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Abbreviations for Biblical Studies -This handy site provides the researcher with information on all the abbreviations and words most commonly used by Biblical Scholars. It is especially helpful for those utilizing documents published by the Society of Biblical Literature or for those who anticipate publishing an article or book. This site also provides links to Greek and Hebrew language study aides that are particularly suited for beginning students.

The Aleppo Codex Online - A complete online version of the Aleppo Codex, a formerly full manuscript of the entire Bible, which was written in about 930 CE.

American Bible Society –  A non-profit Christian ministry that has been “engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for nearly 200 years” and is focused on daily Scriptural engagement.

Ancient Hebrew Research Center - A resource for those interested in the ancient Hebrew alphabet, philosophy, and culture and want to learn more.
Ancient History Sourcebook: Legal Texts - A collection of ancient legal codes and literature from the Mesopotamians through the Hellenistic Greek and Roman periods. These are especially relevant for those studying the cultural contexts of the Hebrew and early Christian eras.

Advanced Papyrological Information System – has resources on previously published and currently unpublished papyri, as well as translations of important documents written on papyrus.

Arts of the Middle East - Contains websites for galleries and museums dedicated to the art of the ancient Near East.  Some links are outdated and non-functional, but most are in good condition.

The Association of Religion Database - An excellent site for miscellaneous up-to-date information on religions both in the United States and internationally. This site also houses congregational membership reports for the United States up through 2010.

ATLA Religion Database - The Database for the American Theological Library Association. Your tour of the A.R. Wentz Library at the beginning of your Seminary education covered information on this site, and a link is also available from the main Library page. Easily searchable; one can request resources through this database via Interlibrary Loans.
Association of Theological Schools - This is the website for ATS, an accrediting body for theological schools. This is a helpful resource for a student or faculty member interested in researching grant possibilities, or to further their education in leadership. The site also has accreditation information on all of the schools within the Association.


Baptist Heritage Resources - An online version of a Bibliography of Baptist texts originally collected by Edward C. Starr in 1952.

Bibelwissenschaft - Contains links to full-text versions of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, Septuagint, and the Luther-Bibel, among other resources. Make sure to click “English” at the top of the page in order to utilize this resource.  

Bible Basics Pronunciation Guide - NET Ministries guide to pronouncing most words relevant to Biblical and Theological studies, from Aaron to Zuphite. Provides audio files for those who do not understand written phonetic notation.

Bible Geocoding - A guide to the location of every place mentioned in the entire Bible. Utilizes “Google Earth”.

Bible Gateway - Fully searchable texts of many versions of the Bible - Search by book, by verse, or by subject.

Biblia Clerus - This website is an outstanding resource for anyone interested in the history of liturgy and Biblical interpretation, or with an interest in Catholicism. The site contains fully searchable Biblical texts and Commentaries by the Doctors of the Roman Catholic Church. It also has commentaries on the Sunday Liturgy, important Magisterial texts, and all Latin and Eastern versions of the Code of Canon Law. This diverse site also contains a link to the website for the Library of the Congregation of the Clergy, which includes even more reference information on Commentaries, Encyclicals, and current Catholic news.

Biblical Art on the WWW - Searchable Database for all references and visual representations of Biblical Art on the internet. One can search by subject, artist, specific Biblical text, or individual word. An excellent source for the theological student with an interest in art history and the humanities or who is looking for a piece of art to supplement their sermon or presentation.

Bible, Judaism, and Christianity Bibliography - Extensive list of books pertaining to Biblical Studies, the history of Judaism, and the history of Christianity. Includes information on literature on the Patristics, the Medieval period, the Renaissance, and the Reformation, among others. This site is constantly under construction, so check back often to see what new resources become available (labeled in Red).

Biblical Studies UK - This site includes links to over 10,000 rare and out-of-print theological books and articles. It also includes links to helpful study aids.

Biblindex - Index of Biblical Quotations and Allusions in Early Christian Literature. Contains published, unpublished and out-of-print materials.

Bibliographica Thomistica - Searchable database of Thomas Aquinas' corpus and Thomistic Literature.

Bibliography on Christianity in Palestine/Eretz Israel - Bibliography of resources made available by the Center for the Study of Christianity of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. These resources are specifically related to the rise and growth of Christianity in Palestine.

Biographisch-Biographisches Kirchenlexicon (BBKL) - Huge storehouse of biographical information on important figures in the history of Christianity. * Competency in reading German is a must to be able to utilize this site.

Bookwire - Bookwire is a site which sells a wide variety of books, including a great many on theology and religions. Provides the a summary on most books and links to purchase.

British Museum Collection - A fully searchable database of the holdings of the British Museum. This is an excellent resource and is highly recommended.


Calvin College Library Guides – NO LONGER IN SERVICE. Please see

Calvinism Resource Database - Regularly updated and searchable database for information on John Calvin and Calvinism.

Cambridge University Press - Information on new and upcoming books from Cambridge University Press, including new Series.

Cappadocia Photo Gallery - Collection of photographs and artwork from Cappadocia, Turkey - Home of the Cappadocian Fathers Gregory of Nazianzus, Gregory of Nyssa, and Basil.

Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts - Collection of Medieval Manuscripts which are now available on the internet.

Center for Christian and Jewish Understanding - A collection of documents and statements from the Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding at Sacred Heart University. Contains information from both Roman Catholic and Protestant denominations.

Codices Electronici Sangallenses - Digital Library of all medieval and early modern Switzerland manuscripts. Includes digital copies of Medieval Codices, among many other documents.

Christian Classic Ethereal Library – Extensive searchable library of classic Christian texts.

Christian History and Biography Store - Online catalogue of Christian resources, both for parish work and individual study.  Items available include books and resources on Christian history and biographical information.

Christianity Today - The Website of the ever-popular magazine Christianity Today. Contains exclusive articles, blogs, and archived issues of the magazine (although you can look at the current and archived hard copies of the magazine by utilizing the resources of the A.R. Wentz Library).

Church and Synagogue Library Association - A joint library of Christian and Jewish resources. This site is particularly targeted at those who are involved with Congregational Libraries, or who are thinking of starting one.

Cite Seer X - Resource operated by the College of Information Technologies at Penn State University for citations, and development of tables for research papers.

Citeulike - Citeulike is an online resource for researchers to store and share articles they have discovered in the course of their scholarly pursuits. It operates in a similar fashion to Google's document-sharing program, and has options for groups to share the fruits of their research - perfect for group projects or for networking with other researchers in your field.

Codex Sinaiticus - Full English text of the Codex Sinaiticus, which contains the oldest extant full copy of the New Testament. Originally handwritten in Greek, exploring the Codex Sinaiticus is a fascinating experience for the newest student of the Bible or the most experienced scholar. Contains searchable scanned portions of the actual manuscript.

Copac - Searchable database of 70 UK and Irish national & specialist academic library catalogues. Similar to Google Scholar.

Corpus Thomisticum - The Corpus Thomisticum is a collection of the entire corpus of Thomas Aquinas as well as scholarship on Aquinas from the 13th Century to the present day. All of the documents are fully searchable by subject, term, correlations, and statistics. *While some English translations are available (Click the UK flag on the homepage), everything is available in Latin.

CrossRef - This is a site run by publishers who endeavor to connect users with primary research content.

Concordia Publishing House – Online catalogue for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod publishing house. This site provides access to resources for use in every aspect of daily church life, as well as access to biographical information on the many texts that are offered for individual study.

Concordia Theological Seminary Media Page - Links to the media resources at Concordia Theological Seminary. One may do anything from listen to sermons to searching the Seminary Archives directly from this page.


Daily Prayer - Church of England- Easily searchable resources for Morning, Evening and Night Prayer for each day of the year published by the Church of England.

Digital Collection of the Munich Digitisation Centre - Digital Collection of literature and documents related to German cultural heritage, run by the Bavarian State Library. Contains nearly 800,000 diverse resources.

Digital Egypt for Universities - Online resource on the history, art, and culture of Egypt from 4,000 BCE to the present. This site is designed for cross-disciplinary use; one need not be an Egyptologist or an Egyptophile to benefit from this site and its resources, although excessive use of this site may cause you to become one.

Digital History - Website dedicated to teaching the history of the United States. Contains resources on many topics, from landmark court cases to historic newspapers and social commentary. There are also resources for educators which can be used in classroom experiences.

Digital Public Library of America - A site constantly under construction to create the first completely digital public library. Check the site for resources and updates on how the work of digitizing the public libraries of America is going.

Digital Commons @ Liberty University - A select bibliography of resources which examine the intersection between Christian faith and the world of libraries and information.

Directory of Open Access Books - The site contains links to 878 peer-reviewed books from 27 publishers, and more will be added, so keep checking the page for new books!

Directory of Open Access Journals - Directory of more than 8,000 free, full-text, peer-reviewed journals from many disciplines.

Divine Office – Created by Roman Catholic ministries, this site contains information on the Divine Office and lectionary materials, as well as podcasts and audio resources. There is also a store where one can purchase information on Christian Prayer and the Liturgy of the Hours.

Documenta Catholica Omnia - This is a compendium of Papal Encyclicals, Conciliary Documents, and other important documents from throughout the history of the Catholic Church. *The site and all the texts contained therein are in Latin.


e-Catena - Compiled Allusions to the New Testament in the Ante-Nicene Fathers - This site is a resource page for those studying Early Church History. It has over 10,000 rare and previously out-of-print articles and theological books for perusal on the site. The site is organized and run by the same people who operate the Biblical Studies UK webpage.  The page is hidden under several layers of a “web ring”; just keep clicking through the levels eventually it will show up.

eBreviary - This site offers daily Liturgy of the Hours (Morning, Daytime, Evening, and Night Prayers, as well as the Office of Readings) in PDF format. This is an excellent site to use if one is leading a Bible study or organizing an individual or small-group worship plan.

Egyptian Virtual Library - University of Gottingen - The University of Gottingen's extensive library on Egypt is now available online.

ELCA Archives - The Archives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Encyclopedia of Life - Fully searchable database of information on all life on planet Earth.

Envision Church - Gallery of Art, Architecture, and Literature in the Catholic Tradition, focusing specifically on worship spaces. A helpful site for those interested in the evolution of Church design and architecture over the centuries.

ERIC - Education Resources Information Center - A Collection of Literature, Journals, and Resources related to the art and process of education.

ETANA - Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives. Information and resources on the literature and culture of the Ancient Near East. Also includes data on current and past archaeological projects in the Ancient Near East.

Europeana - An outstanding digital resource allowing the curious researcher to browse the collections of approximately 1,500 institutions located across Europe. Includes visual art, literature, and audio materials. There is a new project focusing on memories of World War I.

Evagrius Ponticus Guide - A website dedicated to the life and writings of Evagrius Ponticus. Includes a full bibliography of his works both in translation and in the original Greek, as well as a short biography. *Background in Greek, Latin, and/or French is extremely helpful in browsing the bibliographic information, though not necessarily required.

Evangelical Church Library Association - This is the website for ECLA, an association of Christian Librarians. A good resource for those interested in volunteering or working at a library, or who are interested in changing or creating a congregational library. - An online collection of prayers, devotions, spiritual meditations, worship planning guides and links for those seeking spiritual direction.


Famous Quotes - An online "museum" of famous pithy quotes and sayings. Especially helping for sermon or homily composition.

Find Articles - A database of popular magazine articles on a variety of topics, from pop culture to science and technology.  Also includes a search engine for images.

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - The online collection of the deYoung Museum of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California. The museum's collections are fully searchable and include the option to zoom in to capture the finer details of the art in the collection.

Folger Shakespeare Library-Extensive collection of resources related to Shakespeare and the Renaissance, including many rare pieces.  Multiple, searchable collections and exhibits available for free.

Free Bible Commentaries - A site of Free Bible Commentaries in a variety of languages by Dr. Bob Utley. *Author is based out of the Southern Baptist Convention. - A collection of thousands of full books available for free download. Organized by title.


Gallica -Numerical Index of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France. One need not be a French-speaker in order to utilize the vast manuscript, visual, and audio resources of this site, though it is certainly helpful as there is no English language option.

Gateway Bayern-Startseite - A collection of resources from the Bavarian Library Network, which includes a large amount of materials on the Reformation.

George Mason University Research Portals - A website allowing the researcher to browse the diverse collections of the Libraries at George Mason University.

Global Ethics - A collection of over 1 million full-text documents relating to ethics, including journals and books.

Gnosis Archive - The place to go for information on all things Gnostic or related to Gnosticism. Includes Gnostic meditations, videos, as well as a variety of other resources.

Google Art Project - Browse the collections of hundreds of acclaimed art partners from more than forty countries.

Google Theological Journals Custom Search - A quick link to a custom search on Google for Theological Journals. A great starting-point for those just beginning their research, or for those scholars simply looking to browse.

Google News Archive - For those desiring contemporary news of the world, Google has collected the most popular news articles from around the globe. This site is fully searchable.

Google Scholar – A starting point to find scholarly reviewed journal articles on a variety of topics.  Full PDF’s are available on select articles.
Greek Audio Link - The Institute of Biblical Greek's page for those seeking to expand their understanding of Biblical Greek pronunciation. This site also has links to Modern Greek news and radio programming.

Greek Dictionary - The online, fully searchable version of the Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon.

Greek New Testament Read Aloud - This site provides free mp3 downloads of the entire New Testament being read aloud in Koine Greek. This is a great help for those seeking to improve their pronunciation. DVDs are also available to purchase for those wishing to take their Greek New Testament on the road. For those scholars educated in Latin, there is also a DVD available with the New Testament being read aloud in both Koine Greek and Vulgate Latin.


H-Net - A portal to a variety of websites on the Holocaust. The links are broken down into four categories: H-Holocaust Links (which are links to a wide variety of types of sites); Holocaust Literature & Film; Media and Teaching Sources; and Newsgroups.

Hathi Trust Digital Library - Hathi Trust is a group dedicated to preserving cultural memory. Their digital library houses a huge variety of resources from across the globe, from 1870s era Japanese scholarly journals to recent information on volcanic activity in Iceland. Options to flip, scroll and create thumbnails for viewing are available, as well as the ability to download entire books.

Hebrew University Orion Center - The Orion Center at Hebrew University is dedicated to the preservation and study of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This site contains a bibliography of research on the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as other resources. It also includes information on Master's and postgraduate-level programs in studies related to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

History of the Earth and Universe - A website dedicated to the fascinating history of our planet and universe. Includes information on continental drift, geological formations, and vertebrate/invertebrate life.

History of the Hebrew Language - A site fully dedicated to all things related to the history of the Hebrew language. The site also includes a comparative essay on the similarities and differences between Semitic languages.

History Websites - Portal to the best of the history websites now available. In addition to links to the best of the history webpages, this site also has lesson plans for teachers of students K-12 which can easily be applied to a youth group setting, as well as history-related activities and games.

Holocaust History Project - A free archive of documents, videos, recordings, and essays relating to the Holocaust.

Holy See - The official website of the Vatican. This site has portals to every papal encyclical, as well as current Vatican news and Catholic social teachings (the rough equivalent to the ELCA's social statements). *For a fascinating read (and information on what would be an even more fascinating trip) click on the link to the Vatican Secret Archives on the right hand side of the homepage.

Homiletic - The website of Vanderbilt University's peer-reviewed Journal of Homiletics. The site is fully searchable by author, issue, or title, and also has links to other journals published by Vanderbilt.

Huldrych Zwingli Briefe - A colllection of the letters of Huldrych Zwingli. *Competency in reading German is necessary in order to utilize the resources of this site as there is no option to change the text into English.

Huldrych Zwingli Werke - A collection of the works of Huldrych Zwingli. *Competency in reading German is necessary in order to utilize the resources of this site there is no option to change the text into English.

Huldrych Zwingli Werke 88-93.5 - More works of Huldrych Zwingli. *Competency in reading German is necessary in order to utilize the resources of this site there is no option to change the text into English.

Hymnary - A comprehensive index of hymns and hymnals. Searchable by text, tune, composer, hymnal, and number within hymnal.


Incunabula - The international database of 15th Century European printing created by the British Library and other contributors.

International Bible Standard Encyclopedia - The International Bible Standard Encyclopedia has 9,448 entries which explain significant words in the Bible and Apocrypha. It also includes information on relevant languages and literature as well as information on the historical and religious environment of the peoples in the Bible.

The Internet Archive - A magnificent collection of open-source books, journal articles, and assorted documents available for free download. If you have an e-Reader, there are e-Reader friendly versions of nearly every resource on the site. *This site is highly recommended by faculty and students alike.

Internet Public Library Pathfinders - An online portal for those who love to read. This site helps one find books and get connected with reading groups of others who enjoy the same type of literature. There are also resources on journaling and blogging.

Israel Antiquities Authority - The official website for the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Rockefeller Museum. This website has extensive information on antiquities in Israel and Palestine, as well as information on archaeology in general. It also contains information on the Rockefeller Museum and its exhibitions.


J. Paul Getty Museum - The official website of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California. The online collection is fully searchable and contains galleries of visual art as well as links to video materials on artistic techniques, art preservation, and much more.

Jewish Encyclopedia - The full text of the 1906 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia. Unedited and fully searchable.

Jewish Women's Archive - A comprehensive historical encyclopedia of information about the lives and experiences of Jewish women.

JNUL - Jewish National & University Library - The official website of the National Library of Israel. Fully searchable collection, with further access to galleries, the music collection & sound archive and E-Resources.

The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning - The official website of the Journal of Scriptural Reasoning.

The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning Forum – This website is dedicated to providing additional resources for Scriptural Reasoning.  Offerings include bibliographies, additional journal articles, and teaching resources among others.

Journal Tables of Contents - This is a database of the Tables of Contents of over 3,000 Academic Journals. Provides important bibliographic information which can make the research process a bit more streamlined.


None at Present.


Learned Journals Collection - Collection of scholarly journals from small publishing companies These journals cover a wide array of subjects and are most likely journals you have not utilized before in your research, which makes this site a gem.

Library of Congress Bibliographies, Research Guides, and Finding Aids – NO LONGER IN SERVICE.

Locating Dissertations & Theses - Brought to you by Trinity Western University, this site provides information on how to order a Doctoral or Master's-level thesis or dissertation. It includes links to websites as well as information on Inter-Library Loans and purchasing dissertations and theses, should you choose to do so.

Louvre Official Website - This is a direct link to the searchable online collection of the Louvre Art Museum in Paris, France. The Louvre is widely considered the best collection of art in the world, making this website more than worth your time!

Lutheran Central - A pan-Lutheran website that provides links to various Lutheran resources.

Lutheran Resource – This website connects to any of the various Lutheran church bodies, both large and small, in the United States, Mexico and Canada.  Simply reading through the different branches can make for some interesting learning opportunities.

Lux in Arcana - The official website of the 2012 exhibition of artifacts from the Vatican Secret Archives. This site includes galleries of the materials on display during the exhibition as well as multimedia resources. This is an unprecedented (and perhaps only) look that an outsider may have at these priceless artifacts.


Manifold Greatness - A website devoted to the creation and continuing influence of the King James Bible. - An online wellspring of free downloadable books! Includes novels, textbooks, historical resources and various other categories of books.

Map Collection - The University of Texas' collection of maps. These include maps of oil fields, historical political boundaries, current political boundaries, and maps of the movements of indigenous tribes.

Martin Luthers Werke - All of Luther's Works available for free browsing online in German! *Works best with Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Mass Digitization of the Libraries of the Universities of California - This project aims at digitizing all the books available at the Libraries of the Universities of California.

Museum of the City of New York Collections - Searchable database of the collections of the Museum of the City of New York.

Medieval Church - An internet resource for most things related to the Medieval Church with information on the Papacy, Religious Orders, Heresies & Sects, and much more.

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts - The online collection of Illuminated Manuscripts made available by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands. The site is in English and contains a helpful search engine to ease the research or browsing process.

Medieval Sources Bibliography - An online bibliography of printed primary sources for the study of the Middle Ages.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City - The official website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Contains references and material on exhibitions past, present, and future, as well as a large amount of research materials and collection galleries.

Milligan College Library – *Must have Milligan College ID and Login Barcode to utilize online resources.

Mormonism Investigation - Website run by an ex-Mormon describing the history and development of the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  This site also provides many links to other related information on the LDS faith.

Museo Nacional del Prado - Link to the online collection of the Museo Nacional del Prado. Descriptions of 1,000 artifacts are available in English, with descriptions of over 5,000 artifacts available in Spanish.


National Archive Publishing Company - Link to UMI's database of over 18,000 periodicals available in microform. This website also includes resources and information on document preservation.

National Church Library Association – *Association has disbanded due to declining membership.

National Civil War Chaplains Museum - Official website of the National Civil War Chaplains Museum.  Includes a link to the US Christian Commission Website, an organization based out of Gettysburg.

National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections - Website run by the Library of Congress which allows the researcher to search entire collections of manuscripts or to create a specific set of manuscripts in which to search.

New York Times Article Archive - The Archive of New York Times Articles from 1851 to the present. Researchers will need a digital subscription in order to access records, and may have to pay an additional fee for articles published between 1923 and 1986.

Newseum - The official website of Washington, D.C.'s Newseum - the museum of news. Includes many interactive online exhibits as well as a virtual tour of the museum.

NOAA Map of the United States - Get up-to-the minute information on weather, airports, and much more in every corner of the United States.

Northeast Document Conservation Center - Contains information on document preservation and protection.

Northwestern Theological Seminary Library- Online Christian Library - This website provides open source resources on Christian theology and practice, as well as links to many of the leading world periodicals on religion and theology.


Ohio State University Press - The official website of the Ohio State University Press. Contains links to new and upcoming publications, as well as to journals published by the company.

Online Book Search - Portal to an array of search engines to find free, open-source books on the internet.

Open Thesis - A free repository of thesis, dissertations, and other academic documents which also features research tools.

Oremus Bible Browser - A resource which allows the researcher to search several of Biblical translations by book, chapter, verse, or series of verses.  New Revised Standard Version (NSRV) is the default translation.

Oriental Institute - The official website of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Includes a vast array of publications, expedition information, and resources on the peoples of the Orient past and present.

Oxford University Library- Website for the Oxford University (UK) Library system.  Access available to numerous journal articles, as well as numerous databases with topics across disciplines.

Oxyrhyncus Online - A fully searchable online version of the Oxyrhyncus Papyri.


Packard Humanities Institute - Greek Epigraphy - Collection of Greek Inscriptions online. Searchable by region of origin and includes resources related to those inscriptions which are of unknown origination.

Papyri and Manuscripts. - The official website of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts. It includes a huge database of manuscripts, papyri, and printed books available for browsing and study online. The site also includes other treasures (available from the Resources drop-down menu) such as text-critical tools and a store for New Testament resources.

Papyrus Project - A joint project of the papyri collections at Halle, Jena, and Leipzig Universities to catalog and digitize their collected resources. There is already a large amount of papyri available to browse and study, however continue to check back; new papyri are constantly being uploaded.

Patrologia Graeca - A portal to the collected works of the Greek Fathers in the Greek language, edited by Jacques Migne. This is an excellent source, but not the easiest to use. The links on the right-hand side of the page will help you to fully search and utilize the site properly.

Patrologia Latina - A portal to the collected works of the Latin Fathers in the Latin language, edited by Jacques Migne. This is an excellent source, but not the easiest to use. The links on the right-hand side of the page will help you to fully search and utilize the site properly.

Paul and Scripture Wikindx - This is a bibliography of scholarly literature on Paul and his relation to Scripture, prepared by the Paul and Scripture Seminary of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Paulys Realencyclopaedia der Classichen Altertumwissenschaft – * This site is no longer working or the hyperlink has been disabled.

Perseus Digital Library - You may only know Perseus as an online translational tool for Greek or Latin; however, the Perseus Digital Library has much more to offer than translation assistance. This site acts as a portal to information on ancient art, open-source documents, and multiple-language translations of authors such as Cicero, Vergil, Homer, and Plato among others.

Pitts Theological Library Digital Image Archive - This site houses over 37,000 images of portraits, biblical images, engravings of church buildings, and others. Downloading these resources is free for anyone wishing to utilize them for non-commercial purposes.

Plagiarism Detection - The software on this site will search any document for plagiarism at a cost of 50¢ per page. Make sure you read what is included on the services page.

Portico - This is an archive and site dedicated to the digital preservation of important documents and information. The archive houses tens of thousands of books, journals, and other electronic content. This is NOT the benefits site for ELCA rostered leaders, despite having the same name.

Post-Reformation Digital Library - As the name suggests, this is a digital library of resources related to the immediate Post-Reformation period of history. The site includes digital copies of important theological and philosophical treatises of the period, as well as many of their medieval antecedents.

Prayers - Church of England - The Daily Office from The Mission of St. Clare.  Available in New Zealand Audio and includes links to other Rites and Offices.

Preservation and Archive Resources - A portal developed by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners with links to a variety of resources for Document Preservation and information on Archives and Archiving.

Printable Paper - Website with downloadable forms of printable paper. Includes templates for college-ruled lined paper, graph paper, check registers, even scorecards for a variety of sports.

PLOS - The Public Library of Science - The PLOS is a nonprofit publisher and distributor of scientific papers and other science-related information. Everything they publish is open-access, with the goal of sharing research and thinking through problems as a large communicating group.

Public Religion Research Institute - A group dedicated to researching how religion is viewed in the public sphere, and how it relates to the lives of citizens.

PubMed - Index of scholarly research in the health sciences, some freely available online. Produced by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, PubMed contains over 14 million citations dating back to the mid-1960s.


Questia - An online library of books and journals. Some books are free to download.

Quranic Arabic Corpus - An annotated linguistic resource which shows the Arabic morphology, syntax, and grammar for each word in the Quran.


Reallexicon zur Deutschen Kunstgeschichte - Website available in both German and English with a wide variety of materials on the history of Christianity in Germany. *Even with the English translation on, the majority of searchable words on the site are in German, making it necessary that the researcher have a working vocabulary of German or at least knowledge of specific German terms.

Refdesk - Refdesk is a quick fact-checker for information found on the internet. A quick and easy way to check the facts of news articles or recent reports. Also includes links to current-event articles from around the net.

Religious Studies Web Guide - A list of Journals related to religious studies available online. These are organized by subject and then alphabetically by title.

Research in Ministry (RIM) - This is a resource published by ATLA (American Theological Library Association) which houses abstracts of Doctor of Ministry (D.Min), Doctor of Missiology (D.Miss), and Doctor of Christian Education (D.Ed.Min.) Dissertations.  (*There is a new hyperlink here.  The old one stopped working.)

Rijksmuseum - The collections of one of the world's greatest museums are offered online. Included in the mountain of masterpieces are electronic images of Rembrandt's sketches of scenes from the Bible. The museum has made some 125,000 high-resolution images available for download via its Rijks Studio software, with plans to add another 40,000 images per year until the entire collection of one million works is available.

ROAR Map - ROAR Map is a map of the Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates from across the world. This is a collection of open access policies for different universities and libraries, with links to their websites which house open access books, journals, and other information (just so you are aware, "open access" means the data is free).


St. John's Seminary Library - Website for the Edward L. & Carrie E. Doheny Libraries of St. John's Seminary. This is a large library with a wide array of resources including a link to the full Roman Missal in English.

Scandinavian Evangelical E-Journal for New Testament Studies - A peer-reviewed journal of Biblical Studies published by the Copenhagen Lutheran School.

Schoyen Collection of the Bible - A collection of manuscripts from the Biblical period. includes information on the age of manuscripts, the material the manuscript was written on, its language, and the provenance of the manuscript.

Seat of Wisdom Journal - Online theological and pastoral journal published by the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington, New York.

Sistine Chapel - Official website of the Sistine Chapel. Includes a full panoramic tour of the Sistine Chapel.

Smithsonian Institution- Website of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.  This site provides access to information on all the Smithsonian’s museums and exhibits (including many virtual exhibits) as well as information on internships and other research based materials.  Browsing this site will most certainly whet your appetite to visit the museums themselves.

Staatliche Museen zur Berlin - The official website of the National Museum of Berlin, which includes a great deal of information on collections and exhibitions at the Museum, as well as research and educational resources. *At present most of the site and collection information are only available in German, although they are currently working to develop a full-English language version of the site, so check back often to see how the work progresses and to enjoy the rich collections of the National Museum of Berlin, which include, among other things, Babylonian wall made of lapis lazuli.

Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Policies - This website, run by Stanford University, contains information on copyright and fair use policies which are relevant to anyone utilizing quotes or references in their paper. The information on this site allows the writer to determine if their quotation, summary, or reference is within the bounds of copyright and fair use laws and policies.

Sundays and Seasons - A site which offers free worship planning information, including lectionary information, suggestions for bulletin art and possible sermon ideas. *An institutional password is required for the use of this site, which as a student or member of faculty at LTSG you should have been given. If you were not given the ID and password for Sundays and seasons, please speak to Dr. Oldenburg, he will be able to help you out.

Syriac Christianity Comprehensive Bibliography - True to its name, this is a comprehensive bibliography of books and journals related to Syriac Christianity. This site is organized and run by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Technological Resources for Scholars in the Field of Religion - A website developed by the Rev. Dr. Vitalis-Hoffman, this site contains links to and descriptions of a variety of technological and internet resources for scholars working in Biblical Studies and related fields. This website is a bit out of date, with products like Google Wave no longer available, but the vast majority of the links are still viable and interesting.

The Text This Week - This is a website geared towards Pastors, with resources for the study of the lectionary, worship planning, and other worship-related materials.

Theological Journals Search - A Google Custom Search geared towards Theological journals. A helpful starting-point for those just beginning research.

Theological Librarianship - The website for Theological Librarianship and the official Journal of the American Theological Library Association (ATLA).

Theological Research Exchange Network - This is a site containing about 19,500 theological theses/dissertations, as well as papers delivered at many theological academic conferences such as the Society for Pentecostal Studies and the North American Patristic Society among others.

Theological - An excellent website for the study of Christian Theology which provides over 10,000 journal and academic articles, which are free to the researcher.

Theses Canada - A database of theses written at Canadian Institutions, some of which are available electronically, others which are only available in print, thus requiring the use of the Inter-Library Loan system or the A.R. Wentz catalog.

TMS Library - Abbreviations - A resource provided by the Library at The Master's Seminary, this site is a guide to the abbreviations for secondary sources in the fields of Biblical and Theological Studies.

TMS Library - Free Journal Resources - A list of free online journals provided by the Library at The Master's Seminary.

Top 100 Theology Blogs - This is a list of 100 decent online theology blogs. *This list was compiled by an association of online Christian college, not by the staff of LTSG.


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - The official site of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Includes information on research and education, as well as genocide in general.

Universal Digital Library - A digital library with over one million books available for browsing and research. *This site does require a specific plugin which is downloadable for free directly from the site.

Universal Newsreels - A database for newsreels created by Universal City Studios from 1929-1967 and available for free viewing by anyone interested in news of the time period or journalism in general.

Universalis - A website with information and resources on the Liturgy of the Hours as well as the Mass readings for the day and week.

University of Chicago Virtual Library - Contains bibliographic information and Tables of Contents for all the books in the University of Chicago's extensive Library.

US Catholic - This magazine's website focuses on Roman Catholic faith and life.  While everything is written from a Roman Catholic perspective, there are many gems that can easily be translated into various other denominational and faith settings.


via Libri - The biggest and best online marketplace for Rare, Old, and Out-of-print books.


Wabash Center - Internet Guide to Religon Resources - Portal to a wide variety of electronic resources for those studying Theology and religion in general. The purpose of the guide is to facilitate the use of these resources in educational environments.

Wabash Center - Teaching and Learning Guides - A guide to electronic and other resources for those who teach and for those who have an insatiable desire to learn. These includes resources on assessment, design of classroom structure, and many other topics.

Wabash Center and American Academy of Religion Syllabus Index - As the title suggests, this is an index of syllabi collected from a wide variety of professors, a helpful resource for those doing research on a particular topic and also for those seeking to create curricula for a Sunday School or even a college-level course.

Web Gallery of Art - A virtual museum and searchable database of European artwork and sculpture from the time period 1000-1850 CE. Contains over 29,000 pieces.

Websites for the Study of Religion - A Custom Google Search designed specifically to find websites geared towards the study of religion.

West Texas Digital Archives - A large collection of digital materials specifically related to West Texas and the universities located there.

WibiLex - A lexicon of Biblical language and information, the largest available on the internet. *This website is entirely in German; however, there is an English-language version of the site, accessible by clicking on the "English" link on the top right-hand corner of the page.

Wikindx - A free bibliographic and notes/index management system, which is open-source.

World Digital Library - A library of digital resources from 8,000 BCE to the present. Use the map and the timeline in order to search the site. The interface is very user friendly so it is easy to get lost in learning about various subjects.


This marks the spot.


Yad Vashem - The official site of the World Center for The Holocaust dedicated to commemoration, documentation, research, and education. There is an incredible amount of information and resources on this site, and is highly recommended for any researcher focusing on the Holocaust.

Yale Digital Commons - A searchable database of over 1,500,000 materials from Yale University's vast resources.

YDS Biblical Language Project - This site helps students of Biblical languages set up their computers with Hebrew and Greek language fonts as well as guides to creating and printing documents in Biblical languages. This site is extremely helpful for those taking Greek, Gospels, Epistles, or Hebrew as well as any student simply interested in utilizing Biblical languages. *This does not provide help for setting up Biblical languages on Windows 7 and newer.


Zwingliverein - A large database of information on and related to Ulrich Zwingli. *Competency in reading German is a must in order to utilize the excellent resources of this site.