Pastoral Care for Returning Veterans

Life-Long Learning training for Pastors, seminarians, and others with a desire to learn ways to care with veterans/families in the months and years after military service

GETTYSBURG, PA— Pastors and congregations encountering returning veterans and their families within their communities, and in search of best practices about how to help them, were invited to a half day workshop Wednesday, April 6th 12:50 to 4:00 PM at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. The workshop, entitled “Challenges of Readjustment from Military to Civilian Life,” was free and open to the public and was sponsored by the seminary’s student association and Crossroads Conversations program.

The first hour’s panel was led by subject matter experts and examine the “Role of the Church and Pastor” in supporting veterans and families. The second hour’s panel -- “In Their Own Words” – consisted of veterans and family members recounting their own experiences.  The third hour broke out into small group sessions and focus on topics such as:  "Healing from Losses;" "Resources;" "Family Members;" "Ways of Reaching Out to returning Vets and Family Members;" "11 September 2011 Anniversary;" and "Healing Three Transform Trauma." 

Panel presenters included Pastor Fred Shilling, educator and leadership resource with 31 years’ experience in military chaplain hospital training programs and a current focus on "Trauma and Healing Soul Wounds."

Also providing resources for the event is Chaplain (CDR) David G. Oravec, USN, Chaplain with Wounded Warriors program and Casualty Affairs Chaplain at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD.   Chaplain Oravec is the former Senior Pastor at Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD.

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