Oremus +

Prayers for the week

of  September 14-20.  Prayers sought and offered by members of the Gettysburg Lutheran  Seminary community

in remembrance,
in thanksgiving, 
for healing,  
for wisdom, and for whatever else it is that  we need....


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  Sun., Sept. 14 HOLY CROSS DAY
  Tues., Sept. 16 Cyprian (+c. 258)
               Bishop and martyr
  Wed., Sept. 17 Hildegard of Bingen (+1179)
               Abbess and teacher
  Thurs., Sept. 18 Dag Hammarskj√∂ld (+1961)
               Renewer of Society
 (Lectionary 25)



For peace in Syria, Israel, Palestine, and around the world

For our partners in the Eastern Cluster of Lutheran Seminaries and the Washington Theological Consortium

For the family and friends of Becky Whitlock, especially her daughters, the congregations of the Rural Retreat Lutheran Parish (where she was intern) and the community of Luther Seminary, on her sudden death on Sept. 11

For All Saints Evangelical Lutheran Church, recovering from a three-alarm fire in its building on Sept. 18

For our interns and their families, and especially for Lamar and Elise Bailey and Patrick Ballard

For all in particular need of our prayers, and especially for:

Darold Beekmann
John Bielfuss
The Hausknecht Family
Jean Orndorff
Harold Robinson
Natalie Rimmer
Paul Troyer

For the ongoing ministry of these members of the class of 1955:

Dale Burrington
Charles W. Carlson
Clarence L. Chubb
E. Mahlon Clarke
Howell S. Foster
Theodore S. Grant
Raymond H. Hartzell
John T. Peace
Robert K. Shaull
J. F. Wilson
Earl W. Zellers


In thanksgiving for the lives and ministries of these members of the class of 1955 now separated from us by death:

Ronald M. Brant
K. Danner Clouser
Ralph F. Eberle
Franklin M. Highby
John D. Logan
James M. MacDonald
Sedoris N. McCartney
Lee A. McDaniel
Paul Riss
Raymond M. Roden
Charles H. Ruby
William H. Schiemann
Kenneth E. Spangler
David G. Volk
John H. Wagner
Robert J. Wittlinger