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Become Prayer-FrOGS!

Seminarians need lots of encouragement in many forms, beginning with prayer! Become Seminarian Prayer Partners! Your congregation may choose to:
  • Pray for one particular student by name regularly throughout the year, or
  • Pray for all members of a class year. For example, all the members of the first year class of students, called “Juniors.” (The number of students in a class year ranges from 30-50), or
  • Another creative approach you come up with that fits your congregation better. Just tell us!
  • It makes such a difference!   Go to FrOGS prayer stories.

    If your congregation would like to pray for a student or for a class of students, email us at frogs@Ltsg.edu and include the information below and we will send you names soon after the semester begins. In inviting students to be prayed for, we gain their permission to named in public worship or on congregational prayer lists.

    Here is the info we need you to email us frogs@Ltsg.edu (Or you can call: 717-338-3011 or 1-800 MLUTHER ext. 3011):
  • Congregation name and location, incl. town and state:
  • Whether you wish to receive one name, a whole class of names, or another approach.
  • A contact person’s name, address, email and phone number

Plan to hold a “Plague to Plenty” Sunday: Oh, no! We’ve Been Frogged!
Just as God called upon frogs to help drive home the point that God’s people needed to be freed from slavery in Egypt, FrOGS can dramatize the need for future public servants of the Word to be freed from financial burdens as they study for ministry.

Using 100 (or more) green balloons and a marker: blow up balloons (no helium necessary!), and use a marker to put a froggy face on each. Take care not to over-inflate. Put the “frogs” where they are unavoidably visible, and even uncomfortably in the way, e.g. on the front lawn or steps, in the narthex, aisles of nave, pulpit, etc. For $10 (or other suggested amount) a “frog,” can be transformed! From “plague” to “plenty!” Then, move them out of the way or pop them. For example, they could be carried into worship and be viewed as visible prayers. $1,000 will be raised for Seminarian Scholarship Fund when all 100 frogs are transformed!

Planning a “Seminarian Plague to Plenty Sunday” takes time, not the least because it’s an opportunity to devote time and creativity to learning more about where pastors, diaconal ministers, and other public servants of the Word come from. For inspiration, checkout "Plague to Plague: The Musical, A drama of Biblical Proportions". Click here to view for long version or short version of the script.

*  "The more we do with Gettysburg Seminary, the happier we are!"  A story about First English's fun with frogging.   FrOGS Partner Stories