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Plague to Plenty Sunday

First English Lutheran Church, Baltimore, held a Plague to Plenty Sunday, raising over $1,000 to support seminarians at Gettysburg Seminary.  Vicar Joel Folkemer who is doing his internship year at First English organized the effort with the church’s youth.  They used the abridged, 10 minute version of the “drama of biblical proportions” about the transformations that occur after  South Quirksville United Evangelical Lutheran Church finds the chancel overrun by frogs as they prepare for the funeral of their dear departed Pastor Methuselah Leapenauer who died after a 75 year pastorate with the Squelchers at the age of 103.   Members of the youth group presented the skit with 100 green balloons making up the cast of frog.  Worshippers were invited to invite the frogs to leave the chancel the chancel in exchange for  gifts to support Gettysburg seminarians.   A good deal of pre-publicity kept the congregation informed about what was coming.  With a worship attendance of about 70, the congregation overshot its $1,000 goal.  “The more we do with Gettysburg Seminary,” commented congregation president Jane Santori, “the happier we are!”