Oremus +

Prayers for the weeks

of  April 20-26.  Prayers sought and offered by members of the Gettysburg Lutheran  Seminary community

in remembrance,
in thanksgiving, 
for healing,  
for wisdom, and for whatever else it is that  we need....


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Sun., Apr. 20 EASTER DAY     
Mon., Apr. 21 Earth Day
Anselm of Canterbury 
               Bishop and Theologian
Wed., Apr. 23 Toyohiko Kagawa (+1960)
               Renewer of Society
Fri., Apr. 25 MARK, Evangelist



For peace in Syria, the Ukraine, the Holy Land, and around the world

For the LTSG Board of Directors, meeting on campus this week

For the Shalem Institute of Spiritual Formation and our other partners in the Eastern Cluster of Lutheran Seminaries and the Washington Theological Consortium

For our interns and their families, especially Vanessa Smith and Anthony & Hope San Filippo

For all in particular need of our prayers, and especially for:

Darold Beekmann
John Bielfuss
Barbara Edmiston
The Hausknecht Family
Jean Orndorff
Harold Robinson
Natalie Rimmer
Paul Troyer

For the ongoing ministry of these members of the class of 1999:  

Wendy L. Abrahamson
Marsha A. Adams
E. Earl Anderson
Rosemary W. Backer
Meagan M. Boozer
Ronald A. Brown
Timothy L. Bupp
Lynette R. Chapman
Paul E. Chapman
Arthur E. Cubbon
Jonathan E. Deibler
Nissa R. Deibler
Brian K. Eiss
Gregory C. Fetzer
Christina L. Gruca
Lars A. Hammar
Susan C. Hill
Chad M. Huebner
Betsy J. Kamphuis
Dione M. Klepetka
Chad Kline
Richard J. Leseganich
Louise L. Reynolds
Timothy W. Sadler
C. Jason Sigmon
Todd A. Zielinski

In thanksgiving for the life and ministry of Marton J. Roberson of the class of 1999, now separated from us by death