Why Gettysburg?

Ten Reasons Why Seminarians Choose Gettysburg

1. Gettysburg Seminary integrates theology and practice.

2. Gettysburg is a fantastic place to live and the campus community is full of hospitality, ready to welcome all into its midst.

3. Gettysburg is known for educating highly skilled pastoral leaders for the church.

4. The Faculty at Gettysburg Seminary value both excellent education and original research.

5. Gettysburg Seminary embodies the deepest roots of the Lutheran tradition and a history of looking forward with courage and imagination.

6. Gettysburg is easily accessible to the large metropolitan areas of the Mid-Atlantic.

7. The Gettysburg area offers excellent public education, in a walkable town setting, with excellent recreational and cultural resources at hand.

8. Gettysburg Seminary offers the finest in contextual and field education opportunities. In fact, some of our field education sites are nationally recognized and studied for their excellence.

9. As a founding member of the Washington Theological Consortium, Gettysburg Seminary connects its students to a strong network of faculties, courses, libraries, and other resources for every conceivable avenue of study.

10. You can come from anywhere and study here; and from here you can go anywhere to serve church and world.