FrOGS (Friends of Gettysburg Seminarians)

2013 Summer


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This year’s FrOGS Leap-In event will be held on August 23rd.  Help transform this historic campus, the site of the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg, into 52 acres of aid, care, prayer and hope for people living in disaster ravaged corners of the world.  The day will consist of workshops, tours, fun, learning, a welcome picnic for our newest students and returning students, and an evening prayer service. We hope you will come join us.

 Schedule of the Day:
 9:00 Welcome - From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Quilts accepted and walks for water
10:00 Blessing of the Day
11:00 Faith into Action with LWR
12:00 Lunch on your own and free time to tour
 2:00 Greener Gettysburg Seminary
 3:00 Unfinished Work: Faith & Freedom
 4:00 Student voices Ministry in the Making
 4:45 Evening Prayer Service
 5:30 Picnic Supper with our students

There are many ways to get involved:

Bring your quilts to campus or let us know how many you have completed by August 23rd for your in gathering.  Our goal is 1,892! 

Get sponsors and walk our tan path to raise awareness and funding for learn water project for Lutheran World Relief.  For sponsor form
Come and join us for the welcome picnic and prayer service. Meet our students and participate in fellowship with the Seminary Community.
Buy a Seminarian supper at the picnic and order a boxed picnic for yourself.
Bring items to help restock our student food pantry. Non-perishable foods, laundry and cleaning supplies and paper products suggested.
Send a gift for the Seminarian Scholarship Fund. Every gift helps clear the path for a student and jump starts their call to ministry.
Sign up to be prayer partners for our seminarians. This can be by an individual or by your congregation. Pray for one student or a whole class. This is so rewarding in so many ways. Nuture your spiritual life and that of our students. Just contact us and let us know how you would like to be involved.


Quilts delivered to the Gettysburg Seminary campus on August 26, 2011 FrOGS LEAP-IN were delivered to Lutheran World Relief and sent to areas of urgent need around the world.

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What FrOGS is...
Friends of Gettysburg Seminarians, or FrOGS, is a faith-leaping movement engaging people of all ages in fun, creative, educational and inspired partnerships with students at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. As FrOGS, true to our name, we become friends who will jump at opportunities to support Gettysburg Seminarians and keep the pool of church leaders growing so that faith abounds from one generation to the next.

About the name
Friends of Gettysburg Seminarians, or for short—FrOGS. This acronym may make some feel…well, a little jumpy. As acronyms go it is a bit unorthodox, but it does two helpful things. First, with the inclusion of an extra letter, “Friends” gets extra emphasis. Secondly, “ F.O.G.S.” got ruled out precisely because it is the fog that’s come to veil the importance of theological education and its funding that today’s Friends of Gettysburg Seminarians are called to dispel.