The Master of Sacred Theology Degree: A Brief Overview

The Master of Sacred Theology (STM) degree program is designed to provide an opportunity for concentrated study in a given area of theological inquiry for those who have completed a first theological degree or its equivalent, by promoting advanced understanding in a particular theological discipline, by increasing the student's knowledge of research resources and methodologies, and by increasing his or her knowledge and competency for ministry in all of its variety of forms.  It may provide a foundation for even further advanced study.

This degree program prepares students to:
  • Achieve mastery of primary questions, ideas, methodologies and sources related to the chosen area of theological focus
  • Engage in knowledge and creative thinking, writing, and speaking in the chosen area of research
  • Apply the knowledge gained to other contexts of theology and ministry
  • Demonstrate proficiency in research, writing, and thinking
The program of study may take place directly following completion of the MDiv, MAR or other first graduate theological degree or may be entered into may years later.  It may be pursued on a full-time residential basis or on a part-time basis.

Overall Degree Requirements
The STM degree is offered with a choice of two tracks:
  1. STM with Thesis consists of 24 credits (8 classes), 1.5 credits in Thesis Practicum Research (prerequisite for thesis), thesis, and thesis defense
  2. STM with oral integrative examination (non-thesis) consists of 30 credits (10 classes) and an oral integrative examination
At least four of the course units and the thesis must be in the major area of study.  Examples might be: Biblical Studies, Theology, Church History and Studies in Ministry.

Concentrations are offered in: Biblical Studies, Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics, Church in Society, Pastoral Theology, Christian Education, Liturgics, Preaching and Communication.

STM Curriculum
Explore the Academic Catalog and STM Manual for more detailed information on coursework and other degree requirements.

Requirements for Admission and Application Process

Application Materials

Cost of Attendance

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