July 16, 2014  •   Vol. XXXVII, Issue 165



No Lunch until Fall!


July 17-20: Diaconal Ministry Formation

July 19-26: Theological Education With Youth (TEY) Summer Leadership Academy and Summer Theological Academy

July 27: Music, Gettysburg! presents Cormorants Fancy at 6:00pm

July 27-August 2: Lay School of Theology


Job Opportunities in the area or in churches and agencies.


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House/Pet Sitter Needed A.S.A.P.  
The Folkemers need someone to come to their house 4 times daily to feed and care for their 2 dogs, 1 fish and 3 birds for all or part of Saturday, July 19 - Saturday suppertime, July 26. If more convenient, the person(s) helping could live at the house.  Payment would be $20/day. The animals include an adorable 7 month-old puppy and a 10 year-old boxer, both extremely friendly, a small fish and three birds (in cages) need food and water once daily (a neighbor can help with the birds). Please call Dr. Folkemer at 253-1254 or email him at sfolkemer@Ltsg.edu.

Note Upcoming Mailroom Hours
The mailroom will be operating with limited hours during the week of July 21-25. It will be open between 10.30am-11.30am every day for parcel pick up. Mail will be sorted and distributed to boxes as normal. Please remember to bring your key to pick up your mail. Have all outgoing mail to the drop box by 3.30pm for processing. Regular hours and service will resume on Monday, July 28.
Food Pantry Reopens at the Start of the Semester
The food pantry on campus is closed during the summer months and will reopen the first week of classes. The Food Pantry Coordinator (TBD) will be a student receiving a small stipend each semester in order to maintain required standards. Food pantry questions or food donations should be forwarded to Susie Kowalski who will be the supervisor/overseer of the food pantry throughout the academic year skowalski@Ltsg.edu.

Independent Study on Creating Liturgies
Interested in thinking through what it looks like to create a meaningful worship service? Well, you’re in luck! There is a small group of students developing an independent study course (Fall 2014) focused around creating liturgy with attention to text, structure, and music. Because this is an independent study course there is flexibility for students to mould the ROSA to their particular interests and questions. There is the possibility for the course to be 1.5 or 3 credits. Send questions or exclamations of interest to Courtney at

Job Opportunities
The jobs page is updated year-round. Check out the link on the left.

Water Off Today 
The water in Baughman Hall will be turned off between 8:30am and 2:00pm on Monday, July 21. This is part of the process of installing the sprinkler system. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause the residents.

Farewell and Godspeed Carol
Come say Goodbye to Carol Troyer this afternoon at 3:30pm in Valentine 206.

Welcome the DMFE Group
We will be hosting twelve students traveling from different parts of the country to attend the Diaconal Ministry Formation Event July 17-22. Please extend a warm welcome to them as they settle into an enriching time of classes, formation groups, Day in Context and more.

Next Summer Sundae Concert Announced
The second of three free concerts, held outdoors on the church grounds July 27 at Trinity Lutheran Church, 2000 Chestnut Street in Camp Hill from 6:30-7:30 p.m.. Trinity’s praise band, FaithX, will perform familiar music from the contemporary Christian repertoire. Free ice cream sundaes will be served to enjoy during the concert. Bring your friends and lawn chairs. The concert will be held indoors in the event of inclement weather. Contact Debra Wilson, Director, Contemporary Worship Music  ddrrw@earthlink.net     
Supply Preaching Opportunities
Do you want more practice proclaiming the Word before you head off for internship? Perhaps you miss the pulpit and desire to keep improving on your preaching? Worry no longer— there are supply preaching opportunities available for you! If you are an LTSG student that has completed "Intro to Preaching” you are encouraged to sign up to be a supply preacher. You will earn some cash (including mileage) and have the chance to preach in different contexts while serving local congregations. If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please e-mail Courtney, this year's Supply Preaching Coordinator, at cweller@Ltsg.edu.
Local Church Leaders: Need a Supply Preacher?
Consider hiring a seminarian for your supply preaching needs! For more information on how your congregation can participate in fostering the development of leaders in the church, e-mail the Gettysburg Seminary Supply Preaching Coordinator, Courtney, at cweller@Ltsg.edu

Community Garden Invitation
The Gettysburg Seminary Community Garden (all organic) invites anyone living, working at or visiting campus to come down to the garden and pick anything they would enjoy.