Moodlerooms at LTSG

Starting with the Fall semester of 2012 LTSG will be using Moodlerooms as our new Learning Management System.

The existing system, FishersNet, will go off line July 1st, 2012.  After this date you will not longer be able to access any information or class data stored on FishersNet.  If you need to retrieve information from your classes please do so as soon as possible after graduation.  course materials will be backed up and archived for future use in Moodlerooms, but student submitted information will not be retrievable after June 30th, 2012.

Accounts have been set up for faculty, staff and students in the new Moodlerooms system.  To access Moodlerooms you will need the following information:

Login*: Your full LTSG email address, ie.
Password: Your current email password

Moodlerooms documentation is available for those who are interested in learning more about the system.

*If you are a current student and do not have an email address you should request one using this form. Incoming students will have their Moodlerooms account created when they request an LTSG email using the same form.