Special Appeal for Urgent and Unexpected Emergencies Tops Goal of $25,000

Bracing for the Storms Appeal Tops Goal

Thanks to additional gifts, the special five day Email blast appeal for the urgent and unexpected emergency expenses topped its $25 thousand goal.

The Rev. Glenn Ludwig, Vice President for Advancement, celebrated in the announcement, saying "We did it!!!  Thanks to the support of many who participated in our first ever “Email Blast,” we were able to exceed our goal of raising $25,000 for an Emergency Maintenance Fund. 

More than 100 supporters, friends, board members, staff and alumni all contributed to the fund designed to help prepare for the next storm, flood, or equipment failure that took place in November 2013.  Ludwig added "we did it just in time, for just as we reached our goal, the boiler in Valentine Hall went off-line, with an unexpected repair and expense.  Because of all the gifts and support, we were able to respond quickly and without added financial stress."

In the last year, equipment failure, super storm Sandy, wind storms and other weather related events have caused unexpected expenses that exceeded repair budget levels, prompting the new appeal. The many supporters have the great gratitude of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.

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