Discernment Tools

Since 1826, the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg has been a crossroad of discernment, innovation and growth for those who seek to lead in church and world.

Gettysburg Seminary: Path-breaker
As the oldest and most historic of Lutheran graduate and professional theological schools in the Americas, Gettysburg Seminary has been a path-breaker in its commitment to the study of ecumenism, Christian education, the social and psychological contexts for ministry, theology and public life, and ministry in urban and rural settings. In the 19th century, Gettysburg offered theological education to the first African American to receive a formal Lutheran education and in the 20th, created the first seminary faculty positions in Christian Education, Sociology and Psychology, and Stewardship, offered the first tenured position to a female professor, and educated the first woman to be ordained in the Lutheran Church in America.  
The Gettysburg tradition is to prepare the finest possible leaders through the integration of intellectual curiosity, vigorous study, and openness to the context we find in the world around us.  We build understanding by developing the ability to interpret sacred texts, history, and faith in context. We find that good leaders translate those abilities into insight for leadership in ministry.  
Gettysburg Seminary values the foundations of the Christian theological tradition, particularly its Lutheran confessional heritage, with appreciation for the expansive study of ecumenical and world Christianity.  Gettysburg’s students have exhibited a creative imagination for astute practice of ministry.

Those who sojourn on Gettysburg’s Seminary Ridge come from across the globe, and prepare for ministry in every imaginable setting.
Bearing witness at the crossroads of history and hope, the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg proclaims Jesus Christ to a restless world by preparing students for faithful discipleship. As we listen to God’s Word in community, the Holy Spirit empowers us to lead in church and world through worship, education, service and encouragement.

As additions to some of Gettysburg’s degree programs, students may also take advantage of particular concentrations, such as Theology and Public Life, Youth and Young Adult Ministries, and Town and Country Church Ministry. Every learner will find an excellent preparation for wide ranging ministries in parishes, social ministries, service agencies, and chaplaincies. Still others continue on to doctoral programs, or seek further professional training in law, teaching, music or theatre, management and more.

Gettysburg Seminary: Resource and Connector
 Seeing the world as our classroom, Gettysburg Seminary connects the world’s resources together with a tradition of imaginative teaching.  Supported by technologically up to date classrooms, a library of 190 thousand volumes and other resources, a member of the Eastern Cluster of Lutheran Seminaries library, and faculty who maintain advanced research and highly skilled teaching practices, the Seminary makes the best of local and global resources available for its community of learners. 
Gettysburg Seminary places focused study in ever-widening contexts through its international travel seminars, multicultural curricular offerings, and through the additional rich resources of the Washington Theological Consortium, the Eastern Cluster of Lutheran Seminaries, and international educational partnerships.  Moreover, the January-term courses offered by all of the ELCA’s seminaries are open for cross enrollment, giving unprecedented flexibility and an abundance of choices to all of our students.

In addition to its richly equipped classrooms, library and archives, Gettysburg Seminary faculty members employ course-based web technology, distance learning and online learning databases to stimulate deepening understanding of the world.

At Gettysburg Seminary, if you can imagine a way to learn we can help you do it.