Daily Redactor Editorial Guidelines

The purpose of the Daily Redactor is to help the Seminary carry out its mission by informing students, families, faculty, and staff of significant news and events within or available to the community.

The Daily Redactor is a printable on demand daily electronic newsletter, which is regularly produced by its editor every weekday when the Seminary is in session.    Each issue includes a prioritized, edited set of briefs and news of significant events planned for the day, week and month ahead. The Redactor also includes major events and announcements of interest to the community.


  • Submission
    • All submissions to the Daily Redactor may be made to Redactor@ltsg.edu ; all information must be submitted before the deadline, which is set by the editor.
    • Each submission must include the name and email address of the person submitting it. No anonymous submissions will be considered for publication.
    • In order to be sure that all activities or events do not conflict with one another, each submission which mentions a seminary room as a meeting place must be accompanied by the reservation number for that room (secured through the events office, campus tel. ext 3004).
    • The editor is responsible to edit submitted information as needed and appropriate, and may consult with Seminary communications staff. The Redactor is normally edited and designed not to exceed two pages when printed.  Editorial policy also takes into consideration the public nature of the web-based Daily Redactor distribution.
    • The following information is not normally accepted for publication:
      •  Requests for intercessory prayer (which can be placed on the chaplain’s bulletin boards and through him on the seminary website).
      • Expressions of opinion (such expressions may be directed to the student publication, the Chapel Door.)
      • Announcements not intended for the larger community (i.e., those containing “inside” references or directed to a very few individuals).
      • Any announcements asking for money or offering items for sale.
      • Announcements that are unclear or unverifiable.


  • Distribution
    • The widest distribution of the Daily Redactor is by electronic mail using the seminary’s website, with an advanced notice including new headlines sent to all students, faculty and staff through the Redactor List Serve. Subscription for this publication is mandatory for students, faculty and staff due to the fact that emergency information may be shared through this list service. 
    • Students and their families, including those on internship and those who do not live on campus, are encouraged to e-mail the editor and request that they receive the Redactor.
    • Hard copies of the Redactor will also be posted daily beside the student mailboxes, on the Library information board, in the Refectory, and in any other places the editor or Community Life Committee deem desirable.
    • The editor shall design the Redactor so that, insofar as possible, computers using older technology can receive it electronically.
  • 3.   Correspondence

Concerns and correspondence may be directly sent to the editor at redactor@ltsg.edu  or to the seminary’s executive for communications (jspangler@ltsg.edu). All submissions to the Daily Redactor may be made to redactor@ltsg.edu .