A. R. Wentz Library
Lutheran Theological Seminary
66 Seminary Ridge
Gettysburg, PA 17325
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(Housed in bottom drawer of blueprint cabinet in Historical)
(Revised 3/26, 4/29/2002, 8/11/2003, 6/16/2004, 7/14/2005, 6/8/2012; 8/3/2012)
NAME                                    DATES          TITLE                              PHOTO DATE
Aberly, John                            1867-1963       (as president of Sem.)       1926-1940?
Albert, Charles S.                    1847-1912       (Gutekunst photo)
Albert, Luther E.                     1828-1908       (Gutekunst photo)             1908
Baughman, Harry F.               (    -    )                        3 presidents                       1962
Baum, William Miller 1825-1902       (Gutekunst photo)
Baum, William                        1825-1902       framed photo (not same as above)
Beekmann, Darold H.             (    -    )                        3 presidents                       2000
Boner, Henry S.                      1837-1909       (Gutekunst photo)             1909
Cooper–White, Michael          (    -    )                        3 presidents                       2000
Day, David A.            (4)                   1850-1897       Miss. in Africa (one damaged)
Erdman, Preston K.                1848-1915       (Gutekunst photo)             1912-1915?
Fernday, W. Calvin                 ?                      J.H. Sherwin Lith. Philadelphia
Gladfelter, Millard E.                                     (See below)
Gold, Howard R.                                            (See below)
Gotwald, Luther                                             (See below)
Hay, Charles A.                      1821-1893       Pastor, Eng. Luth. Church, Harrisburg
Hay, Charles E.                       1851-1934       Mother House Baltimore 1904-1929?
Heiges, Donald R.                  (    -    )                        3 presidents                       1962
Holman, Samuel A.                 1831-1907       (Gutekunst photo)
Knubel, Frederick H.              1870-1945       (Pach Brothers New York)
Krauth, Charles P.                   1797-1876       Pres. Pa. College              1834-1850?
Kurtz, Benjamin                      1795-1865       Supt. & Prof. Miss. Inst.   
Kurtz, Daniel                          1860-1924
Lawyer, Edwin J.                    ?                      Wrote a history of Lutheranism in
                                                                        Carroll Co., Md.
Mayer, Philip F.                      1781-1858       Minister at St. John’s Lutheran in Philadelphia (painted by John Neagle; engraved by John Sartain                             
Morris, John G.                       1803-1895       Alumnus and Professor at Seminary
Schaeffer, Charles F. (2)         1807-1879       Prof. Pa. College                    
Schmucker, S. S.                     1799-1873       Engraved by John Sartain
Seiss, J. A.                               1823-1904       (Fabronius photo)                          1855
Steimle, Augustus                                           (See below)
Stuempfle, Herman G., Jr.      (    -    )                        3 presidents                      2000
Stork, C. A.                             1839-1884
Stork, Theophilus                    1814-1874
Stulb, Joseph                           1821-1898       Publications Bd. Memb.   1877-1898?
Tressler, David Loy                1839-1880
Turkle, Alonzo                                                (See below)
Valentine, Milton (2)             1825-1900       Pres. Pa. College               1874
Wentz, A.R.                            1883-1976       3 presidents                       1962
Wermer, George U.                                                                                   1907
Young, John Jacob                  1846-1914       Member of Board of Publication (1892-
                                                                        1914 (Gutekunst photo)
Zimmerman, Jeremiah             1848-1937
Zimmerman, Leander              1860-1952
1917 Calendar – The Lutheran Pioneers in America; includes pictures of:
Muhlenberg, Henkel, Hazelius, Kurtz, Schmucker, Sprecher, Walther, Hasselquist, Lehmann, Krauth, The Fritschel Brothers, Hoyme
Presidents Board of Higher Eduction & Executive Secretary
(found together in Boxed Manuscript Room -- January 2002)
(housed together in Group Oversized Photos in Woody’s Office (Black Cabinet))
Gladfelter, Millard E.                                     (Provost & Vice Pres. Temple Univ.)
Gold, Howard R.                                            (President – Board of Higher Educ.)
Gotwald, Luther                                             Exec. Sec. (Board of Higher Education
Steimle, Augustus                                           (Pres. of Bd. of Higher Educ.)
Turkle, Alonzo                                                Pres. Board of Higher Educ.--1926+
Oversized Portraits (+++)
(Housed in Oversized Box 3 in Boxed Manuscripts Room in Corner on Table)
Cronholm, Neander Nicolaus 1845-1922       Alumni (1873); Ph.D. Yale; practiced law;
                                                                        Author, History of Sweden
Hasselquist, Tufve Nilsson.    1816-1891       President Augustana Synod and College and
Oversized Portraits (++)
(Housed in Oversized Box 6++ in Boxed Manuscripts Room on shelf above desk)
Hammer, Herman D.               1904-1986       Alumni (1936); Missionary to South
                                                                        America (1936-1970) (framed)                       
*Negatives of some archive portraits found in photo drawer in archives office under
“Student photo composites”