Speakers Bureau

A Speaker Bureau Listing of the Faculty and Staff of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg

 Compensation issues
 Supply Preaching, synod keynoting, and 
          other special events 

Faculty and Staff listing in alphabetical order:        

Faculty and Staff names
 Titles of presentations

The Rev. Dr. William O. Avery

Professor of Field Education and The Arthur L. Larson Professor of Stewardship and Parish Ministry

1. Revitalizing or Redeveloping Congregations for Mission
2. The Biblical Concept of Stewardship
3. The Biblical View of Money and Possessions
The Rev. Michael L. Cooper-White

1. “Where is God Leading Us?” Practical Approaches to Parish Planning
2. “Who, Me, a Leader?” Exploring servant leadership for 21st Century, mission-minded congregations
3. “Church Fights: Killers or Catalysts?” Conflict is a part of community life. How can conflicts be growth producing rather than death-dealing?

The Rev. Dr. Maria E. Erling
Associate Professor of the History of Christianity in 
North America, and Global Mission
1. Global Mission in Volatile Places: Special Emphasis on the Middle East 
2. The Nature of Ministry in an Ecumenical Context
3. Religious Diversity in 
4. Lutheran history (example: The Spirituality of things: artifacts of devotion)
The Rev. Dr. Mark Vitalis Hoffman
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
1. The Parables of Jesus 
2. The Lord's Prayer
3. The Gospel of Mark
4. Health and Healing in the Bible
The Rev. Dr. Leonard Hummel
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Care

1. The Crossroads of History and Hope: A Practical Theology of Gettysburg
2. Clothed in Nothingness: Consolation for Suffering in the Lutheran Tradition
3. Religion and Health
4. Coping with Stress and Suffering: A Theological Perspective


The Rev. Kristin Johnston Largen

1. Three Images of Salvation: An Excercize in Comparative Soteriology
2. Comparative Theology 101: Learning about others, learning about ourselves. 
3. Theolgies of Liberation in the 21st Century
4. Feminist Theology for women and the men who love them

The Rev. Dr. Mark W. Oldenburg
Steck-Miller Professor of the Art of Worship and Dean of the Chapel 

1. Stewardship Spirituality Learnings from the Offertory Prayers
2. What's "Renewing Worship?"
3. Why Bother About Advent?
4. Praying with J. S. Bach

The Rev. John R. Spangler
Executive Assistant to the President for 
Communication and Planning
1. Communicating the Church: A New Missionary Frontier
2. Your Congregation in Print
3. Your Church on the Web: Beyond the Electronic Brochure
4. Making the Most of the Time: Communication in times of Crisis
The Rev. Dr. Robin Steinke
Dean and Associate Professor of Theological Ethics 
1. Lutheran Themes for Moral Action
2. Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Moral Leadership
3. Public Theology: Holiness, Hospitality, Hardship and Hope
4. Life Together and the Mission of the Church
The Rev. Dr. Marty Stevens 
Registrar and Instructor in Old Testament
1. Old Testament Stories Revisited (a fresh look at some characters and stories from the Old Testament) 
2. Listen, God is Calling (a study of the various ways God calls regular folks into ministry) 
3. Prophets and Profits (a study of the prophetic role in society, especially in areas of economic justice) 
4. Exodus (a study of the foundational liberating event of the Old Testament)
The Rev. Dr. Kirsi Stjerna
Associate Professor of Reformation History
1. Martin Luther as a Reformer, Theologian and Spiritual Teacher
2. Justification and Participation in Christ in Luther
3. Lutheran Spirituality of the Word and Sacraments
4. Katie Luther and the Reformation Women.
5. Medieval Women and Mystics
The Rev. Dr. Nelson T. Strobert 
Professor of Christian Education 
1. Will Our Children Have Faith? Christian
Education in the Twenty-First Century
2. Pioneer Women and Men in Religious Education
3. Daniel Alexander Payne: Educational Reformer
4. Daniel Alexander Payne: The Adventures of a 19th Century Black Churchman in Europe
The Rev. Dr. Mark Vitalis Hoffman   (see Hoffman, above) 
The Rev. Dr. Gilson A. C. Waldkoenig
Associate Professor of Church in Society and Town and Country Ministry

1. Ecological and Evangelical: Lutheran Foundations for Care of Creation
2. Rural and Small Church Mission: Places of Prayer and Care
3.Other topics upon request


Compensation Issues

Normally, the compensation is $125 for each presentation (e.g., an hour’s lecture). In addition, the host group reimburses mileage at the current IRS rate, and also the costs of any lodging/meals if needed. Should these costs be prohibitive, please negotiate directly with the presenter.

Other Options
Lectures/presentations in this brochure ought not be confused with other speaker options:

Keynoting conventions, Synod Assemblies and lecture series Larger, longer series of events requiring greater time commitments need to be negotiated directly with the individuals. These often require a year or more advance commitment.

Seminary Sunday
--Congregations may wish to have a “Seminary Sunday.” This is coordinated through “Friends of the Seminary” (call the Development Office at 1-800-MLUTHER, ext. 3012) and the seminary will attempt to provide speakers (depending upon availability of speakers and scheduling) at no cost to the congregation. Congregations would receive bulletin inserts and other informative interpretive materials as the seminary might suggest. Congregations may wish to reimburse the seminary for travel/food/lodging costs and this is appreciated.

Supply Preaching      

Email A General Supply Preaching

--Supply preaching by our faculty/staff in a pastor’s absence or in vacancy situations is expected to be compensated at a rate not less than the synod guidelines including honorarium, mileage, food, lodging. Direct calls and arrangements to the faculty/staff person is recommended.