Research Rules

  1. Patrons are required to show a current photo ID as proof of identification (driver’s license, passport, school/government ID, etc.) before conducting research.
  2. Patrons are permitted to bring ONLY their own pencils and loose-leaf papers into the Reference Room. Coats, jackets, spiral notebooks, tablets, folders, cases, containers of any kind, bags, fanny packs, backpacks, briefcases, binders, and purses are prohibited. A secured area is provided to store personal belongings. Items too large for this area must be left in the patron's vehicle. The ELCA Region 8 Archives is not responsible for patrons' belongings.
  3. Patrons may not bring original documents from home into the Reference Room.
  4. Use pencil ONLY. No pens, markers, or highlighters of any kind are permitted.
  5. Laptop/tablet computers are allowed provided other patrons are not disturbed. All laptops/tablets must be taken out of their respective cases. The use of other electronic equipment including cameras, audio and video recorders, scanners, and personal copiers is prohibited without permission.
  6. Food, beverages, chewing gum, and tobacco are prohibited in the Reference Room.
  7. Children may not accompany patrons while they are conducting research.
  8. Because original archival materials can be fragile, patrons must handle them with great care. Depending on the nature of such materials, patrons may be required to wear white lintless gloves.
  9. When taking notes, do not place notebook paper on top of archival materials.
  10. Materials must not be defaced by marking, underlining, making marginal notes, applying sticky notes, or any other form of mutilation. No tracing or rubbing is permitted. Patrons should notify the ELCA Region 8 Archives staff when encountering materials that have been defaced or damaged in any way.
  11. Each patron is generally permitted to view one archival box or two books at a time.
  12. Open and view documents from one folder at a time. Leave documents arranged in their folder in exact order. Allow materials to rest on the table at all times and do not remove them from folders.
  13. Requests for reproductions are considered by the staff on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the ELCA Region 8 Archives Reproduction Policy.
  14. Patrons should respect the rights of others and keep noise to a minimum. Please refrain from loud conversations or transcribing, and turn off cell phone ringers.
  15. Patrons are held responsible for all material charged to them. All materials are to be used only in the Reference Room. Materials will not be loaned out for individual use. Materials may not be transferred from one patron to another.
  16. Patrons should keep archival materials nearby and remain in their own space. Materials must not be left unattended. If patrons need to leave the Reference Room for any reason, materials must be returned to ELCA Region 8 Archives staff.
  17. Before leaving, patrons must return all materials to the ELCA Region 8 Archives staff. In cases where use will be continuing, the staff will keep materials on reserve.
  18. All decisions regarding the handling and reproduction of ELCA Region 8 Archives materials are at the discretion of the staff. All their decisions are final, and are subject to change without notice.

Updated 9/10/13
Provisions subject to change without notice.

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