Transferring Credits

Transferring Credits into LTSG degree program
Students who have completed credits in graduate level courses at another institution may petition the Dean for evaluation of the credits for possible transfer into the degree program at LTSG. An official transcript is required to evaluate the credits. The courses should have been completed at graduate level, with at least a C grade, not more than 10 years ago, at an ATS accredited institution.
If the credits were used in a degree conferred upon the student, the amount of transfer credits is limited to the lower of 50% of the credits required for the previous degree or 50% of the credits required for the current degree.
If the credits were not applied toward a conferred degree, all credits may be eligible for transfer into LTSG, as long as the student completes a full year of residency at LTSG.
Transferring Degree Programs
Each degree program or program of study has distinct goals and objectives. Applicants are evaluated for admission and accept admission to a particular degree program or other program of study (Affiliate for Consecration, Special Student, etc.). A student who wishes to change to a different degree program or program of study must petition the Dean, describing the underlying circumstances prompting the request for transfer. All transfers must be approved by faculty action.