter, April 24, 1844 (copy) SR
To Charles A. Morris accepting his resignation as treasurer of the Board, and to Frederick W. Smith informing him that he has been elected treasurer of the Board. Reynolds at this point was secretary of the Board.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, June 17, 1845 NSR
From Gettysburg to John L. Snyder, Somerset, acknowledging receipt of $50 on C. F. Heyer's account and mentioning that Heyer wants to return from India.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Rhodes, Mosheim, 1837‑1924. BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Missouri
        ‑‑Diaries, 2 volumes. August 29, 1894‑May 12, 1895.
                               May 14, 1895‑December 17, 1896.
        ‑‑Sermons, St. Louis, Mo., January 4, 1885‑March 12, 1904.
       see also Croll, Philip Columbus   BX+
Rice, John Henry, 1907–1970. BX ++, NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania; graduate of Gettysburg
          College (1930) and Gettysburg Seminary (1933).
        --Scrapbook of 30th Anniversary of Ministry, includes letters of
            well wishing from prominent Lutherans. 1 box.
        --Letter. (copy), dated September 9, 1951 to brother Carl about
            rural ministry.
Richard, James William, 1843‑1909. BX
        Lutheran clergyman, professor at Carthage College and Wittenberg and Gettysburg Seminaries
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 1 box.
       see also Vatican Library
Richards, John W., 1803‑1854. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, grandson of H. M. Muhlenberg
        ‑‑Letter, August 20, 1831
From New Holland to ? suggesting that an article be written by Schmucker or someone else which would present a better explanation of Lutheran doctrines than is currently available. This could, in turn, be used in various encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Richter, Ernst G. J., 1831‑1901. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Connecticut and Massachusetts, member of 
          the German Hymn Book Committee of the General Synod
        ‑‑Letter, May 23, 1891
From Waterbury, Conn. to the General Synod, in session at Lebanon, Pa., concerning the need for a revision of the Deutsches Gesangbuch ... first published by L. A. Wollen­weber in 1849, and enclosing an outline of a plan for such a revision.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        --Manuscript: "Entwurf eines Planes ..."
          Handwritten, German, 36 p.
Riddleberger, Jim
        Chief of Berlin Embassy Section (1939)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Rings, William Refus, 1898‑19‑‑. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Indiana and Ohio and chaplain in the army
        ‑‑Letter, November 7, 1927
From Rockport, Ind., to A. R. Wentz, Gettysburg, enclosing an article "Lincoln and the Church" and photographs of Thomas Lincoln's church membership. The article argues that
A. Lincoln's godliness was due to the religious character of his home life and that his heart was too big to be bound by narrow denominationalism.
          Typescript, 7 leaves plus 2 photographs.
Rizer, Peter, 1812‑1886. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Ohio, Maryland, Indiana, New Jersey, New 
          York and Pennsylvania, missionary to the Cherokees and chaplain
            From the American Home Missionary Society for $400 to minister in Corydon, Ind.
          Printed, 1 piece.
        ‑‑Letter, December 11, 1840
From Friedens Church, Pa., to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., asking if a fellow‑pastor, Guistiniani, a former Roman Catholic and Italian nobleman, might borrow $10 or $15. He also asks for a change in the preaching schedule.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, May 11, 1841
From Baltimore to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., reviewing events of the General Synod the day before and comments on the state of mind of C. F. Heyer and the debate about his mission work.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, May 19, 1845
From Philadelphia to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., giving an account of the General Synod meeting.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
       see also  Witt, Samuel David
Roanoke, Virginia. Roanoke College NSR
From the Board of Trustees refusing to relax the required chapel rule as per student petition.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
       see also  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Roanoke, Virginia. St. Mark's E.L.C. NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, October 30, 1917
            By Thomas W. Miller, delivered at the 50th anniversary of the congregation.
          Typescript, 13 leaves.
Roca, Canon, of Paris.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Rudisill, Andrew Jackson, 1867‑1927. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in New York and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Certificate, May 20, 1904
From the Susquehanna Synod naming Rudisill as a member of the Board of Directors of the Seminary.
          Printed, 1 piece.
Rukassigada, King BD (on 3rd shelf over)
        ‑‑Story of the king written on palm fronds, probably 19th century. Written in Telegu language.
Ruthrauff, Frederick, 1796‑1859. BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Sermons, February 12‑June 5, 1843. Notes by Matthias Sheeleigh.

Sadler, Wesley Leonadis, 1909-1994. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman, missionary to Africa, and literacy expert.
        6 boxes (inventory in box 1)
        --College related materials, Seminary, honorary degrees, correspondence.
        --Literacy materials
        --Loma Language materials
        --Kitwe, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia)
        --"African Features"
        --Papua, New Guinea
        --Sumatra, Indonesia
        --Articles, etc. on Language, Literacy and Literature
        --Salobemlinu language (WLS made-up language)
            St. Louis, Missouri. Concordia Theological Seminary NSR
        ‑‑Diploma facsimile, April 21, 1887
For Julius Johannes August Friedrick. The facsimile is  one‑third normal size, and it contains the last words penned by Dr. C. F. W. Walther. Letter of presentation to the Missouri Historical Society accompanies item.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
St. John’s E. L. C. at Clover
       see  Williamsburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania
St. Philip Neri Congregation, Castello de Rasiglia, Diocese of Foligno, Italy NSR
Handlettered, Italian, 16 leaves. Translation of outline accompanies.
Salem, H. C. NSR
       see  Gustavus Adolphus
Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Killinger, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
       see Killinger, Pennsylvania
Samuels, Joseph H. SR
        ‑‑Letter, December 9, 1840
From Red Banks, Virginia, to S. S. Schmucker, Gettysburg, talking about the judgments obtained in the Superior Court in the name of Mr. Barnitz for the use of Gettysburg Seminary against the estate of William Steenbergen the elder.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Sanderson, John Emmel, 1903‑    . SR
       Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, librarian at Gettysburg 
         Seminary, 1934‑46, demitted ministry 1955
        ‑‑Paper, n.d.
            "The Church Organ"
          Typescript (carbon copy), 7 leaves.
        ‑‑Paper, [1943?]
            "The Small Church Organ: A New Conception"
          Typescript (carbon copy), 12 leaves.
Sandstedt, Daniel H., 1916‑    . SR
        Lutheran clergyman and professor at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Installation lecture, March 31, 1970
            "The Lutheran Church and Clinical Pastoral Education"
          Typescript, 12, [5] leaves. Published in Bulletin, vol. 50, no. 3, August 1970, p. 4‑21.
        ‑‑Paper, May 1, 1967
            "Hospital Administration" delivered at the University of 
            Pittsburgh, School of Hospital Administration.
          Typescript (carbon copy), 21 leaves.
 Sanford, Annie Evaline, 1873‑1961. BX+
        Lutheran missionary in Hindu Girls' School, Guntur, India
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, numerous photographs included, 1 box.
Sassaman, Robert S. 1914-1996. BX
       Lutheran clergyman, Pennsylvania; Chaplain, USN
       --Personal papers, sermons and prayers
Sassaman, Robert W. 1941-2002 BX
       Lutheran clergyman, Pennsylvania
       --Personal papers, class notes on professors Eric Gritsch and
          Bengt Hoffman
Savage, M. J.
        Church of the Unity
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Schaeffer, Charles Frederick, 1807‑1879. SR, NSR, BD, BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Ohio and Pennsylvania and professor at
          Gettysburg Seminary and Philadelphia Seminary
        ‑‑Lectures. BD
        ‑‑Letter, August 9, 1864 SR
From Gettysburg to the Board of Directors stating that the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Pennsylvania may establish a seminary in the future and that he may be called to serve there.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, September 12, 1864 SR
To the Board of Directors of the Seminary submitting his resignation as German professor so he can accept the appointment as chairman of the faculty at Philadelphia Seminary. He mentions also that he is very anxious "to withdraw from this exposed border region."
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Translation SR
From Zeller's Biblisches Worterbuch, an article on "Marriage from a Sociological View." See Evangelical Review, XVI, 1865, p. 526 ff.
          Handwritten, 18 leaves.
       see also  Accident, Maryland NSR
                 Jeffersontown, Kentucky. Lutheran church. NSR
                 Lutheran Historical Society, Gettysburg BX+.‑‑in Box 1
                 (“Present Transition–state of the Evangelical
                 Lutheran church…”–address given in 1853 to the
                 Historical Society of the General Synod)
Schaeffer, Charles W., 1813-1896.
       see   Croll, Philip Columbus  BX+
Schaeffer, Frederick David, 1765‑1836. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Biographical sketch
By the Reverend Charles Frederick Schaeffer, his son. Unsigned, but in his hand.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Schaff, Philip, 1819‑1893. NSR
        Professor at Union Seminary, New York, author, earlier Reformed 
          pastor who turned Presbyterian in 1870
        ‑‑Letter, February 17, 1883
From New York in defense of an article he wrote on Church History in The Lutheran (1883). He protests that he was not being unfair to the Lutherans and that next to Paul he most admires Martin Luther.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Scherer, J. A. B. SR
       see Brown, James Andrew
Scherer, Jacob, 1785–1860
       Old Father Scherer, son of Frederick.
       see  Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
Scherer, Jacob, 1816‑1851. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Indiana and Illinois
        ‑‑Biographical sketch, December 21, 1851
By the Reverend Francis S. Springer. Notes from which a
brief memoir was made for publication in the Evangelical Review, February, 1854.
          Typescript, 6 leaves.
       see also Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
(Scherer) Cronk, Katherine
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Scherer, Melanchthon Gideon Groseclose, 1861‑1932. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and 
          West Virginia, professor at Southern Seminary
        ‑‑Grade reports, November 15, 1879, February 2, April 15, June 17, 1880, from Roanoke College.
          Printed, 4 pieces.
       see also  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Scherer, Simeon. 1819–1876
       Lutheran clergyman in Virginia and North Carolina.
       see   Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
Schmauk, Theodore Emanuel, 1860‑1920. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, March 26, 1910
From Lebanon, Pa., to W. E. Bachman concerning a General Council mission church in Harrisburg.
          Typescript, 3 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, November 30, 1918
From Lebanon, Pa., to Rev. Ralph H. Bergstresser, Hanover, Pa., concerning the inherent difficulties of assigning dates for the origins of Lutheran congregations.
          Typescript, signed, 3 leaves. (Found in A History of the 
            Lutheran Church in Pennsylvania (1638-1820), from the 
            Original Sources
by Theodore Emanuel Schmauk. Philadelphia:
            General Council Publication House, 1903, vol. 1. Sewn into 
            binding in front of p. 381 when book was rebound.)
Schmidt, Catharina NSR
        ‑‑Confirmation certificate, May 2, 1846
Issued by J. P. Schindel, Middleburg. Presented by the Reverend Dr. Paul R. Clouser of Middletown, Pa., May 22, 1964.
          Printed, 1 piece.
Schmidt, Henry Immanuel, 1806‑1889. SR 
  Lutheran clergyman in New Jersey and New York and professor of German at the Seminary
        ‑‑Letter, September 9, 1839
            From Gettysburg to the Directors of the Seminary.
          Handwritten, German script, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, August 25, 1852
From New York to Charles Philip Krauth mentioning prepara­tions for coming to Gettysburg and the completion of a book.
          Handwritten 1 leaf.
       see also Seminary Archives. Board of Directors. Reports to the Board
Schmidt, Herbert Henry, 1908‑1964. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Librarian at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 4 boxes.
Schmidt, J. F. BD
       see Anonymous ‑‑Notebook
Schmidt, J. Friedrich, 1746‑1812. BD
        ‑‑Kurtzgefasste Kirchen-geschichte des Neuen Testaments. I Theil.
            George Lochman's book (1773‑1826).
Schmucker, B. M. NSR 
       see   Schmucker, John George
       see also Collected Papers of S. S. Schmucker
                Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Schmucker, Constance (Connie), (12/5/1880-8/2/1978) NSR
        Granddaughter of Samuel Simon Schmucker
        --Letters to the Rev. James Tipton Family (1974-1977) and 1 photo (l974) with Schmucker bench
          Handwritten, 9 leaves.
Schmucker, John George, 1771‑1854. SR, NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Daybook, 1848. BD
        ‑‑Letter, January 19, 1847 NSR
From York, Pa., to Mrs. Anna Allison, Baltimore, commenting on Revelation and the Milennium which he believes is now beginning in the church.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, April 17, 1850 NSR
From York, Pa., to Beale Melanchthon in Martinsburg, Va., sending good wishes to his grandson for his work in Martinsburg and speaking briefly of his youth there.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon NSR
Text: Psalm 51:19, attributed to J.G.S. by a note in the hand of his son S.S.S., "By Rev. J. Geo. Schmucker in early life."
          Handwritten, German script, 8 leaves.
        ‑‑Sermon NSR
            Text: Ephesians 4:15.
          Handwritten, German script, 8 leaves.
        ‑‑Testimony, August 22, 1826 NSR
Concerning the good character of J. G. Schmucker and discounting rumors of forgery in the subscription book.  Addressed to the vestry of the Lutheran church in York, Pa.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
       see also Endress, Christian NSR
                Helmuth, John K. NSR
                Keller, Benjamin SR
                Sharretts, Major F. NSR
                Smyser, Philip SR
            and Collected Papers of S. S. Schmucker
Schmucker, Samuel Simon, 1799‑1873. SR, NSR 
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Virginia, founder of Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Appeal, April 21, 1840 SR
Of the faculty to the Board of Directors signed by S. S. Schmucker, C. P. Krauth, and H. I. Smith [Schmidt]. It contains 6 statements of misconduct of the Reverend Benjamin Keller and requests that an investigation be made if the Board questions any of the circumstances.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, March 4, 1830 SR
From Gettysburg to C. A. Barnitz, York, concerning salary, property, and other finances.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, March 30, 1830  SR
From Gettysburg to C. A. Barnitz, York, concerning finances, rent for the professor's house, etc.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
       see also  Evangelical Alliance NSR
                 Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
                 McLaughlin, Alexander SR
                 Morris, Carl SR
                 Samuels, Joseph H. SR
                 Sentman, Solomon SR
                 Weiser, Reuben B. SR
                 Wunderlich, J. SR
            and  Collected Papers of S. S. Schmucker
                 Seminary Archives. Board of Directors. Reports to the Board
Schneider, Paul (martyr), 1897-1939.
       see   Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Schober, Gottlieb 
       see   Shober, Gottlieb
Schrader, Johann Gottlieb Ferdinand,     ‑1827. NSR
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Schrader, Mrs. ?
        Wife of Naval Attache, Berlin Embassy, 1939
       see   Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Schwartz, Elias, 1815‑1892. BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Illinois, Maryland and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Journal, covering 40 years.
Schwartz, John William, 1834‑1919. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Grade reports, April 14, September, 1856, from Pennsylvania College.
          Printed, 2 pieces
Schweers, John A.
       see   Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Scudder, Edward N. NSR
        Attorney in Trenton, New Jersey
        ‑‑Letter, July 25, 1849
From Trenton, N.J., to the Reverend Dr. Demme, Philadelphia, asking his opinion whether Scudder should represent a Reverend Brandt in a proposed slander suit against a loud talker in a beer hall.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Seidel, William Christian, 1843‑1925. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Kansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Tennessee
        ‑‑Letter, November 20, 1920
From Sterling, Ill., to Dr. John Singmaster stating that he will send the first $50 payment from his land sale in Kansas for the Seminary Campaign Fund. Printed tract enclosed.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Postcard, December 14, 1920
From Sterling, Ill., to Dr. John Singmaster telling him the land deal was off. He still intends to send a check to the Seminary when he is able to dispose of his property in Kansas.
          Handwritten, 1 piece.
Seith, Jacob M. NSR
       --Piece of Music, 1838
         Handwritten in German, 1 leaf.
Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. Evangelical Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, March 11, 1877
By the Reverend H. B. Belmer, pastor of the church from 1874‑1881.
          Handwritten, 18 leaves.
"Selling Church in a Competitive Marketplace"
       see  Hale, J. Russell BX
Senate file NSR
        ‑‑Bill 407, June 2, 1832
            Mr. Morris ‑ Estates & Escheats.
          Printed, 1 leaf.
Sentman, Solomon, 1807‑1871. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, February 12, 1840
From Wittenburg Seminary (an alias for Gettysburg) to S. S. Schmucker listing reasons why Sentman should not take the Reverend Sprecher's church along with reasons why he should.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
       see  Alleman, Henry Snyder BX
            Anonymous NSR, BD
            Anspach, John Melanchthon NSR
            Bendle, Philip S., III BX
            Gottwald, Washington Van Buren NSR
            Koons, Robert W. BX
            Lecker, Johann BD
            Martens, Herbert BD
            Matthaus, Jacob Christian BD
            Millar, George Williams SR
            Oswald, Solomon NSR
            Parson, Geroge BX+
            Remensnyder, Junius Benjamin NSR
            Rhodes, Mosheim BD
            Ruthrauff, Frederick BD
            Sassaman, Robert S.
            Slifer, W. G. BX
            Steck, A. R. BX+
            Stuempfle, Herman G. BX
            Stroup, Herbert BX
            Titus, Timothy Tilghman BX+
            Washington, Illinois NSR
            Willard, Philip BX+
            Witmer, Charles NSR
            Zimmerman, Jeremiah
 see also  Sermons (typed copies) end of Record Groups
Sharretts, Edward Augustus, 1822‑1917. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Postcard, Sept. 4, 1896
From Fowlerville [sic], Pa., to Rev. Peter Born, Selinsgrove, Pa., concerning an upcoming conference.
          Handwritten, 1 piece.
Sharretts, Major F. NSR
        ‑‑Letter, January 19, 1826
From Carlisle to the Vestry of the Lutheran Church at York enclosing testimonies of himself and the vestry of his congregation as to how the damaging rumors about Dr. J. G. Schmucker got started.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Shatzer, C. G. SR
        General Secretary of Laymen's Movement for Stewardship, ULCA
        ‑‑Letter, May 15, 1925
From Springfield, Ohio, to John A. Singmaster, Gettysburg, telling of the Lutheran Laymen's Movement plan to assist 50 young men in preparation for the ministry. Application is enclosed.
          Typescript, 3 leaves.
Sheeleigh, Matthias, 1821‑1900. NSR, BD, BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 3 boxes. BX+
       see also  Brooks, Phillips NSR
                 Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
                 Ruthrauff, Frederick BD
Sheneman, Lloyd E., 1929-     . SR
      Assistant Professor of Christian Education at Seminary
       --Notes on lectures (1963 & 1969) retrieved from books in closet
           in Valentine Hall before Renovation, Summer 1998. Some
           handwritten, 20 leaves
       see also  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Sherrill, Henry Knox, Bishop, 1890-1980.
       see   Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Shindel, M. L. NSR
       see   Danville, Pennsylvania. Evangelical Lutheran Church
Shober, Gottlieb, 1756‑1838. SR, NSR
        A Moravian ordained to serve Lutheran congregations, 9 times 
          president of the North Carolina Synod
        ‑‑Letter, February 10, 1826 SR
From Salem, N.C., to Directors of the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary at Hagerstown.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves. Includes translation
 made in 1991 by Frances Cumnock, Staff Translator, Moravian Archives, Winston‑Salem, N.C.
       see also  Jenkins, William NSR
Shulze (Schultze), [John Andrew]
       Governor of Pennsylvania
       see   Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Sickles, Major-General Daniel E.
       see   Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Singer, John, 1831‑1855. NSR
            Penned within a coffin‑shaped sketch.
          Handwritten, 1 piece.
Singmaster, Elsie, 1879‑1958. SR
       see  Lewars, Elsie Singmaster
Singmaster, John Alden, 1852‑1926. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in New York and Pennsylvania and president of Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Papers, 4 boxes.
       see also Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
                Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Slifer, William Grant, 1868-1954. BX [11 boxes]
        Lutheran clergyman; grad of Gettysburg College and Gettysburg Seminary
        --Personal papers, certificates, sermons,
Sloat, Frank D.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Slocum, General Henry W. Slocum
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Sloop, John NSR
        Presented a set of hand‑lettered manuscripts to the Lutheran 
          Historical Society. Items are entered under the following titles:
     see     ‑‑Einfaeltiges Glaubens Bekaenntniss ... (#86)
             ‑‑Genovefa, History (#83)
             ‑‑Die Letzte Reise der Herrn ... (#84)
             -‑Das Traurige Gespraech Unsers Herrn Christi ... (#85)
                 (#84 and #85 are variants of one another.)
Smith, Ambrose C.
       see Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Smith, Henry NSR
        ‑‑Letter, June 28, 1845
From Chambersburg, Pa., to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., asking him to be an agent and sell Church Harmony, a music book, for him. Includes a note of recommendation from an Alexander Thompson, judge. Also included is a printed obituary of Thompson who died in 1848.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Smith, J. Few NSR
       see  Campbell, John Francis
Smith, John Abernathy NSR
       see  Evangelical Alliance
Smith, Rev. W. W.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Smithsonian Institution SR
       see  Henry, Joseph
Smyser, Philip SR
        Lay member of first Seminary Board
        ‑‑Letter, August 28, 1826
From York to J. G. Schmucker requesting that Smyser's term of service end in one year or sooner.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Snyder, Henry William, 1883‑1973. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.
        ‑‑Address, May 18, 1921
Entitled "Weekday Religious Instruction" and given before the Alumni Association at the Seminary.
          Typescript, 16 leaves.
       see also  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Snyder, Isabella NSR
       see  Heyer, C. Frederick
Snyder, John L. SR, NSR
        Somerset, Pennsylvania merchant and active Lutheran layman
        ‑‑Letters, early 1800's NSR
            Concerning business, political and personal matters.
          Handwritten, 1 in German script, 20 pieces.
       see also  Albach, J. William NSR
                 Baugher, Henry Louis NSR
                 Bishop, Henry NSR
                 Haverstick, Henry NSR
                 Heyer, C. Frederick NSR
                 Reynolds, William Morton NSR
                 Rizer, Peter NSR
                 Smith, Henry NSR
                 Witt, Samuel David SR, NSR
Society for the Promotion of Christian Union NSR
       see  Evangelical Alliance
Söderblum, Nathan, 1886‑1931. NSR
        Archbishop of Upsala, Sweden
        ‑‑Letter, August 17, 1917
From Upsala to the Reverend Howard R. Gold of the Joint Lutheran Committee on Celebration of the Quadricentennial of the Reformation, Philadelphia. Since the war prevents him from making a trip to America to join the celebration he expresses his feelings in a letter. Included are envelope and copy of cablegram sent in reply.
          Handwritten, 3 pieces.
        ‑‑Letter, October 7, 1925
From Upsala to "the Principal of the Theological Seminary of the United Lutheran Church, Gettysburg, Pa., in sympathy on the death of J. A. Clutz." He tells of the high esteem felt for the professor from America.
          Typescript, 2 leaves.
Sophronian SR
        ‑‑Student publication, February 23, 1832
            Volume 1, number 1. Gift of P. Rizer.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
South America
       see  Daugherty, Silas
            Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
South West Virginia Synod
       see  Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
Spaeth, Adolph, 1839‑1910. BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Philadelphia Seminary
        ‑‑Hermeneutics, lectures, transcribed by G. N. H. Peters, 1888. Other lectures.
Spangler, Jacob Monroe, 1899‑    . BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Hymns of the Common Service Book of the ULCA. Contains
            background information, biographical and historical data.
       --New Material BX – not in yet. RB 1/19/06
Spangler, Leah
       see  Stevens, Thaddeus
Spitler, John Kester BD
       see  Anonymous ‑‑Notebook
 Spittler, Christopher Friedrich, 1782‑1867. NSR
        Founded publication house and lending library ‑ worked on behalf of missions
        ‑‑Letter, July 30, 1849
            From Basel, concerning Geitz.
          Handwritten, German script, 1 leaf.
Sprague, DeWitt C.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Springer, Francis, 1810‑1892. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Illinois and Maryland, chaplain in the U.S. Army, educator
        ‑‑Address, June 14, 1881
To the Historical Society of the General Synod entitled "Lutheranism in the Valley of the Mississippi." Included is proof from the published copy appearing in Lutheran Observer, August 19, 1883, and related correspondence.
          Handwritten, 6 pieces.
Springer, Francis S. NSR
       see  Scherer, Jacob
Spurgeon, Chas. H.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Squires, Cemnach.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Stall, Sylvanus, 1847‑1915. NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in New York and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Correspondence, ca. 1884‑1890 NSR
Concerning historical data to be used in his various publications.
          Handwritten and printed, 70 pieces.
        ‑‑Letter NSR
To the students of the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg to be read at his grave by Dr. Pohlman. Note added saying that this was done on November 13, 1915.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Lutheran Encyclopedia, outline prepared, 1886. BD
       see also  Jesse, F. NSR
Stamm, Raymond Thomas, 1894‑1962. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Illinois and Pennsylvania and professor at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Papers, 8 boxes.
       see also  Seminary Archives
                 Presidential Papers, Professors, Stamm, ...
Star and Sentinel
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Stauch, Johannes, 1762‑1845. NSR
        First Lutheran clergyman west of the Alleghany Mountains
        ‑‑Autobiography translation, April 16, 1878
Compiled and translated from the German manuscript by his son, Dr. Samuel Stough, Waterloo, Ind.
          Handwritten, 20 leaves.
Steane, Edward NSR
       see  Evangelical Alliance
Stecher, Henry G., 1792‑1870. BD, BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Mathematics notebook, 1803. BD
        ‑‑Sermon manuscripts and notes, 2 boxes. BX
Steck, A. R. (Augustus Ryneal), 1861-1943. SR, BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in New Jersey, Indiana and Pennsylvania; 
          graduate of Gettysburg College (1882) and Gettysburg Seminary
          (1886); director of Gettysburg Seminary; president of the board of trustees, Irving College.
        ‑‑Letter, June 2, 1904. SR
From York, Pa., to Melanchthon Coover concerning the duties of the Secretary of the Seminary Board above and beyond the general secretarial duties, listing them for him.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        --Sermons and addresses, 12 boxes. BX+
            Old Testament Sermons, Boxes 1-4
            New Testament Sermons, Boxes 4-11
            Miscellaneous collection, misleadingly titled: "Christmas Sermons," Box 11
Addresses, papers, lectures, etc., Box 12 (inventory inside)
        --Sermons. 1924–1936, 2 boxes. BX. Delivered in Carlisle,
            Pennsylvania (List in Box 1).
Steck, Daniel, 1819‑1881. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland; Pastor of 
          St. James, Gettysburg, 1875‑1881; Seminary Board of Directors 1879, 1880.
        ‑‑Letter, December 24, 1844?
From "Wittenburg" Seminary, Gettysburg, to his father (Frederick Steck), Hughesville, Pa., discussing his plans for the holiday and his need for money before the present session ends, among other things. Includes a comment on Schmucker's political preferences.
          Photocopy of handwritten letter, 1 leaf, and an enlargement, 2 
            leaves, from Diane H. Bardsley, great‑great‑granddaughter of Frederick Steck.
Steck, John Michael, 1756‑1830. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, October 12, 1830
            To a congregation without a minister. He sends names of
recommendation, but better still he suggests the young scholar by whom the letter is delivered. He wants them to accept him for a year for all functions except baptism, confirmation and communion until the young man completes his work and is ordained. Purchased from Lester Mohr, Zelionople, 1933.
          Handwritten, German script, 1 leaf. Translation accompanies.\
Steimle, Augustus
       see  Board of Higher Education NSR
Stelling, Rev. Dr. [George F.], 1827-1884.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Stevens, E. C.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Stevens, Thaddeus, 1792‑1868.  SR, NSR
        Radical Republican congressional leader during reconstruction, resident of Gettysburg
        ‑‑Letter, June 3, 1831 SR
            From Gettysburg to Charles A. Barnitz, York, concerning the legacy of Leah Spangler.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, June 15, 1831
            From Gettysburg to S. S. Schmucker, Germantown, Pa.
            In S. S. Schmucker Collected Papers, #3231.0615
       see also  Stoever, Martin Luther NSR
Steward SR
        ‑‑Papers, 1837‑1886
Regarding the work of the Steward, contracts, complaints and letters pertaining thereto.
          Handwritten, 22 pieces.
Stiever, ?
       see  Stouchsburg, Pa.     
Stoever, Martin Luther, 1820‑1870. NSR, BX
        Lutheran professor at Pennsylvania College and editor of the Evangelical Quarterly Review
        ‑‑Letter, March 12, 1857 NSR
From Gettysburg to the Honorable Thaddeus Stevens thanking him for gift books presented to the college.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Notebook NSR
Lutheran publications:
  1) Newspaper clipping, "Periodical Publications in the Lutheran Church of America," n.d.
  2) Reprint of "List of Publications by Lutherans in the 
     United States," from the Evangelical Review, vol. XII, 
     no. 48, p. 542‑574, with leaves interspersed between 
     each leaf of the article, on which are written additional publications by Lutherans.
          Printed and handwritten, 1 piece and 34 leaves.
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 2 boxes. BX
       see also  Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
Stoneman, Mrs.
        Berlin Embassy, 1939
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Stork, Charles Augustus, 1838‑1883. SR, BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania and professor at Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Letter, October 6, 1868 SR
From Baltimore to William M. Baum declining the chair of New Testament Exegesis and Church History. He later accepted a position as Professor of Systematic Theology and Chairman of the Faculty.
        ‑‑Papers, partially sorted, 1 box. BX+
       see also  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Stork, Theophilus, 1814‑1874. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia
        ‑‑Letter, November 20, 1858
From Philadelphia to C. P. Krauth asking help in the decision whether to accept the presidency of Newberry College, S.C., or stay with his present church. J. A. Brown has also been asked to Newberry.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Story of Linwood, The.
       see  Gettysburg Academy SR
Stouchsburg, Pennsylvania. Zion (Reed's) Church NSR
Of the Power of Attorney in the Lithbecker and Stiever difficulties at the Reed's Church and of the Account of the Tulpehocken Confusion with note by Conrad Weiser. Letter accompanies.
          Typescript, mostly German, 9 leaves.
Stough, John NSR
       see  Stauch, Johannes
Stough, Dr. Samuel
       see  Stauch, Johannes
Streit, Sigismund, 1687‑1775. NSR
        ‑‑Biographical sketch
          Handwritten, German, 1‑1/2 leaves.
Strobel, Philip, 1812‑1882. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in North and South Carolina, Georgia and New York
        ‑‑Report, October 3, 1871
Of the matter between P. A. Strobel and the Synod of New Jersey, with extracts from the testimony as taken at the investigation, with a few comments on the testimony. Charges reviewed at Hartwick Synod convention, Sept. 25‑
Oct. 1, 1868. A marked, printed copy of minutes is attached.
          Handwritten, 13 leaves.
Strobert, Nelson T. BX
       Lutheran clergyman in Virgin Islands and Ohio and professor at Gettysburg Seminary
        --Course Materials and Correspondence, 1987-1990, 1 box.
Strock, John Roy, 1882‑1978. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and missionary to India
        ‑‑Letters, clippings, personal documents, 3 boxes. Additional 
            "Farewell" addresses in oversized Box 2 ++ above desk in 3rd stacks.
Strodach, Paul Zeller, 1876‑1947. NSR, BD
        Lutheran clergyman in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Notes NSR
            On the Incarnation. Found in a book.
          Handwritten, 1 piece.
        ‑‑Sources & Notations on the Common Service and Common Order.   BD
Stroup, Herbert W., Jr., 1919-2000. BX [7 boxes]
        Lutheran clergyman, professor and Dean at Gettysburg Seminary
        --Personal notes, letters, prayers, speeches and sermons
Student letters SR
       see  Hursh, Stephen
            Groseclose, Levi C. (Pennsylvania College)
            McLaughlin, Alexander
            Oehrle, Benjamin
            Sentman, Solomon
            Steck, Daniel
            Witt, Samuel David
Student papers SR
        ‑‑Examination questions and answers, Oct. 2, 1880
"Paper C," signature illegible. Covers I) Dogmatic Theology, II) Sacraments, IV) Evidences, V) Symbolics. Missing pages (9‑12) would include section III.
          Handwritten, 15 p. (p. 1‑8, 13‑[19])
Student publication SR
       see  Sophronian
Stuempfle, Herman G., Jr. 1923–2007. BX
       Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Maryland, Professor,
            Dean, and President of Lutheran Theological Seminary at
Stump, Adam, 1854-1922
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Summers, Jacob, 1813‑1884. BD
        Lutheran clergyman in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.
        ‑‑Legal vocabulary.
Sunday/Sabbath School Newspaper Collection (1861–1874) (G2010.003) BX+  [Finding Guide]
Susquehanna Synod of the E.L.C. in the U.S. North Branch Conference NSR
        ‑‑Program for the Conference, Oct. 26, 27, 28, 1885.
          Printed, 1 leaf. Found with postcard from Rev. E. A. 
            Sharretts, Sept. 4, 1896, to Rev. Peter Born.
Swartz, Christian Frederick, 1726‑1798. SR
        Missionary in India
        ‑‑Biographical sketch (#73 of the Society of Missions Papers)
By the Reverend George Yeager. (Missionary Paper written as student—-most of these are in Seminary Archives Collection)
          Handwritten, 6 leaves.
Swartz, Rev. Dr. Joel
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Swartz, William Paley, 1858-1915
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+

Tabler, John Thomas NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in North Carolina and Virginia
        ‑‑Letter, March 15, 1839
From Wythe Court House, Va., to Brother Bittle, probably David Frederick, asking if Bittle would translate some sermons of G. D. Flohr for a proposed book.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Taylor, General J. P.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Taylor (wrote poem)
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Teinonen, Professor Seppo A. (Helsinki)
       see  Hoffman, Bengt R. BX
Temperance NSR
       see  Anonymous ‑‑Lectures
            Banks, Daniel C.
Teufel, Karl Christian, 1908‑    . SR
        Graduate of Gettysburg Seminary, 1933, STM, 1935
        ‑‑Letter, June 8, 1984
To Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr., president of the Seminary. Accompanies Teufel's chart, "Two Centuries of Lutheran Synodical History, 1742‑1942."
          Typescript, 1 leaf, and 1 folded chart, 17 x 13 in. (Copy of 
            chart mounted on cardboard in archives office.)
T' Hooff, Visser
       see  Hooft, W. A. Visser 'T
T' Hooff, Xisser
       see  Hooft, W. A. Visser 'T
T' Hooft, W. A. Visser
       see  Hooft, W. A. Visser 'T
Thiel, Katherine E.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Thiel College NSR
       see  Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Thiel College
Thomas, J. BD
       see  Anonymous ‑‑Notebook
Thomas, Martin Edwin, 1882-     .
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Thompson, Alexander NSR
       see  Smith, Henry
Thurocsy, Bishop.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Titus, Timothy Tilghman, 1829‑1873. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Ohio, Maryland and Pennsylvania and professor at Hartwick Seminary
        ‑‑Sermons, 2 boxes.
Todd, Dr. John
       see  Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
Toledo, Ohio. German Ev. Lutheran Orphan Asylum NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Toubner, Charles, 1806?‑1891. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and California
        ‑‑Biographical sketch, September, 1892
            By George Christian Probst, pastor.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Tourgée, Albion Winegar, 1838-1905.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Trauger, J. L. (Agent)
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Traurige Gespraech Unsers Herrn Christi ..., Das NSR
        ‑‑Das Traurige Gespraech Unsers Herrn Christi, Mit seinen 
            Juengern Auf seiner letzten Reise zen Jerusalem Von seinem 
            bettern Leiden und Sterben Tod und Begraebniss: in vers wir 
            folget. n.d.
          Handlettered manuscript, 8 leaves, 48 verses.
          "Prest. by Capt. Jno. Sloop" written on t.p.
          #85 written on t.p.
       see also Die Letzte Reise des Herrn ... (variant of this work.)
                Sloop, John, for other titles in this set.
Treat, 1 Lieut. Chas. G.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Treysa Conference (Convention).
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Tributes to the Memory of Martin Luther, 1884 by Philip Columbus Croll
        --Related Correspondence
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Troxell, Millard Francis, 1851‑1933. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Colorado, Kansas, Illinois and Missouri
        ‑‑Letter, May 30, 1896
From Springfield, Ill., to the president and Board of Directors of the Seminary asking them to re‑open the case of Karl Joseph Grimm who was denied graduation because of a supposed want of faith in some of the fundamental doctrines of Christian religion.
          Handwritten, 6 leaves.
Tryon, Governor of N.C.
       see  Petition
Tulpehocken Church in Germany
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Tulpehocken Confusion NSR
       see  Stouchsburg, Pennsylvania. Zion (Reed's) Church
Turkle, Alonzo
       see  Board of Higher Education NSR
Tyrone, Pennsylvania NSR (also scans done)
       First English Lutheran Church
       --History prior to 1872 (copy)
       --Constitution 1872 (copy)
       --Petition to Judge 1881 (Certificate of Incorporation (copy)

       see  United Lutheran Church in America. ...
Ulrich, Brother
       see  Winecoff, Jesse
Unchurched in America, The
       see  Hale, J. Russell BX
United Lutheran Church in America. Board of Education.
       see  Markley, Mary Elizabeth BX
United Lutheran Church in America. Board of Education. Lutheran Student Association BX+
        ‑‑Records, 2 boxes.
United Lutheran Church in America. Board of Foreign Missions ‑ Council of Secretaries BX
        ‑‑Minutes, correspondence, 1940‑1951, 1 box.
       see also  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
United Lutheran Church in America. Board of Higher Education BX+
        ‑‑Records, 1918‑1927, general promotional materials and 
            recruitment materials for men for the ministry, 1 box.
       see also  Board of Higher Education NSR
United Lutheran Church in America. Board of Publication.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
United Lutheran Church in America. Commission for drawing up.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
United Lutheran Church in America. Common Service Hymnal BX
        ‑‑Committee papers and manuscript, 2 boxes.
United Lutheran Church in America. Luther League of Pennsylvania BX
        ‑‑Papers, 6 boxes plus 1 volume.
United Lutheran Church in America. Model Constitution for Congregations  BX
        ‑‑Revision, 1928, 1 box.
United Lutheran Church in America. Quadricentennial celebration of the Reformation BX+
        ‑‑Press clippings, publicity arranged by states, other assorted
            memorabilia, 9 boxes.
United Lutheran Church in America and others. Service Book and Hymnal    BX+
        ‑‑Papers used in preparation, 2 boxes.
UPC Publication House
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Utica, New York. St. Matthew E.L.C. BX
        ‑‑Papers, 1 box.

Valamo (monastery in Finland)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Valentine, Milton, 1825‑1906. SR, NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania, editor, author, professor at
           Gettysburg Seminary
        ‑‑Letter, February 13, 1894 SR
From Gettysburg to H. C. Picking instructing him to pay Mr. McLaughlin, bearer of the letter, the amount of his bill for pumping water.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        --Letter, November 18, 1901. SR
            From M. Valentine to Dr. Manhart explaining why he had not
            prepared the History of the General Synod which the Board of
            Publication requested him to do
        ‑‑Prospectus (1906) SR
Offering Valentine's Christian Theology, 2 vols. for $3.90. Includes a table of contents.
          Printed, 7 leaves.
        ‑‑Record, April 30, 1854‑December 31, 1855 SR
Of ministerial acts while in the area of Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pa.
          Handwritten, 18 leaves.
        ‑‑Reprint, January 1904 SR
Of an article entitled "The Relation of God to the World" from the Lutheran Quarterly. Written by Milton Valentine.
          Printed, 20 leaves.
       see also  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
                 Cronholm, Neander Nicolaus NSR
                 Klinefelter, Frederick SR
Value of Modern Skepticism to Christianity SR
       see  Billheimer, Thomas Charles
Van Rensselaer, Jeremiah
       see  Otsego, New York
Van Rensselaer, Killian
       see  Otsego, New York
Vatican Library. Rome NSR
From the Archives of the Secretary of the Vatican, a group of 15 articles concerning the Trinity and Sacraments. Supposedly from Father H. G. Ganss, Catholic priest, Carlisle, November 9, 1890 to J. W. Richards, Gettysburg. Cover letter missing. Vatican library location given in margin for articles.
          Handwritten, Latin, 4 leaves.
Vilbel Boys' Town (Germany)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Virginia, South West, synod
       see  Groseclose, Levi C. NSR
Vincent, Rupert NSR
       see  Livingstone, Robert Moffat
Wackerhagen, Augustus, 1774‑1865. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in New York
        ‑‑Letter, February 10, 1815
From Schoharie, N.Y., to Joseph Wetzel, Helleberg, sending hymnbooks and catechisms for Wetzel to sell within the congregation. Gift of G. Swope.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, November 4, 1837
From Clermont to the Reverend F. W. Geissenhainer, Jr. of New York. It is a letter of introduction for John Lutgen, former Roman Catholic priest, to the members of the mission board in hope that he may find a position, on a trial basis, if necessary.
          Handwritten 2 leaves.
       see also  Otsego, New York
Wagner, John, 1852‑1935. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Certificate, May 1905
From the Susquehanna Synod certifying that he was an elected member of the Board of the Seminary.
          Printed, 1 piece.
Wagner, Sally
        Berlin Embassy (l939)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Walter, Elizabeth J. NSR
       see  Gotwald, Washington Van Buren
Warner, B. H. ?
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Washington, George NSR
       see  Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Washington, D.C. Church of the Reformation NSR
        ‑‑Historical address, May 1, 1887
By the Reverend William Edwin Parson on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the church.
          Typescript, 25 leaves.
Washington, D.C. Grace College for Women (proposed) BX+
        (The Reverend William A. Kump, Secretary, Board of Directors.)
        ‑‑Papers, including minutes and other records, 1 box.
Washington, Illinois. St. John's Church NSR
        ‑‑Sermon, 1876
Text: 1 Peter II:5‑10. Preached on the 21st Sunday in Trinity in the centennial year (1876) of the establishment of the congregation, by the pastor, O. F. Ebert.
          Handwritten, German script, 3 leaves.
Watanabe, Kyoshi ( -2012)
       see  Johan Aberly BX (Box 4)
       see  World Council of Churches
Weaver, Francis Heyer, 1844-1928.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Webb, W. BD
       see  Anonymous ‑‑Notebook
Weddell, Rev. Dr. A. J.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Weekday Religious Instruction SR
       see  Snyder, Henry William
Weiser, Conrad
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
            Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior NSR
            Stouchsburg, Pennsylvania. Zion (Reed's) Church NSR
Weiser, Reuben B., 1807‑1885. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
        ‑‑Letter, August 18, 1852
From Chambersburg to S. S. Schmucker concerning Weiser's appointment to the alumni association and his address before the group.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
       see also  Croll, Philip Columbus
Weisgarten, Miss
       see  India Missions
Wentz, Abdel Ross, 1883‑1976. SR, BX (Must have permission to obtain access)
        Lutheran clergyman, professor and president of Gettysburg Seminary
        --Papers, 46 boxes.   Inventory in box 1. BX
        --Newspaper clipping of 1940 Seminary Presidential Inaugural Address SR
       see also  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
                 Zimmerman, Jeremiah SR
Werner, Dr.
       see  Woerner, Dr.
Wert, J. Howard
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Wert Family
       see  Killinger, Pennsylvania
West Pennsylvania Synod (1826‑1938) NSR
        ‑‑Papers belonging to the synodical treasury
          1) list of contributions made at synodical convention, Oct. 1, 1840.
             Handwritten, 2 leaves.
          2) 6 receipts dated from Oct. 3, 1840 to Jan. 11, 1841.
             Handwritten, 6 pieces.
        ‑‑"Proceedings of a Special Conference, Held at Greencastle, the 
            7th, 8th and 9th November 1824." Translated from the 
            original German by D. H. [David Henlein] Focht, Oct. 22, 1855.
          Typescript, 6 leaves.
Western Tract and Book Society NSR
        ‑‑Certificate of membership, May 1, 1867
            Life membership for the Reverend F. W. Brauns.
          Printed, 1 piece.
Westernport, Maryland. Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, March 31, 1922
By the Reverend Howard F. Bink, in letter form from Piedmont, W. Va., to the Reverend M. L. Peter, Historian of Synod, Aurora, W. Va.
          Typescript, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Historical sketch, April 18, 1937
By Augusta Sophia Eppler, member of the congregation, in letter form from Piedmont, W. Va., to the Reverend A. B. Leamer, Huntingdon, W. Va.
          Handwritten, 6 leaves.
Weston, Edwin F. NSR
        ‑‑Letter, November 18, 1867
From Pottsville, Pa., to the Reverend William G. Mennig, Allentown, Pa., giving his reasons why he believes Martin Luther did not translate the bible.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Wetzel, Joseph
       see  Wackerhagen, Augustus
Wheeling, West Virginia. Edgewood Lutheran Church NSR
        ‑‑Historical address, Easter, 1922
            By the Reverend R. A. Harshman, pastor.
          Handwritten, 5 leaves.
Whitfield, Miss
       see  Day, David A.
Whitfield, S. A.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Whittier, John Greenleaf
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Wickey, Norman Jay Gould, 1891‑1976. BX
Lutheran clergyman in Washington, D.C., Massachusetts and North Dakota, professor at Concordia College and president of Carthage College.
        ‑‑8 boxes.
Wiegmann, Christian Ludwig NSR
        ‑‑Letter, Palm Sunday, 1827
From Elmshorn, Holstein, Germany directed to the Synod of the German Lutheran Church in Pennsylvania. Mentions Benjamin Kurtz.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.
Wild, John NSR
        ‑‑Notebook, 1817
Entitled "Directions for the student of divinity." Gift of J. Edwin James, Goldsboro, Pa., 1970. Correspondence included.
          Handwritten, 40 leaves.
Wiles, C. P., 1870-1940.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Wilhelm II, Kaiser of Germany, 1859‑1941. BD
        ‑‑Certificate issued by the celebration of the Church of the 
            Redeemer in Jerusalem, October 31, 1898.
Willard, Philip, 1809‑1893. BX+
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Sermons, 2 boxes.
Williams, T. S. BX
        Private Secretary of David B. Hill, Governor of New York
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Williamsburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. St. John's E.L.C. at Clover Creek NSR
        ‑‑Historical sketch, 1884
            By the Reverend Joseph R. Focht.
          Handwritten, 18 leaves.
Wills, Rev. Dr. ___
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Wills and Bequests SR
        ‑‑Listing of Bequests, 1847‑1928
          Typescript, 13 leaves, 2 copies, original and carbon.
        ‑‑Papers listing donors, 1958‑1961
          Typescript, 7 leaves, mostly copies.
            (The rest of these items were placed in Seminary Archives, under Finances.)
Wilmore Charge NSR
        see  Portage, Pennsylvania. Wilmore Charge.
Winecoff, Jesse, 1815‑1873. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, January 16, 1855
From Lewisburg, Pa., to Charles A. Hay reporting money col­lected for the Seminary and discussing a legacy which was
being disputed by the heirs. On reverse side Hay re‑ad­dressed the letter to Brother Ulrich for his attention.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, September 28, 1857
            From Lewisburg, Pa., to Charles A. Hay reporting the state 
            of the alumni subscription fund.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Winston, Mildred E. BX
        Secretary, Board of Education, ULCA
        ‑‑Women in the ULCA, Deaconess Board, Displaced Persons, 1 box.
Wirt family
       see  Killinger, Pennsylvania
Wirth’s Evangelical Lutheran Chuch
       see  Killinger, Pennsylvania
Wirth family
       see  Killinger, Pennsylvania
Witmer, Charles, 1820‑1884. NSR
        Lutheran clergyman in Ohio and Pennsylvania
            A view of the history of America.
          Handwritten, 10 leaves.
        ‑‑Diary, February (between 1840‑45)
            When he was pastor in the Catawissa‑Bloomsburg area.
          Handwritten, 8 leaves.
            Text: Proverbs 23:26. In outline form.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
            Text: Amos 6:1
          Handwritten, 8 leaves.
Text: Ephesians 2:19‑20. An exposition of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
          Handwritten, 22 leaves.
Witt, Rebecca Clippinger
       see  Witt, Samuel David
Witt, Samuel David, 1813‑1851. SR
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Letter, January 20, 1844
From Gettysburg to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., thanking him for gifts sent and asking him to procure certain articles of clothing for him. He hopes a benefactor will be found to aid him during his stay at the Seminary.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, March 2, 1844
From Gettysburg to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., telling of his recent marriage to Rebecca Clippinger and asking "Sister Snyder" to tell the news to his parents. D. S. Altman, student, also adds note.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Letter, June 30, 1844
From Gettysburg to John L. Snyder, Somerset, Pa., expressing concern that Pastor Rizer was offended by his choice of a student supply preacher and hoping their friendship could be re‑established.
          Handwritten, 2 leaves.
Woerner (Werner), Dr.
       see  India. Missions
Wolf, Edmund Jacob, 1840-1905
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Wolf, Luther B., 1857-1939.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Wolf, Richard Charles, 1912‑    . BX
       Lutheran clergyman in Ohio and Pennsylvania
       ‑‑Papers for book on Lutheran Unity, 1 box.
Wolf, S.
        ex-U.S. Consul to Egypt and Jewish
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Wolner, D. BD
       see  Anonymous ‑‑Notebook
Woman’s Home & Foreign Missionary Society of the Allegheny Synod
       see  Focht, Joseph R.
Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary Society (1879-1919)
        (40th Anniversary Booklet)
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Women's Missionary Society
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
            Ladies of Hanover NSR
Women's Missionary Society of the Synod of West Pennsylvania (1882-
       1932), booklet by Elsie Singmaster Lewars.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Woodrow, W. K.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Workman, The
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
World Council of Churches
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
            Hoffman, Bengt R. BX
World War II
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Wunderlich, J. SR
        ‑‑Letter, February 5, 1859
From Shippensburg to S. S. Schmucker concerning money to furnish one of the dormitory rooms.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
        ‑‑Letter, March 29, 1859
From Shippensburg to S. S. Schmucker sending a check for $35 to furnish a dormitory room.
          Handwritten, 1 leaf.
Wurm, Theophil H., 1868-1953.
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX

Yates, Fran
        Berlin Embassy, 1939
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Yeager, George NSR
       see  Swartz, Christian Frederick
Yeager, Johannes Christian Wilhelm, 1783‑1844. BX
        Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
        ‑‑Sermon outlines and letters, 1 box.
Young, Chas. L.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Young, John Jacob, 1846-1914
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+

       see  Ziegler
Zelionople, Pennsylvania. Orphan's Farm School NSR
       see  Holls, George Charles
Ziegler, Anna
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Ziegler, Emmanuel
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Ziegler, Hugh
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Ziegler, Jacob
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Ziegler, John
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Ziegler, Lydia Catherine
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Ziegler, William
       see  Clare, Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) SR
Ziemer, Eddie (female)
        Berlin Embassy, 1939
       see  Herman, Stewart Winfield, Jr. (Photos) BX
Zimmerman, Mrs. Carl R.
       see  Belfour, Edmund SR
Zimmerman, Jeremiah, 1848‑1937. SR, NSR, BX (Sermons)
        Lutheran clergyman in New York
        ‑‑Letter, December 19, 1922 SR
From Syracuse to Dr. A. R. Wentz listing the books he is planning to give to the library.
          Handwritten and typescript, 2 leaves.
        ‑‑Manuscript sermons, notes and diaries, 13 boxes. BX
        ‑‑Notes, n.d. SR
On Hebrew vocabulary and on manuscripts and versions of the Bible.
          Handwritten, 3 folded leaves. Found in a book he donated to 
            the Wentz Library (Green, William Henry, A grammar of the 
            Hebrew language, 1861, PJ4564.G8 Sp‑1)
       see also Flom, George Tobias NSR
Zimmerman, Joseph Clark, 1851-1889.
       see  Croll, Philip Columbus BX+
Zwieseln, Christian Wilhelm NSR
        ‑‑Letter, June 26, 1827
            Of application.
          Handwritten, German script, 2 leaves.

      Most of the original inventory of manuscripts in the Special Collections of the Wentz Libray was undertaken by Elaine C. Matthews.
            "Non-Seminary-Related Manuscripts" -- December 1976
            "Seminary-Related Manuscripts" -- May 1977
            "Bound Manuscripts" -- revised October 1989
            "Boxed Manuscripts" -- revised November 1989
             Incorporation of the four indexes above, with additions -- July 1993
             Current List - October 2012
      The original lists are on file in the Seminary Archives.