FrOGS Facts

Fun FrOGS Fact #1
In Hebrew, the word for frog as found in Exodus 8:1-23 and transliterated into English is tsepharde’a. That’s a compound formed out of the word for “leap” and the word for “knowing.” Therefore, biblically speaking, a frog is a “leap-knower” one who knows how and when to leap.
(--From Dr. Marty Stevens who teaches the biblical Hebrew course here on campus)
Please join in praying that in all that we undertake as FrOGS, as Friends of Gettysburg Seminarians, the Spirit grants us the readiness to leap with faith, courage and generosity!

LTSG Facts for FrOGS #1
  • The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg is the oldest of the ELCA seminaries, founded in 1826.
  • The seminary’s founder was Samuel Simon Schmucker, a pastor and teacher who was also active in the anti-slavery movement.
  • More than 5,400 men and women have graduated from the seminary and have gone on to serve in many different settings for ministry.