“Transformed People Being Made New”
April 28-May 2, 2014


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The Gettysburg Spring Academy for April 28-May 2, 2014

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“Transformed People Being Made New”

Join us for a full week, or bring a group from your congregation to  “Transformed People Being Made New” April 28-May 2, 2014 

 Gettysburg Seminary expanded its traditional Spring Convocation into a weeklong feast of lectures, presentations and workshops, with worship, culturally and spiritually enriching activities for students, lay learners, alumni/ae, prospective seminarians and more.
This year’s Spring Academy seeks to foster deep and exciting theological engagement with current questions around Christianity in the 21st century.  The various presenters will encourage reflection and dialogue around the theme of "transformation in Christ." 

Some of the themes that will be discussed include: transformation in one's own life, transformation in the church, and transformation in our reading of Scripture.  There also will be the opportunity to experience a "practice of transformation" on Friday morning. There will be ample time for dialogue with the various presenters, and all are welcome!web-preview-ad_SpringAcad-2014-(1).jpg

2014 Presenters include (left to right) the Rev. Dr. Ted Peters, the Rev. Dr. Frances Taylor Gench, Dr. McKinley Melton, the Rev. Dr. Cheryl Peterson and others.
Program details will be available soon.

For Credit Option "Metaphors of Transformation"
As a part of this special week, the Seminary will be offering a 1.5 credit course, Metaphors of Transformation, an intensive experience that integrates and includes all the presentations. Looking at both Scripture and the Lutheran tradition, Academy participants will engage the concept of transformation in Christ and apply it to the Christian life in the 21st century.  We will ask the “so what” question about Christ’s life, death and resurrection:  How does Christ transform Christian life, and what difference does this transformation make for us in our contemporary context?

Those not enrolled as students at Gettysburg Seminary who wish to take this course must apply for admission: http://www.ltsg.edu/Prospective-Students/Application-Forms (under “Other Programs”). To receive credit you need to submit a letter of recommendation from the pastor of your home congregation, academic transcripts, and a seminary release form (at the above link). To apply these course credits to a degree program at a later date, the fee is $787.50. To audit (no credit) the course the fee is $260. All materials must be received by April 14, 2014.  For questions, please call 717-338-3008 or e-mail Julie Stecker at jstecker@Ltsg.edu.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be in conversation with scholars, seekers, lifelong learners and seminarians for audit, course credit, and/or personal enrichment. Questions and registrations may be directed to tel. 717-338-3000 ext 2198 or Academy@LTSG.EDU.

Schedule in detail:

Schedule for Spring Academy

Tuesday, April 29th
8:30 am  Registration opens
9:00 am  Chapel
9:15 am  Presentation of LHS/MA Award Winners (Lutheran Historical Society of the Mid-Atlantic)
9:30 am  “Finding New Paths to Service:  Women Innovators in Eastern Lutheranism.” (Presenter: Maria Erling)  Supported by LHS/MA
10:40 am  Panel of Biographers: “Shape Shifting: the Feminine Leadership of Mary Stuckenburg (1839-1934), Elsie Singmaster, (1879-1958), and LaVene Grove (1884-1970) (Presenters: Jean LeGros, Susan Hill, Marianne Brock)  Supported by LHS/MA
11:30-12:30  Faculty Book Signing and Hospitality
1:30 pm  MLK Presentation: Before the Rocks Can Cry Out: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Urgency of Now” (Presenter: McKinley Melton; Respondent: Maria Erling)
3:15 pm  Presentation: “The Church Transformed” (Presenter: Cheryl Peterson; Respondent: Robin Steinke)
6:00 pm  Alumni Banquet (Refectory)
7:45 pm  Alumni Awards Program (Chapel)
8:30 pm  Reception – Alumni Reunion Classes

Wednesday, Apr. 30
8:30 am  Registration
9:00 am  Presentation: “Transformed by Grace: Justifying Faith in the Life of Beatitude” (Presenter: Ted Peters; Respondent: Kristin Johnston Largen)
11:30-1:30 pm  Alumni Reunion Luncheon (Dobbin House)
1:30 pm  Festival Eucharist
3:00 pm  Presentation: “Society and Scripture Transformed” (Presenter: Frances Gench; Respondent: Rick Carlson)

Thursday, May 1
Preaching Perspectives:  Story Brokering and Preaching: Narrating the Extraordinary in the Ordinary Times of Pentecost
9:00 am  Registration
9:30 am  Rev. Dr. Mark Vitalis Hoffman
11:55 am  Chapel
12:15 pm  Lunch (Refectory with advanced reservation)
1:15pm  Rev. Dr. Kathy Vitalis Hoffman

Friday, May 2nd
9:00am Transformed through Prayer (Presenters/Guides: John Spangler, John Largen, Mark Oldenburg)
11:55 Chapel

All Questions:   Email: Academy@Ltsg.edu
Telephone: 1-800-MLUTHER  x. 2198
                   or 717-338-3000  x. 2198

List of Presenters and respondents:

Rev. Dr. Richard P. Carlson: Glatfelter Professor of Biblical Studies, Director of Internship, and Coordinator of Post-Internship Candidacy

Rev. Dr. Maria E. Erling: Professor of Modern Church History and Global Missions and Director of Teaching Parish

Rev. Dr. Frances Taylor Gench: Herbert Worth and Annie H. Jackson Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, VA

Rev. Dr. Kathy Vitalis Hoffman: Visiting Professor of Preaching, Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, Middletown, MD

Rev. Dr. Mark Vitalis Hoffman: Professor of Biblical Studies

Rev. Dr. John Largen: Pastor, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Littlestown, PA

Rev. Dr. Kristin Johnston Largen: Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

Dr. McKinley E. Melton: Assistant Professor of English, Gettysburg College

Rev. Dr. Mark W. Oldenburg: Dean of the Chapel and Steck-Miller Professor of the Art of Worship

Rev. Dr. Ted Peters: Distinguished Research Professor of Systematic Theology at Pacific Theological Seminary, GTU Core Doctoral Faculty – Systematic and Philosophical Theology, Co-Editor, Theology and Science, Director of Institute for Theology and Ethics

Rev. Dr. Cheryl Peterson: Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, OH

Rev. John R. Spangler: Executive Assistant to the President for Communication and Planning

Rev. Dr. Robin J. Steinke: Dean of the Seminary and Professor of Ethics and Public Life
All Questions:   Email: Academy@Ltsg.edu
Telephone: 1-800-MLUTHER  x. 2198
                   or 717-338-3000  x. 2198