Gettysburg Offers First Ever MOOC Course -- Survey of Bible Lands -- for Fall 2014

mvh-archeologist.jpgMark Vitalis Hoffman Repeats Free, Non Credit MOOC Course: Survey of Bible Lands for Fall 2014

All interested students of the Bible and theology may sign up for “Survey of the Lands of the Bible” MOOC course offered by the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg and led by Mark Vitalis Hoffman to provide deeper understanding of the Biblical story and its geography. The course runs September to December of 2014.

This is a repeat of the first ever offering of a MOOC, (“massive, open, online course”) by a Lutheran seminary, and utilizes interactive elements in addition to traditional course materials. “I just love teaching a class where the textbook is mostly maps, graphics, and photographs from biblical history” says Hoffman, Professor of Biblical Studies at Gettysburg Seminary. “This course will be the next best thing to actually visiting the Bible lands.

This is a free, non-credit, online course open to anyone. No homework or reading is required, but those who wish to get the course textbook will be able to read along, join in the discussions, and gain the full benefit of the course. Topics covered will include biblical geography, topology, culture, climate, flora and fauna, travel routes and archaeology. It will benefit both readers of the Bible and visitors to the biblical lands. It will increase understanding both of the biblical world and of the realities in those lands today.


See more information and links to the brochure at: with direct registration available at .

For questions about the course contact the Office of Admissions
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