OFFICIAL SEMINARY RECORDS  (kept in small, locked archives room)


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(revised May 18, 2005, June, 13, 2012)
Board of Directors. Official Minutes
                          March 2, 1826‑August 12, 1862
                          August 11, 1863‑June 22, 1886
                          June 28, 1887‑May 20, 1915
                          May 18, 1916‑May 7, 1935
                          May 5, 1936‑May 6, 1941
                          May 12, 1942‑May 5, 1953
                          May 4, 1954‑November 12, 1963
                          February 25, 1964‑April 25, 1973
                          Notebook 1970-1982
                     Unofficial Minutes
                          1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977 (box)
                     Executive Committee Minutes (box)
                          1939          4/23/74
                          1954          10/15/74
                          10/19/71      2/4/75
                          11/4/71       4/29/75
                          2/1/72        10/14/75
                          5/2/72        2/3/76
                          10/17/72      4/20/76
                          1/30/73       10/12/76
                          4/24/73       10/12/77
                          10/16/73      4/25/78
                          2/5/74        10/18/78
                     Executive Committee Minutes (notebook)
                     Board Profiles (envelope)
                     Reports to the Board (box)
                       Schmucker   1832‑64   (Reports may lack certain
                       Krauth      1834‑66    years within the range of
                       Schmidt     1840‑42    dates given. Consult
                       Hay         n.d., n.d. contents listed on folders
                                   l845‑48    for more complete
                                   ca. 1865   information.)
                       Schaeffer   1856‑64
                       Presidents 1865
                                   1927‑28, 1928
                                   1936 (includes faculty report)
                                   1938 (includes faculty report)
                       Faculty     1866‑74
                                   1877‑83, 1887‑1900
                                   1906, 1919‑24, 1927, 1927‑28
     Repair Committee
                                  1920, 1921, 1923 (envelope)

Board of Directors.    Agenda
   May 2, 1950
   May 4, 1954          
   March 5, 1963        
   April 30, 1963     
   May 5, 1963     
   Feb. 25, 1964 
   May 5, 1964   
   Nov. 10, 1964
   Feb. 23, 1965       
   May 11, 1965                   
   Oct. 12, 1965       
   Feb. 22, 1966        
   May 10, 1966       
   Oct. 11, 1966       
   May 9, 1967         
   Oct. 24, 1967        
   May 7, 1968    
   Oct. 22, 1968       
   May 6, 1969        
   Oct. 28, 1969     
   May 5, 1970       
   Oct. 20, 1970     
   May 4, 1971       
   Oct. 20, 1971        
   Feb. 2, 1972         
   May 3, 1972      
   Oct. 18, 1972    
   Jan. 31, 1973    
   April 25, 1973    
   Oct. 17, 1973        
   Feb. 6, 1974        
   April 24, 1974   
   Oct. 16, 1974    
   Feb. 5, 1975       
   April 30, 1975    
   Oct. 15, 1975     
   Feb. 4, 1976       
   April 21, 1976    
   Oct. 13, 1976        
   Feb. 2, 1977         
   April 26, 1977     
   Oct. 12, 1977        
   Feb. 21, 1978        
   April 26, 1978      
   Oct. 18, 1978        
   Feb. 14, 1979     
   April 25, 1979      
   Oct. 17, 1979       
   Jan. 16, 1980     
   April 22, 1980       
   Oct. 15, 1980
   Jan. 13, 1981
   Feb. 26, 1981
   April 22, 1981
   Oct. 14, 1981
   Jan. 13, 1982
   April 21, 1982
   Oct. 13, 1982
   Jan. 20, 1983
   April 21, 1983
   Oct. 13, 1983
   Jan. 19, 1984
   April 26, 1984
   Oct. 11, 1984
   Jan. 17, 1985
   April 25, 1985
   Oct. 7, 1985
   Jan. 30, 1986
   April 17, 1986
   Oct. 9, 1986
   Jan. 16, 1987
   April 23, 1987
   Oct. 15, 1987
   Jan. 28, 1988
   April 21, 1988 [c. 3 (from the President’s Office) contains handwritten notes, including 
a set of notes attached to Exhibit E]
   Oct. 13, 1988 [c.3 (from the President’s Office contains handwritten notes]
   Jan. 27, 1989
   April 19, 1989
   Oct. 12, 1989
   Jan. 25-27, 1990
   April 19, 1990
   Oct. 18, 1990
   Jan. 24-26, 1991
   April 17-18, 1991
   Oct. 2-3, 1991
   Jan. 22-23, 1992
   [none for April 1992]
   Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 1992
   Jan. 13-14, 1993
   April 14-15, 1993
   Sept. 29-30, 1993
   January 19-20, 1994
   April 13-14, 1994
   Oct. 12-13, 1994
   January 18-19, 1995
   April 18-19, 1995
   Oct. 11-12, 1995
   Jan. 16-17, 1996
   April 16-17, 1996
   October 23-24, 1996
   January 22-23, 1997
   April 16-17, 1997
   October 15-16, 1997
   January 28-29, 1998
   May 6-7, 1998
   October 19-21, 1998
   January 27-28, 1999          
   April 7-8, 1999
   October 20-21, 1999
   2000 Directory
   January 27, 2000
   May 2-3, 2000
   October 17-18, 2000
   January 23-24, 2001
   May 1-2, 2001
   October 16-17, 2001
   January 23, 2002
   2002 Directory
   April 30-May 1, 2002
   October 15-16, 2002
   2003 Directory
   May 6-7, 2003
   October 14-15, 2003
   January 20-21, 2004
   May 4-5, 2004
   2004 Directory
   Oct. 12 - 13, 2004
   Jan. 18 – 19, 2005
   May 3 - 4, 2005
   Oct. 11 – 12, 2005
   Jan. 17 – 18, 2006
   May 2 – 3, 2006
   Oct. 17 – 18, 2006
   Jan. 16 – 17, 2007
   May 1 – 2, 2007
   Oct. 16 – 17, 2007
   Jan. 15 – 16, 2008
   Apr. 29 – 30, 2008
   Oct. 14 – 15, 2008
   Apr. 28 – 29, 2009
   Oct. 13 – 14, 2009
   Jan. 12 – 13, 2010
   Apr. 27 – 28, 2010
   Jan. 11 – 12, 2011
   Apr. 26 – 27, 2011
   Oct.          2011
   Jan.          2012
Board of Directors.     Miscellaneous materials 1 box
                          Board Manual 1988 (2 copies)
                          Information sheets on Board members
                            Prior to 1988
                        Materials accompanying Agenda (from Ruth Fair)
                            April 21, 1983
                            October 13, 1983
                            January 19, 1984
                            April 26, 1984
                            October 11, 1984
                            January 17, 1985
                            April 25, 1985
                            October 9, 1985
                            January 30, 1986
                            October 12, 1989
                            Misc. (loose) material
Board of Directors.     Correspondence. 1990-1995
Handouts distributed at Board Meetings
                          Oct. 18, 1990
                          Jan. 24‑26, 1991
                        Joint Board Reports (box)
                          May 11, 1965
                          May 9, 1966
                          May 8, 1967
                          May 6, 1968
                          May 5, 1969
                          May 4, 1970
                        Joint Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes (envelope)
                          Jan. 6, 1965
                          Jan. 13, 1965 (Minutes only)
Treasurer’s Book        1894-1906 (housed in box)
Treasurer's Reports.    1826‑1896 (box)
                        1897‑1919 (volumes)
Auditor's Reports.      1964
1966     1976 (no report-fiscal year changed fromDec. to June)
                        1967      1977      1986       1995       2004
                        1968      1978      1987       1996       2005
                        1969      1979      1988       1997
                        1970      1980      1989       1998
                        1971      1981      1990       1999
                        1972      1982      1991 (2)   2000
                        1973      1983      1992       2001
                        1974      1984      1993       2002
                        1975      1985      1994       2003
                        Appraisal, 1931
                        Contingent fund, 1909‑1917; Endowment, 1919‑1920
                        Current Fund Revenues, 1980‑88 (box)
                        General Fund Income, annual reports
                        Records of Contributors to Memorials, 1894‑95
                        Report on Examination of Bequests, Sept. 30, 1973
                        Subscription lists, 1844‑1849
                        Subscription lists, Dec. 5, 1899‑1906
Finances: Correspondence, 1966    
          Estate Gifts, 1965 - 2004
    Financial Aid and Scholarship Information, 1964-1980
          Payroll Notes, 1966
          Pensions, 1955-1966
          Plank Property
          Receipts, pledges, bills, deeds, subscriptions, notebooks, etc.
            (7 boxes)
          Room Support
          Wills and Bequests prior to 1951 (3 boxes)
          Wills and Bequests after 1951 (2 boxes)
          Withholding, 1966
Finances: Statement of Contingent Fund, May 1909-May 1910 (Envelope)
Faculty Reviews. (5 boxes, file cab. #4)
Faculty Minutes.        November 5, 1832‑1846 (in matriculation book)
                        1894‑1903                 Bound
1926-        to date
Academic Affairs Committee, 1993-1994; Report of Registrar, 1982 & 1985, 1992
Academic Policies Committee (APC)
1 loose-leaf notebook, 1964-1969
            2 boxes 1969-1995
Administrative Staff

Advancement, Estates Gifts (cab. #4)

Advancement, Campaign (1980s to early 2000) (cab. #4)

Business Office Records (Box)

Committee Reports (mostly Board of Directors) (1829-1971) (Box)

Deeds, Charters, etc., and Papers Pertaining Thereto
Division I & II
      AAL Grant, 1977
Division III
          1964-1980, 1990

Miscellaneous Correspondence 1964 & 1965

      Presidential Search
      Presidential Candidate
      Presidential Evaluation Committee Report

Scholarship Information from Registrar’s Office, 1966-1997

Scholarship Information from Nancy Gable, 1964-1991
Abdel Ross Wentz Prize in American Lutheran History
Academic Convocation. See Services.
Academic Garb
Academy of Preachers
        Preaching Days
Adams County Academy (Original Home of the Seminary, 1826‑1832)
        Interview with Harold Reuning, owner, Feb. 15, 1982
          1 audio‑cassette, with partial transcript
Address to the Board of Directors by Vincent Cushing, Sept. 16, 1988
        2 videotapes. See Videotape List
Addresses, Commencement. See Services
Admissions (computer Disks for Interactive Admissions Brochure)
Administration Building.  See Buildings. Valentine Hall
Advent Devotionals. See Development
Alleman, Herman C.
       Tribute to, by Alumni Association, May 7, 1953 (carbon copy)
       See Alumni/ae Council
Alumni Association. Banquets, 1966, 1967
                     Constitution and Miscellany
                     Minutes, 1844‑1881
                     Minutes, 1884‑1935
                     Minutes, 1936-1966
   Executive Committee Minutes, Oct. 1964-Sept. 1971
                     Financial Records, 1926‑1963
                     Papers, 1959‑1967
Alumni, Correspondence to, Oct. 1964-June 1976
Alumni/ae Council (begun May 27, 1976)
 Minutes, 1977-1992, 1998-
             Miscellaneous, 1991 and 1992
             Study on Continuing Existence of Seminary, 1975
             Tribute to Herman C. Alleman, May 7, 1953
American Cusanus Society
Anniversary, 175th
Annuities (box)
Arthur Carl Piepkorn Memorial Lecture. See Continuing Education
        See also AV Suppl.
Arthur L. Larson Stewardship Council
        See also  Continuing Education and AV Suppl.
Arts. See Fine Arts Council
Association of Theological Schools (ATS).
      1990 Report with working information
      Student Information Project (1996-2002)
      2000 Report
      Response to 2000 Report with notes
       See also  Middle States Association; Self-evaluation Study; Self-
       study; Student Surveys
Athenaeum. Minutes, 1863‑79, with constitution
            Minutes, 1879‑1898
               See also Croll, Philip Columbus (Boxed Manuscripts List)
            Minutes, 1898‑1912. (Includes Missionary Society Minutes, 1886‑?)
            Minutes, 1912‑1925
            Minutes, 1914 and miscellany (See Student Association for later years)
            Roll‑call Book, 1915‑18
            Treasurer's Book, 1863‑1884
            Treasurer's Book, 1918‑31/32
ATS. See  Association of Theological Schools (ATS)
Auxiliary.  Book of Charter Members
            Handbook of the President
            Historical Material, 1953‑55
            Minutes, Reports, Receipts, Misc. papers ‑ 2 vol.
            Minutes, 1954‑1973                     .
            Executive Committee Minutes, 1954‑1973 .
            Programs of meetings                     .   Box
            Samples of publicity                     .
            "Grapevine" publication                 .
            Various reports                        .
            Papers, unsorted ‑ 3 boxes
            See also AV Suppl.
Battle of Gettysburg See  Fiftieth Ammoversary…
Battle of Gettysburg, The – Gettysburg Seminary, That is (A paper for the
consideration of the Lutheran Historical Conference meeting October
2006) by Luther A. Gotwald, Jr.
Baughman, Harry F. See Lectureships. Zimmerman
                         Services. Matriculation
"Beginnings," 1974, 15-minute color motion picture about Seminary life
1 good copy; also 3 damaged copies.  See Development (Box) (on top of filing drawers)
Bengt Hoffman Fund for the Nurture of Spirituality
Bertha Paulssen Award. See Paulssen, Bertha
Bible Society of Pennsylvania College and Gettysburg Seminary
            Executive Board Minutes, 1839‑55
            Minutes, 1839‑54
            Minutes, 1855‑1907
            Treasurer's Book
Bibliography of Samuel Simon Schmucker Holdings in A. R. Wentz Library. See   Library
Biography of a House (readings interwoven as a history)
        See also AV Suppl.
Bishop‑in‑Residence Program. See also Donald R. Heiges ...
Black History Week
Bookstore. (envelope)
Brochure, Interactive Admissions See  Admissions
Buildings. Chapel.   Abide in the Presence (book)
                     Altar Prayers
                     Altar Service Book
                     "Chapel on Seminary Hill" by A.R. Wentz (box)
                     Construction contracts (box)
                     Construction, 1940‑42. Items in cornerstone. (box)
                     Corporate Worship. See Buildings. Chapel. Worship
                     Description, stained glass windows, picture reprints
                     Guest books
                     Epistles and gospels
                     “Footnotes on the Building of the Seminary Chapel” by Abdel Ross Wentz, 1968
                     Photographs of Chapel by Lois Eriksson
                     Record of use of hymns in daily services, 1947‑57
                     Service hymnals
                     Services ‑ 3 vol.
                         Sept. 1942‑May 1943
                         Sept.‑Dec. 1943
                         Jan.‑May 1944
                     Tour Guide Booklet of the Church of the Abiding Presence
 (see  Worship)
                         Chaplaincy Services (Counseling)
                         Corporate Worship (Schedules & Assignments)         
                         Sabbath House at LTSG
                         Sermons at Chapel
                         Special Services
                         Tour Guide Booklet 2003, 2006
 Worship Committee Minutes & Correspondence
            Conference rooms‑‑diagrams and seating capacity
            Dormitory rooms
            Krauth House
            *Krauth House framed insurance policy, 1895 - being displayed in
Krauth House – listed as Fine Arts by Valentine per John
Spangler 7/24/2007
            Leaded Glass Windows, 1941-1954 Correspondence
    Addition -- papers
                Moravian Tiles
            *Schmucker House framed insurance policy, 1895
            Site & Space Study
            Student housing, 1974
            Valentine Hall (1893-1895)
                  Cornerstone (1894 & 2002)
Photograph (The Heavens Are Telling) of top of Valentine Chapel, taken by George Emery Mendenhall (1938 graduate)
(3 copies)
                  Renovation (1999-2000) (See also  Anniversary, 175th)
Calendars and schedules (misc.), 1990‑
Call Process. See Candidacy in the ELCA
                   From Seminary to Parish in ELCA
Candidacy in the ELCA 1987 (Includes 2 resume packets)
Candidacy Manual 2000
Capital Hill Lecture Series. See Lectureships.
"Case‑study of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg with special
        reference to the problem of merger, 1959‑69" by J. Russell Hale.
Casino in Gettysburg and the Seminary
Celebrations. See Special Events and individual name
Centennial Celebration
           Guestbook (1926)
Centennial Scrapbook (oversize: on top of bookcase)
Certification papers in S. S. Schmucker's handwriting
Challenges. See Town and Country Church Institute
Chapel. See Buildings. Chapel
Chapel Door, The. See  Student Publications
Chaplaincy Services (Counseling). See Buildings. Chapel. Worship
Chapter in the Gettysburg Saga, 1962‑76, by Donald R. Heiges (4 copies)
Childcare Center
Choir, Seminary (box)
Choir, Seminary (2 records 33 1/3 RPM – Years undetermined) (maybe 1960 – 1963)
Christ Lutheran Church
* Located on top of 3 black cabinets in office.
Christian education curriculum. See Curriculum. Unpublished course materials
Church Management Education for the LTSG (2 copies)
Church of the Abiding Presence. See Buildings. Chapel
Civil War. See  Fiftieth Anniversary…
Class Photos. See Students. Class Composites & Class Pictures
"Climate is created within Seminaries which supports the acceptance of women
theological students, A” or “A History of Women at Gettysburg" by Gretchen Cranz (January term project, 1973)
Colwell, Ernest Cadman. See  Lectureships. Zimmerman
Colloquium.   See Martin Luther Colloquium
Commencement. See Services
Commission of 18 on Lutheran Theological Education in the Northeast
Commission on Higher Education. Middle States Association. See Middle States
Commission on the Comprehensive Study of the Doctrine of the Ministry
Communications, Office of (Director John Spangler)
      Memos (Spangler & Reimers)
      Seminary on Wheels
      Website News
      See also Publicity; Development
Comprehensive I Committee
Conference on the Practical Field in Theological Education (1948). See Field Education
Consortium Bulletin, The. See Washington Consortium. Consortium Bulletin, The
Constitution of the Seminary (Box)
       (German)   1826
(English)   1826
                  1867 with 1887 Charter
                  1926 with 1928 & 1934 Amendments
                  1978 Working Paper
Consultation of the Seminary and its supporting synods, 1970 (envelope)
Continuing Education
        Annual Symposium on Politics and Ethics. See Washington Theological
        Arthur Carl Piepkorn Memorial Lecture
        Continuing Education Events (Brochures)
        Doctor of Ministry Program. See Doctor of Ministry Program
  Martin Luther King, Jr., Convocation. See also AV Suppl.
        Master of Sacred Theology and Continuing Education
        Misc. papers and programs
        Pastors' Institute
        Preaching Perspectives: Engaging Word and World
        Reading Guide 1967
        Region 8 Continuing Education Events
       STM. See Continuing Education, master of Sacred Tehology…
Conversations @ the Crossroads.
Cope, depicting Mary and Jesus ‑ explanation and description
Cornerstone. See Buildings. Chapel. Constructon
                   Buildings. Valentine Hall
Corporate Worship. See  Buildings. Chapel. Worship
Counsel for Theological Education in the Northeast. See CLTEN
Counseling. See Buildings. Chapel. Worship. Chaplaincy Services
CPE. See Field Education.
Cranz, Gretchen. See "A Climate is created ..."
  Unapproved Thesis. George R. Long
        Unbound lectures by Klaus Thomas 1838-1840
        Unpublished course materials. “The Pastor and Educational Use of the
              Bible” by Ralph Heim (another copy in Boxed Manuscripts in his papers)
        Course schedules
        Bibliographies, Syllabi, Library Reserve Lists
        Curriculum Review/Reform
        Degree Programs
        Miscellaneous curriculum materials
        Multi-Cultural Concerns Program
       Introduction to Homiletics
           Spring 1995. Thulin and Hedahl VR
           Spring 1996. Stuempfle and Hedahl VR
       Miscellaneous course notes and bibliographies, etc.
       Pre-Seminary Studies (c. 1940-41)
Cusanus Society. See American Cusanus Society
Daily Redactor
Dean/Dean Search. See Faculty & Staff
Dedications. See Special Events; and individual event
Development. See also Advancement; Fincances
Development. See also Publicity; Communications
Development: Plan for the 1990's
Development (Box)
        Cut of A. R. Wentz Library ‑ plate mounted on wood block
        Films (16 mm.)
          Library Dedication
          Luther Statue Dedication
  Personal Shots (H.H. Schmidt)
          1 unidentified
        Negatives ‑ unidentified
        Papers ‑ list for slide set 1, script for set 3
        Slides, from the 1960's and earlier
Development (Box)
      Photographs -- 1970s to 1990s? -- partially identified
Diaconal Ministry Formation Event 1995-2005   
Diaconal Ministry Information
Dinners. See Special Events
Directed Reading Guides
Directory, 2000- . See Board of Directors. Agendas
Division for Professional Leadership (DPL)
Doctor of Ministry Program
Doctor of Ministry Manual, 1977 (4 copies)
Donald R. Heiges Bishop‑in‑Residence Program
Eastern Cluster of Lutheran Seminaries
Eastern Penna. Seminary Committee. Report
Ecumenical Theological Education
Elkin, Kenneth. See Observation on Gettysburg ...
Employee Hanmdbook, 2011
"Enduring Saga Continues, An," by Dave Wasemann ‑ 1 videotape. See Videotape List
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. See Sex Discrimination Claim
Evaluation Study of the Seminaries (ULCA) ‑ Gettysburg, 1959
Evaluations, reports
Event Schedule.   See   Calendars and schedules
Exchange Students. See Fellowship for Overseas Students
Faculty Colloquy
Faculty Dossiers. See   Faculty Reviews
Faculty Handbook (obsolete)
Faculty Handbook (Statement of Personnel Practices) (draft ?)
Faculty Handbook: Faculty, Staff and Student Handbook, current
            Policies Handbook-1994
Faculty Handbook 1999
Faculty Handbook 2002. See also Faculty and Staff. Staff Policies Handbook
Faculty Memos, 1991-1997.   See also Faculty and Staff
Faculty Organization. See Faculty and Staff
Faculty Position Statement on the Objectives and Program of Theological 
      Education (Gettysburg & Philadelphia), 1967
Faculty Publications List
Faculty Resolution, Valentine. See Resolution of the Faculty
Faculty Retreat, 1979
Faculty Reviews (11 boxes, file cabinet #4) Filed alphabetically plus year
Faculty Search
Faculty and staff
       Adjunct/visiting professors
       Dean/Dean search
       Events and Photos
 Memos and announcements
       Organization & Home Addresses
       Staff Policies Handbook (current Policies Handbook-2000)
Faculty and Staff Records
Fahnestock, Jeffrey. See  Music, Gettysburg! (Cassette tape) (See  AV Supp. List)
Falckner, Justus, 1703, ordination document (Xeroxed copy—framed; located on wall in office behind
     small archives office.)    Original in vault
Feasibility Study, LTS, Washington, D.C. ‑ 1969
Fellowship for Overseas Students
Field Education
 Assignments (Box)
            Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
               Information about CPE 1954-1979
            Field Education, 1973-1978
               Information about Field Education 1993
            Teaching Parish     
            Task Force
       Conference on the Practical Field in Theological Education 1948
   (2 copies)
       Eastern Cluster of Lutheran Seminaries
       Intern Committee Manual, 1996-1997
       Internship Manual, 1996-1997
       Manual for Internship, 1969, 1977, 1986
       Report, 1968
       "Round Robin"
Fifteen Years After the Ordination of Women in the LCA. See Women in Ministry
Fiftieth Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, 1913. Contains guest book
      with signatures of those who lodged in Old Dorm and a faculty report
      on the use of the dorm.
Fine Arts Council. Exhibits
Folkemer, Lawrence D., Capital Hill Lecture Series. See Lectureships
Forness, Norman O., editor, “The Papers of the Schmucker bicentennial.” See Schmucker, S. S. Bicentennial
      (1999) Celebration
Friends of the Seminary. Papers, 1946‑50, and misc.
                         Coordinator training manual
                         50 years of support: History ...
                                              Appendices ...
From Seminary to Parish in the ELCA, 1987 & 1988
Fund for Nurture of Spirituality. See Bengt Hoffman ...
Future of the Seminary (Gettysburg and Philadelphia) (1971)
Galbraith, Nancy. See Music Gettysburg
Germany, trips to and from (sponsored through the Seminary)
Gettysburg Academy. See Adams County Academy
Gettysburg Associates. See Heiges, Donald R.
Gettysburg Lutheran Partners in Ministry
Gettysburg Seminary. Faculty Position Statement, 1967. See Faculty Position Statement ...
Gettysburg Seminary. Future. See Future of the Seminary
Gettysburg Seminary's Role in a Defining Event in American History by  Frederick K. Wentz.
Gettysburg Summer Assembly. See Lutheran Summer Assembly
Gettysburg's contribution to the Shaping of the American Church by Wolf
Gobbel, A. Roger. See On the Glorious Hill ...
                        Voice of the Christian Century
Gottwald, Luther A., Jr.
      See The Battle of Gettysburg – Gettysburg Seminary, That Is.
     Selected Actions Affecting the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg Showing Actions by
                 Parties Involved
     Skirmishes in the Perennial Battle for Gettysburg
Grade Book, 1911‑26. See Record of Absences
Graduate Questionnaire, 1970. See  Student Surveys; ATS
Graduation. See  Services. Commencement
Gritsch, Eric. See  Infant Communion ...
Hale, J. Russell. See   “Case‑study of ...”
                        “Report of Summer Research”
                  “Unchurched, The”
Handbook. See Faculty Handbook ...; Student Handbook; Employee Handbook
Happenings on the Hill
Heiges, Donald R. Let’s Save Our Seminary: The 1975 Address to the Gettysburg Associates
Memorial Scrapbook on Retirement (4/17/1974)
                  See also Chapter in the Gettysburg Saga
                           Donald R. Heiges Bishop‑in‑Residence Program
                           (Filing cabinets in Archives Office)
                           Talk on vocations
Heim, Ralph. See Curriculum. Unpublished course materials
Hein-Fry Lecture Series
Hildebrand, Edgar. See Missions
Historic Preservation Foundation. See Seminary Ridge ...
Historic Structures Report. See Seminary Ridge Hist. Preservation Foundation
History of Women at Gettysburg Seminary. See "Climate is created ..."
Hoffman, Bengt, Fund for Nurture of Spirituality. See Bengt Hoffman ...
Homilectics. See Curriculum
Horn, Henry E., Swope Lecture on Liturgies, 1966. See Lectureships
Infant Communion, a study document by Eric Gritsch
Institute for Luther Studies
      Includes Martin Luther Colloquium
International Seminar on Pre-Reformation Studies. See American Cusanus Society
International Student Program. See Fellowship for Overseas Students
International Studies. See Communications
Inter Nos. See President’s Memos
Internship. See Field Education
Jenson Convocation. See  Audiovisual List
Jeremiah Zimmerman Lectureship on Effective Preaching. See Lectureships.    Zimmerman
Jubilate! 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980
      See also AV Suppl.
Killer Angels.
      Papers relating to the use of Schmucker Hall and Seminary grounds for
      the film production.
King, Martin Luther, Jr., Convocation. See Continuing Education and AV Suppl.
Krauth House. See Buildings. Krauth House
"Lamp unto my Feet" ‑ ordination of Pastor Beth Platz, filmstrip
Larson, Arthur. See Arthur L. Larson Stewardship Council
        See also  AV Suppl.
Lay Program
            In Lay Terms, Oct. 1999-
            Lay Program 1970-1978
Lay Retreats 1991-1994
Lay School of Christian Studies, 2000-
Lay School of Theology 1964-   (incomplete)
            Lay School Quarterly 1989-1994
Lay Program. Seminarian‑Laymen Dialogues, 1970‑77
Lay Retreats. See  Lay Program
                   AV Suppl.
Lay School of Christian Studies. See Lay Program
Lay School of Theology See Lay Program
        See also AV Suppl.
Lay School Quarterly. See  Lay Program
Leadership Societies. See also earlier heading: Seminary Associates
Lectures. See Curriculum. Unbound Lectures
       Capital Hill Lecture Series by Lawrence D. Folkemer
       Rice Lecture by M. Rhodes, 1879
       Swope Lecture on Liturgics by Henry E. Horn, 1966
       Information on: Holman Lectureship on the Augsburg Confession
                         Knubel-Miller Lectureship
              Arthur Carl Piepkorn Memorial Lecture on Ecumenics. See Continuing Education and AV Suppl.
       Hein-Fry Lecture Series. See  Hein-Fry Lecture Series
Lectureships. Zimmerman.
        Jeremiah Zimmerman Lectureship on "Effective Preaching"
            Harry F. Baughman, 1935
            Ernest Cadman Colwell, 1953
Legacy of Leadership (S.S. Schmucker) See  Schmucker, S.S., Bicentennial

Lenten Devotionals
Let’s Save Our Seminary. The 1975 Address to the Gettysburg Associates Dinner
     by Donald R. Heiges. See Heiges, Donald R.
Library.  Accession List book, n.d.
          Accession List book, 1894‑1921
          Accounts, manuscript acquisitions, dedication, misc. (box)
          Acquisitions ‑ 1939‑1964
          Acquisitions ‑ 1965‑1970
          Acquisitions ‑ Sealantic Fund
          Addition. See Buildings. Library
          Borrowers record ‑ 1865‑1873
          Borrowers record ‑ 1873‑1884
          Borrowers record ‑ 1887‑1896
          Borrowers record ‑ 1897‑1909
          Borrowers record ‑ faculty, n.d.
          Borrowers record ‑ faculty, 1864‑1890
          Bulletin: "Words for the Wise", 1995-
          Catalogue (ms.) ‑ n.d.
          Construction See Buildings. Library
          Dedication (film). See Development (Box)
          Grant Project for Boxed Manuscripts 1995 (2 envelopes)
          History. See Schmidt, Herbert H.
          Library committee ‑ papers
          Library course: Some reference materials; Theological Bibliography
          Library Fund accounts ‑ 1894‑1919
          Library Fund accounts ‑ 1919‑1931
          Library guide (1995-
          Library papers ‑ D. Matthews
          Minutes of Synodical Minutes ... to 1962
          Miscellaneous, Bonnie VanDelinder, librarian, 2003
          Moravian Tiles. See Buildings. Library
          Outdated procedures
          Report of Librarian, 1992/93‑
          Report of ATLA Visitation Team, 1967
          Reserve Lists. See Curriculum. Bibliographies, Syllabi, Library Reserve Lists
          Scholars Choice, SEPTLA project
    Schmucker, Samuel Simon, Bibliography of Holdings in the A. R. Wentz Library, April 1999
    SEPTLA Union List 1986 2c.
    Seminary Archives. Outdated manuscript lists
          Sign-in Books, 1988-1996
          Wentz Papers. Inventory Notes and Student Research Project
          See also AV Suppl.
                   Business Office Records
Life – long Learning Opportunities. See Continuing Education
Linwood. See Adams County Academy
Long, George R. (Unapproved Thesis). See Curriculum
Long Range Planning Committee Report 1987
LTSG 175th Publications Committee. See Publications Committee
Luther Institute. See Washington Theological Consortium. Luther Institute
Luther Statue. Correspondence, Photographs, Committee Reports,
                   Unveiling, Dedication
                Dedication (film). See Development (Box)
                Photos (2004). See photo drawer
Lutheran Historical Conference. 15th Biennial Meeting, at LTSG, Nov. 1990
        4 videotapes and program booklet.   See Videotape List
Lutheran Historical Society of the Mid - Atlantic
Lutheran House of Studies. See    Washington Theological Consortium
                                  Business Office Records
Lutheran Quarterly Account Book, 1903‑1914
Lutheran Summer Assembly See also Oversized Photograph Collection
        Group photos
          2 with no date
Management Audit Team
Manual of Information.  1963-64
                        See also later heading: Student Handbook
Martin Luther Colloquium. See Institute for Luther Studies and AV Suppl.
Martin Luther Jubilee. See AV Suppl.
Martin Luther King, Jr., Convocation. See Continuing Education and AV Suppl.
Matriculation Record, 1903‑1971
Matriculation Services 1954-1971
Matthews, Donald N.
        Library Orientation/Bibliographies (Seminary week 1967-73, various 
           subjects)—on wood cart in Archives Office [listed separately in notebook]
        Slides of Campus Life ‑ People and places. Some appear in various
           editions of the catalog.
       See also Library. Library papers, D. Matthews
Matthews, Donald N. and Elaine C. See On the Glorious Hill ...
Medallion (and artist's sketch), in Vault
         See also Business Office Records
Memorial tributes of students, 1831‑1895. See Missions
Memoirs of Theological Students. See Missions
Merger.  Correspondence of John Aberly ‑ 1929‑1931
         Joint Committee on merger proposals, 1961
         Booz‑Allen & Hamilton, "Planning Survey for Possible Merger, 1961"
         Lutheran Seminary in University City, 1961
         Board of Theological Ed., Report, May 1961
         Report of Comprehensive Study Committee, 1966
         Joint Commission, In‑depth Study of locations, Study Com. Report
         Joint Commission papers, joint faculty statement, report from the
                boards to the position statement
         Joint Faculty conferences, 1966‑1967
         Merger Opinions, Dr. Schmidt's notes, E. Penn. Seminary Com.
         Commission of 18. Future of the Seminary, minutes
         See also AV Suppl.
Middle States Association
        Periodic Review Report, 1986. 2 vol. (2 copies)
        Periodic Review Report, 1996. 2 vol.
        Professional Staff Assignments, 1988
        Report for Commission on Higher Ed., 1976
        Report to the Faculty, Administration, Trustees, 1976
        See also Association of Theological Schools (ATS); Self-evaluation
             Study; Self-study
Mission at the Crossroads
Mission, Statement of
Mission Statement Committee (2000)
Missions. (4 boxes—List in Box 1) (See also 1857 letter in Lutheran Historical Society papers)
   Missionary Society (All handwritten)
      Minutes 1867-1886           .
      Constitution                  .
      By-laws                       .      (Bound in one book)
      Rules of Election           .
      Treasurer’s Record 1886-1919 (Bound book)
   Memoirs of Theological Students 1831-1895
   Missionary Benevolence (from Seminary students) 1915-1922
   Framed letter honoring Edgar Hildebrand 1931
   Society of Inquiry on Missions   (All handwritten)
Constitution                 .        
By-Laws                        .       (Bound in one book)
Proceedings 1827-1856        . 
Proceedings 1868-1873    (Bound book)
Student Papers. Box 1
Answers to Letters l827-1839 (Bound book)
(Individual Handwritten Letters bound in book, with several placed loose in book)
         17 Handwritten loose letters (in separate folder)
Missionary Society, minutes, 1886‑?
             (in with Athenaeum minutes, 1898‑1912. See Athenaeum ...)
Moravian Tiles. See Buildings. Library
Music Degree Program
Music, Gettysburg!
       Program bulletins, etc. 
        Includes Preaching and Church Music Workshop
        (Cassette tapes, videotapes)  See  AV Suppl. and Videotape List.
       Music by Nancy Galbraith
Music Ministry
Music, Outside groups
Newsletter (Gettysburg Theological Seminary)
            New title: Seminary Views
9/11/2001. See Seminary’s Reponse to ...
1967 Faculty Position Statement ... See Faculty Position Statement ...
Nota Bene!
Observations on Gettysburg and the Common Service, by Kenneth Elkin
Office procedure ‑ Baughman administration
On the Glorious Hill: short history of the Seminary by A. Roger Gobbel,
       Donald N. & Elaine G. Matthews. Book and papers.
175th Anniversary. See Anniversary, 175th
175th Publications Committee, LTSG. See Publications Committee
Papers of the Schmucker Bicentennial, The. Norman O. Forness, editor. See
      Schmucker, S. S. Bicentennial (1999) Celebration
Parish Leadership See Continuing Education. Pastor’s Institute
Partners in Ministry. See Gettysburg Lutheran Partners in Ministry
“Pastor and Educational Use of the Bible, The” by Ralph Heim.
           See Curriculum. Unpublished course materials 
Pastoral Care Lectures by Klaus Thomas. See Curriculum. Unbound lectures.
Paulssen, Bertha
      Bertha Paulssen Award for Distinguished Christian Service
      Paulssen Center for the Study of Church & Society
      Paulssen Convocation
            See also AV Suppl.
Pentagon Attack. See Seminary’s Response to ...
Philadelphia Seminary. Faculty Position Statement, 1967. See Faculty Position Statement ...
Philadelphia Seminary. Future. See Future of the Seminary
Photographs. See   Buildings. Valentine. The Heavens Are Telling
                   (Blueprint File cabinet in Historical and oversized boxes)
                   Development (Box)
                   File cabinets in both Archives Offices
                   Top of file cabinet in first Archives office
Piepkorn Lectures. See Continuing Education and AV Suppl.
Planning for the 80's, a report, 1981
       Original typed copy & rough draft
Platz, Elizabeth A. Ordination bulletin.   See Women in Ministry
Policies Handbook. See Faculty and Staff. Staff Policies Handbook
Position Statement on the Objectives and Program of Theological Education, 1967. 
        See Faculty Position Statement ...
Preaching and Church Music Workshop. See Music, Gettysburg!
Preaching Days. See Academy of Preachers
Preaching Perspectives.
         November 7, 1996 – Advent – Nelson Video See Videotape List
         January 23, 1997 – Lent – Stuempfle Video See  Videotape List
         See also  Continuing Education
Pre-Seminary Studies. See  Curriculum. Pre-Seminary Studies
Preservation Foundation. See  Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation Foundation
President's memos, etc.
Presidents Medallion – found in vault
       Negatives of photos of – See photo drawer in archives office under
       “Student Photo composites”
President's Office
Presidential Leadership Award. See President’s Memos, et. Cooper White (Individuals)
Presidential Papers (given archives on death of Professors, Stamm, Raymond Thomas, 1894-1962
Professors See Presidential Papers, Professors
Programs. See Special Events
Property Committee, minutes, 1926‑1937
Property Information. See  Business Office Records
Publications Committee, 175th, LTSG
Publicity. See also Communications; Development

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[No holdings at this time.] 

Rasmussen, Carl Christian
        Interview, by Dr. Stuempfle, 6/30/1986 – Video See Videotape List
        "Greetings to Dr. Rasmussen," 100th birthday party, May 20, 1990 –
             Video See Videotape List
Readiness for Ministry in the Church, Criteria for. See Report of Summer Research
Recognition Events. See Special Events
Record of Absences from Class (1919-1920), Grades for Diplomas and the B.D.
                Degree (1899-1913), and List of Contributors
Records of B.D. candidates, 1896‑1903
      See also Business Office Records
Reformation Search. See Faculty Search
Report of Giving
Report of Summer Research by Russell Hale
Resolution of the Faculty of the Evangelical Seminary, Gettysburg, Pa., Professor M. Valentine, 1903
Response to Sexuality Task Force Report. See Sexuality Task Force
Responses to Student Survey, 2000. See Student Surveys
Reunions. See  Special Events; Student Reunions
Rhodes, M., Rice Lecture, 1879. See  Lectureships
Rice Lecture. See  Lectureships
Round Robin. See Field Education
Sabbath House. See Buildings. Chapel. Worship.
Sabbatical Proposals and Reviews. See  Faculty Dossiers
Saint James Lutheran Church
Schedules. See Calendars and Schedules
Schmidt, Herbert H.
        A History of Gettysburg Seminary Library 1951
Schmucker, S. S.
       Bibliography of Holdings in the A. R. Wentz Library. See  Library. Schmucker, S.S.
       Bicentennial (1999) Celebration
            “Papers of the Schmucker Bicentennial, The,” Norman O. Forness, editor
            Schmucker 200th Anniversary (videotape). See Videotape List
            Schmucker 200th Anniversary (2 audiotapes). See AV Suppl.
 Microfilm of Gettysburg College’s Schmucker Collection. See Schmucker Collection in Vault
Schmucker Family Record by Marian L. Zehr See BX8079 .S37 1956 Gen. (one also in G2010.014 Advancement)
Schmucker Hall Historic Structures Report. See Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation foundation
Schmucker House. See Buildings. Schmucker House
Schmucker letters. Readings based on excerpts of letters of S.S.S. to his wife, Katherine,
        and his son, Beale
Scrapbook.  Oct. 26, 1971‑Dec. 29, 1973
            June 10, 1972‑July 14, 1976
            May 6, 1976‑Oct. 27, 1978
Search, Faculty. See Faculty Search
Search, Presidential. See Presidential Search
Selected Actions Affecting the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg
    Showing Actions by Parties Involved
by Luther A. Gottwald, Jr.
Self‑evaluation Study, with working papers (1975) See also ATS
Self-evaluation Study (1989-1990) See also ATS
Self-Guided Walking Tour of Seminary Ridge. See Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation
    Foundation. Historic Pathway Project
Self-study (1999-2000)
      Self-study Process
      Alumni Responses
      Faculty Responses
      Student Review Copy
      See also Association of Theological Schools (ATS); Middle States
Seminary Associates. See also later heading: Leadership Societies
Seminary Choir. See Choir
Seminary Days. See Spring Convocation
Seminary Directory. See Board of Directors. Agendas
Seminary Explores (radio program), 1970‑
Seminary hymn
Seminary Newsletter. See Newsletter
Seminary on Wheels (Speakers Bureau), 2002-    . See Communications.  Seminary on Wheels
Seminary Players.
        See Videotape List: The Sign of Jonah, Jan. 1985
                            Stars Come in Pairs, April 26, 1985
Seminary Publications Committee, 175th AnniversarySee Publications Committee
Seminary Ridge Historic pathway Project. See Seminary Ridge Historic Preservatino Foundation
Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation Foundation
Seminary Ridge Review
Seminary Studies Itself, A, 1969, vols. I, II, III (2 copies)
Seminary Studies Itself, A, 1979, vols. I & II (2 copies)
Seminary Studies Itself, A, 1990, vol. I (3 copies)
Seminary Views.  See Newsletter
Seminary Week. See Spring Convocation, new name as of 1977
Seminary Weekend
Seminary’s Response to Terrorist Attack & Tragedy (9/11/2001)
September 11, 2001. See Seminary’s Response to ...
      See also Buildings. Chapel. Worship. Sermons at Chapel; RG9
Services.  (Box)Academic Convocation
        Includes copy of letter to Dr. N. J. Gould Wickey from
          President Harry F. Baughman about ceremony
                Outside Groups
           (Box)Commencement, 1882, 1889, 1908, 1912, 1917, 1921-
                    Addresses by Singmaster 1909
                                 Hoover 1952
                                 Heikkinen 1971
                                 Heiges 1976                           
           Commencement. Videotape of ceremonies, May 20, 1988 and others. See Videotape List
                and also in main catalog
                Matins, Oct. 9, 1990 – Video. See Videotape List
           Inaugural addresses
           Inauguration and installation
           Inauguration and installation of Beekmann
           Inauguration and installation of Cooper-White
           Inauguration and installation of Wentz and Rasmussen
           Musical Score ‑ Swedish High Mass
              See also AV Suppl.
Sesquicentennial 1976
Sesquicentennial Planning Committee
Sex Discrimination Claim (EEOC)
Sexual Harassment
Sexuality Task Force Report/Response
Sign of Jonah (Spring Convocation, 1991). See AV Suppl. and Videotape List
                                Audio‑visual materials: 5 audio‑cassettes
                                2 videotapes
        See also  Seminary Players
Site & Space Study. See  Buildings. Site & Space Study
Skirmishes in the Perennial Battle for Gettysburg by Luther A. Gottwald, Jr.
Slides. (Housed in box on top of file cabinets)
         See also Development; Matthews, Donald N.
Social Action Committee (2001-    )
Speakers Bureau of Seminary. See Communications. Seminary on Wheels
Special Events: Celebrations, Dinners, Reunions, etc.
Spiritual Formation Task Force
Spirituality, Fund for the Nature of. See Bengt Hoffman
Spouses (see Wives of the Seminary)
Spring Convocation (formerly known as Seminary Week), 1977‑
        See also Sign of Jonah and AV Suppl. and Videotape List
Staff Policies Handbook. See Faculty and Staff. Staff Policies Handbook
State of the Seminary. See Communications
Stewardship for Life Institute. See Arthur L. Larson Stewardship Council
S.T.M. See Continuing Education

Student Activities
Student Association.  Minutes, 1949‑1969. (See Athenaeum for earlier years)
                      Publications Committee. Policies & Guidelines, 1970‑71
Student‑Faculty Relations Committee.  Memos, 1997-
                                      Minutes, 1957‑1972
                                      Evaluation notebook
                                      See also Student Surveys
Student Fellowship Fund campaign, 1919
Student Financial Aid Handbook 2001-2002
Student Guide to Life on Campus 2004-
Student Handbook.
  1989‑90 (2 copies)
  1990-91 (2 copies)
  1992-93 (2 copies) (1 official)
  1993-94 (2 copies) (1 official)
  1994-95 (2 copies)
  1995-96 (official)
  1996-97 (2 copies) (1 official)
  1997-98 (2 copies) (1 official)
  1998-99 (2 copies)
  2000-01 (2 copies)
  2001-02 (1 copy)
  2002-03 (2 copies)
  2003-04 (2 copies)
  2005-06 (2 copies)
  2006-07 (3 copies)
  2007-08 (2 copies)
  2011-12 (2 copies)          

           See also earlier heading: Manual of information
** designates a master copy
Student Information Project. See Association of Theological Schools (ATS)& Student Surveys
Student Memory Book, 1997
Student Publications
                      Chapel Door (2000-    )
                      Fides Quaerens 1981
                      Gettysburg Nooseletter, The (1964, 1965, & 1975 added)
                      Halo (1948)
                      Kethovim (1970-1971)
                      Lash (1963)
                      Laudamus, 1980‑81
                      LTSG Daily Bulletin (Samples)(March 1979)
                      Nooseletter, The Gettysburg (See above)
                      Seminarian Quarterly, 1965
                      Senior Newsletter, 1998
                      Spontaneity (1968)
                      Student Association News (2005- )
                      Table Talk, 1964‑1998
                      Theolog, 1949‑65
                      Theolog II
                      Under the Table Talk (1977)
                      Ye Olde Apple Core (1972)
Student Questionnaire. See Student Surveys
Student Reunions
          Class of 1940, 50th Reunion (includes photo from 1940 and 1990
                and letters from members)(Anniversary Book)
          Class of 1944,
            Letter & 4 photos from Robert G. Sander
            2 audio‑cassette tapes (See AV Suppl. List)
                  Dinner, Sept. 18, 1974 (conversation at dinner)
                  Reminiscences and A.R. Wentz
          Class of 1977, 15th Class Year Anniversary Booklet
Student Rosters
          1962-1963 through 1973-1974 (Box 1)
          1975-1976 through 1999-2000; Statistics from Registrar (Box 2)
          2000-    (envelope)
Student Spouses (see Wives of the Seminary)
Student Surveys
          Graduate Questionnaire, 1970
          Responses to Student Survey, 2000 (4c.)
          Entering Student Questionnaire, 2004-2005 (3 separate reports)
          Graduating Student Questionnaire, 2003-2004 (2 separate reports)
          Graduating Student Questionnaire, 2004-2005 (3 separate reports)
          See also ATS
          Chancel Players, General Info., Student rules, WOTS (Box)
          Class Composites (2 Kodak boxes on top of file cabinets)
            Box 1 1981 (2 copies), 1982 (4 copies), 1983, 1984
            Box 2 1985 (13 copies), 1986 (2 copies) 1987-1998
          Class Pictures (1 legal-sized archive box on top of file cabinets) 
            Box 3 (See separate Photo List for years)
          Class Pictures (Historical–Oversized ++)(2 boxes)(see Photo List)
                         (Boxed Manuscript Room-Oversized ++++) (see Photo List)
                         (Large Composites on boards)
                              Archives office, 1980-1990
                              Office behind Circulation Desk, 1991-2002
          Senior Class Presidents' Notes
            1986, 1987 & earlier, 1989-1997
          Student Attendees-not graduates
          Yearbook of the Hill, 1945. See Yearbook of the Hill, 1945.
Summer Institute. See Continuing Education
Swope Lecture on Liturgics. See Lectureships
Syllabi.  See  Curriculum. Bibliographies, Syllabi, Library Reserve Lists
Symposia. See Women in Ministry: Symposium and Celebration, Sept. 6, 1985
Synod Assembly Report (LTSG and Philadelphia)
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Table Talk. See Student Publications
Talent Show – Videotapes. See  Videotape List (also found in main catalog)
                  April 13, 1985, 1989, 1990, May 6, 1994, 1996
Talk on vocations, by Heiges ‑ 2 videotapes. See Videotape List
Teaching Parish Assignments. See Field Education
Teaching Parish Manual. See Field Education
Tenure Reviews. See Faculty Dossiers
Testimonials. See Special Events
TEY. See Theological Education with Youth
That your sons & daughters may prophesy (filmstrip on Seminary) (on top of filing drawers)
Theological Education with Youth
Thomas, Klaus. See  Curriculum. Unbound lectures
Tour Guide Booklet of the Church of the Abiding Presence. See Buildings Chapel
Town and Country Church Institute
        Includes Challenges (1987-1990)
                 Newsletter 1996-1997
“Unchurched, The” by J. Russell Hale – 2 videotapes. See Videotape List

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Valentine, Professor M. See Resolution of the Faculty
Valentine Hall. See Buildings. Valentine Hall
Vespers. See Buildings. Chapel. Worship
Voice of the Christian Century, by A. Roger Gobbel

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Wasemann, Dave. See An Enduring Saga Continues
Washington Theological Consortium
   Box 1  Consortium Bulletin, The, 1970-1992
   Box 2  Correspondence 1970-1976
          Report: December 1969
          Self-Study Report 1971-1972
   Loose-leaf book   Board Minutes 1980-1989
                     Executive Committee Minutes 1980-1989
                     Miscellaneous 1983-1985
   Box 3 Lutheran House of Studies
           Correspondence 1970-1976 (Sheneman and Heikkinen)
   Loose-leaf book  Council Minutes 1970-1974 
   Box 4  Bulletins 2001-
          Miscellaneous 1986-
          Luther Institute
       See also Business Office Records
Website News. See Communications
Wentz, A. R. See Student Reunions. Class of 1944; Buildings. Chapel. “Footnotes ...”
Wentz, Frederick K. See Gettysburg Seminary's Role ...
Wickey, Dr. N. J. Gould.  See  Services. Matriculation
Wolf Bequest (Kenneth and Reva Wolf)
Women at Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Seminary. See "Climate is
      created ..."
Women in Ministry (Box)
        Discussion 3/13/1996 with Shannon Almquist
        Fifteen Years After the Ordination of Women in the LCA
        1992/1993 (includes sound recording)
        On Campus 1998
        Scrapbook (1992-1996)
        Women in Ministry Day (9/6/1985) Correspondence, Brochures, Publicity
        Symposium and Celebration, Sept. 6, 1985 (5 audio-cassettes, 1
        videotape with program booklet). See AV Suppl. and Videotape List
Wives of the Seminary See Students (Box)
"Words for the Wise". See Library. Bulletin
World Trade Center Attack. See Seminary’s Response to ...
Worship programs. See  Services. General
Worship Committee. See Buildings. Chapel. Worship

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[No holdings at this time.]

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Yearbook of the Hill, 1945.

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Zimmerman, Jeremiah, Lectureship on "Effective Preaching." See Lectureships. Zimmerman
     also see Seminary Bulletin (BV4070 .G51) for info on speakers for each year – 1944 Peter Marshall
*Housed on top of 3 cabinets in archives