Theology and Public Life Degree Concentration

Gettysburg Seminary’s unique setting, at the crossroads of history and hope, calls upon us to reflect theologically about the role of the church in public life. Not far from Seminary Ridge is Washington, D.C., an international crossroads of government, political, and economic discourse, and also a center of theological, ecumenical and interfaith diversity. The nation’s capital has become a major academic center and urban setting, affording distinctive opportunities for contextual immersion, spiritual formation, and theological reflection.  This concentration challenges students to interact, reflect, and respond in dynamic, changing contexts through immersion in this international, political, social, and ecumenical environment.
As a part of its Washington, D.C. program, the Seminary offers a Resident Scholar Program, providing a unique way to experience this concentration. Available to all full-time degree seeking students of the seminary who desire to live in the Washington, D.C. area for one or two semesters, students are able to focus their studies and immersion experiences in areas such as social ministry, public policy, ecumenical and interfaith issues, and ethics. Courses are available on the Gettysburg campus and the partner schools of the Washington Theological Consortium.