Seminary Search for CFO -- New Position

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg announced this week an invitation for  nominations and applications for a chief financial officer, a newly configured position.  This senior executive at the historic school on Seminary Ridge will oversee all fiscal operations of the Seminary, including the Seminary Ridge Museum and other subsidiary entities.

The position, as members of the Seminary community well know, is currently held by the Rev. Dr. Marty Stevens, who also holds faculty status and serves as the Seminary’s Registrar. Given the work load of each of these areas, and driven by the expansion of financial services work for the museum project, it is no longer feasible for the CFO position to be joined with Dr. Stevens’ teaching and other responsibilities (e.g. Director of the Stewardship of Life Institute and Registrar’s office). 

The Seminary is grateful for Dr. Stevens’ excellent and skillful navigation through the complexities of the rehabilitation and campus development projects, the spotless audits and the redevelopment of the financial services office over these four years. This change in the staffing pattern enables her to focus on her vocation as teacher and registrar. 

President Cooper-White commented that Dr. Stevens’ “unique combination of gifts and abilities has enabled the Seminary to flourish as we expanded our mission to include the Endowment Foundation and now the Seminary Ridge Museum.  It’s the right time to hand off the Chief Financial Officer responsibilities to someone else, though we will continue to draw upon Marty’s financial expertise, especially as a new CFO gets up to speed with our multi-faceted fiscal operations.  The prospect of Dr. Stevens spending more time in the classroom will be applauded by our students who so appreciate her dynamic teaching in Bible and stewardship.”  

For more information about the posting of this new position, see CFO search.
Stevens will continue as CFO until a suitable candidate is found. 

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