Requirements for Admission

The following requirements are basic for admission to the M.Div., M.A.R., and M.A.M.S degree programs:

1. The degree of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or the equivalent from an accredited college or university is required. An undergraduate cumulative point average of 2.7 is ordinarily expected. However, factors other than the academic record are taken into consideration.

2. ELCA applicants seeking ordination, consecration or commissioning must have a positive entrance decision (readiness for study) by her/his synod’s candidacy committee prior to admission to seminary. An applicant who has entered, but not yet completed this entrance step in candidacy, may receive a provisional offer of admission by the Seminary. The Seminary may withdraw such a provisional offer without a subsequent positive entrance decision by December 1 of the student’s first academic year. Applications should be made to the Master of Divinity program or one of the Master of Arts in Ministerial Studies programs. An applicant of another denomination, preparing for church service, should be registered with her/his denominational judicatory.

3. The Master of Arts in Religion degree program is an academic degree program without Field Education. It does not require ecclesial affiliation.

4. Evidence of personal maturity and ability to relate well to others will be solicited from the references provided by the applicant.

5. Approval by the Faculty Admissions Committee is required. That approval is based on a judgment of academic readiness and positive references. The Committee may invite the applicant for a personal interview or may request further testing.

6. When a person has been identified by her/his denominational judicatory as an exceptional and promising candidate, but has not completed the bachelor’s degree, a procedure of exception may be used. For further information, contact the Office of Admissions.